Bitten Recap S1E1: Summons

Elena and Philip are engaged in some lower cuddling cowgirl, when Elena gets a different urge. She tells him she forgot a photography appointment, and hurriedly dresses before she loses control. Her 15 floor ride in the elevator is almost too much as her body shifts before she finally gets it under control. In the alley she quickly strips down, and the wolf takes over.

A girl in the bar finds some fresh meat. He's interested in the Danvers, but she doesn't have anything nice to really say about the recluse. He's here to pick a fight with the Danvers, she offers to take him home, but he turns her down flat, calling her a slut. She makes a run for it.

Wolf Elena run through the city and into the woods. The girl from the bar takes a short cut in the woods, as the wolf hunts. She hears something, and the wold closes in on her prey. The girl is attacked, but not by Elena, she's got a juicy rabbit.

Back in human form Elena redresses in the alley. Its a drizzly morning, but no one sees her. Philip is in the shower as Elena sneaks in and devours her food before he can see her. She goes to find him, ready to pick up where they left off the previous night, and Philip is more than happy to oblige.

Clay gives his lecture on human behaviors, deeps repressed desires, and the animals underneath. One of his students asks if he really means the beasts that are within, but they have no clue that he means exactly that, he has one big beast in him.

Elena sits down with Logan. She doesn't like that he had to lie to Philip, or worse that she's a wolf. Logan offers to let her run with him, but she doesn't want run at all. He tells her that she can't keep pushing the change for too long, or it'll take her. Elena is just glad she won't won't wolf out during Philips big architecture award ceremony with his family in tow. Logan tells her if she can't make it out here, she can always go back home, but she tells him that she is home.

Blue, a hunting dog, finds the girls mangled body.

Diane looks over some of Elena's shots, her work is amazing and she notices Elena's necklace, which was a gift from Philip. Diana asks if she plans to come to one of the art shows with her work on display, but Elena finds an excuse to not come.

At Stone Haven, Jeremy leaves the house. The sheriff is looking at the body the hunter finds when Jeremy spots them. He stops to see what is going on, apparently they're the town shut ins. She tells him that there is nothing that he can do about it. The hunter says that its an animal kill, and the Sheriff mentions that wolves are rumored on the property. Jeremy tells her that he doesn't hunt and isn't aware what is in the woods around his house. The Sheriff tells him that if the coroner rules it a wolf kill she'll want to search the surrounding area including his property. He is cooperative on the matter. Jeremy calls Clay, and gives him the bad news of the death. Jeremy plans to call in the troops to investigate.

Logan and Rachel take a walk. She's worried about her restaurant, and he reinsures her. Jeremy sends him a text calling him home.Jeremy also sends a message to Nick, interrupting his steamy threesome. Elena's says to call home, but she ignores it.

The girl's body is bagged up, and the bar boy shows up with some of the other locals at the crime scene.

Elena stuffs her face when Philip isn't looking, and Philip brings some drinks for toasting before they're bombarded by his family. They're happy and surprised to see her there, and his mother is less than pleased with her son's choice, but his sister Becky is very happy with his choice.

The Sorrentino's arrive, Antonio and Nick meet with Jeremy and Clay at Stone Haven. It's a happy reunion. Jeremy quickly fills them in on the Mutt kill. Jeremy doesn't recognize the scent at all. Jeremy reiterates that everyone, including Elena will come home. She's the best tracker and they need her.

McAdam's creative solutions wins the award, and Philip goes to accept it when Elena gets called by Logan. She tells him that she hasn't had the chance to return Jeremy's call yet, and Logan fills him in on the death. Elena still doesn't want to come home, but Logan at Pete's prompting urges her further to at least meet with him. She agrees to the meet.

Elena goes to meet with Logan, and sees Pete as well. She pretends to not be glad to see him, but she is. Everyone else is already at Stone Haven, so he'll be the only surprise. Elena doesn't like the whole dropping their lives at Jeremy's call, but they remind her that he's not being all willy nilly about it, its kinda important. Elena has built a new life, and she doesn't want to go back to the life she had, but Pete reminds her she's not normal anymore.

Elena tries to convince Philip to stay home with her and try on dresses, she hates fashion as much as he does, but she's doing it too make his sister happy, and its one of the reasons that he loves her. So, she does it. Diane has snagged some designer dresses that will meet her mother's approval for Becky's wedding, and on the first try they've found their dress. They celebrate with some drinks down at the bar. Elena hears some sleazeballs making wagers on her. He sends over some drinks and his room key, but Elena doesn't find his offer so sweet. She turns him down, and he makes the mistake of grabbing her, instinctively she puts him in a hold. It raises red flags with Diane, and Elena soothes her with a simple explanation about good and bad families.

The sheriff makes a visit to Stone Haven with the latest update, it is indeed a wolf kill, although wolf kills are illegal in the state, the wolf must be caught. Jeremy offers to put traps around the property, but the Sheriff doesn't think its a good idea with the hunters traipsing around the woods. Jeremy offers to checkout the property for her, and Nick wants Elena to return home more than ever.

Elena sits in Philip's apartment. He tried to surprise her, but she and Diane were gone. Elena has become a big part of his life. She gets a text from home, and it raises suspicions, he asks her where home is. He asks her if it was one of her foster homes, but she tells him it isn't. It's family she didn't know about until she was an adult. he urges her to call them back. She does, but Clay answers the phone. Elena hangs up at the sound of his voice. She tells Philip it was a bad connection that she'll try them again later. Nick scolds him about answering the phone, and being the reason she left in the first place.

The night calls to Elena's wolf. She meets up with Logan for a run, glad he hasn't already left for Stone Haven. He tells her they can go home, solve the mutt issue and come back to their lives. They strip down and after watching Logan start his change, Elena starts her own. They run on the beach when Elena spots another wolf. They tussle and it manages to bite her before she puts it down, and someone is filming the whole thing.

Back in human form, shes's fine after her fight with the coyote. She's fine. Elena asks Logan what he's telling his girlfriend, and he gives her a quick cover story. She doesn't want to lie to her boyfriend, and worse she doesn't want to be interrogated by Clay. The pack bands together in times of trouble. Elena asks what if she wants out altogether, but Logan tells her there is no out. She'll go home as she was asked.

Elena tells Philip that she was out with Logan, and that he's her cousin. She doesn't like talking about her family she tells him, but she has to go help her family after one of her cousins was in an accident. Philip lets it go, and tells her they can talk when she returns. Elena takes a train into town, and then grabs a cab. The girl's death has made all of the headlines in town. It's a long drive out to Stone Haven, and she has the cab drop her off at the gate. He worries about leaving her there, but she reassures him that she isn't scared of anything up there. Clay lurks just inside the gate, and Elena cannot say she's happy to see him.

Girl wakes up and hears her guy in the bathroom, she thinks pleasing himself. She offers to give him a hand, but when she opens the door she finds a big wolf, and he pounces.


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