Bitten Recap S1E3: Trespass

The pack smells the same wolf that killed the other girls. Nick and Clay want to move the body before the hunters can spot them, but Jeremy reasons that being caught in the middle of hiding a child's body would be worse. The hunters find the Stone Haven residents around the mauled child. They point their fingers at them. The hunter's dog is going crazy with Elena goading it, and Clay fights with one of the hunters. They think that the pack are protecting the wolves, they have no clue obviously what is really going on. Jeremy calls off Clay, being the voice of reason, and the hunter walks away just a slit lip. The hunters leave, and Elena wonders who would kill a child. Jeremy makes a call into the sheriff, reporting the killing.

Elena has decided not to leave. The hunters are off the property for now. They regroup trying to figure out the next step. Some think that they're targeting them, others wonder if its just women and children. Elena is determined to stay until the mutt is found. Antonio and Jeremy plan to deal with the sheriff, he sends Clay and Elena to head into town and see if there is a scent trail, and Logan, Nick and Pete off to find another Mutt who may have the inside scoop, Karl.

Jeremy takes Elena outside to talk about her new boyfriend, to see how serious it is. Jeremy trusts her, but no matter what he reminds her that she has a secret she has to keep. Elena makes a call to Philip to thank him for the flowers, and he's just being a great boyfriend. Clay turns up the music in his car to drown out her conversation. She joins him shortly, and their off.

The sheriff tells Jeremy that the locals are preparing for a wolf hunt. He tells her that they were all walking together when they stumbled across the child.

Philip gets an unbelievable offer, to branch out into the vodka market. Does anyone else get a weird vibe from him, or it just me?

Elena and Clay hit up all the bars that the mutt has been to, and there are a lot. But they can't find any new scents. Clay brings up the flowers, and she explains that she had to lie to her boyfriend. He tells her that she shouldn't have to lie. One of the hunters approach the pair, warning them that many feel there's a wolf on their property and since they're not doing anything about it, they're being blamed. Elena finds a flier for a party, which looks like perfect mutt bait.

The sheriff continues to get clues, and she even has reinforcements. Jeremy wonders what they think they'll find. She tells him, that the length of stride, and side of prints may be pointing elsewhere.

Nick shows off his club to Logan and Pete. He hasn't had a stellar record, but the current spot looks like a hot mess time machine. He introduces his assistant Amanda, who will overhaul the place for them, and Karl Marsden is in the building.

Elena wants to go in alone, but Clay refuses to let that happen. Clay not only has a great plan, but tells he can control himself. She heads in.

Amanda talks Karl into putting out his cigar, and then he and Nick get down to it.

Elena heads into the club/rave. It's all club kids bouncing around, and boy does she look out of place as she scours the club for the mutt. But he sticks out like a sore thumb too, and she makes her way to him. He knows what she is, he can smell it. He loves the new power, she goes all rules, rules, rules on him. There is no remorse in him. She plays rough with him, and he can barely contain his wolf. She gets him to the bathroom before he can change in front of people, while Clay waits outside, Elena blocks the wolf from rampaging.

Karl has heard nothing about the Mutt so far. They want to know who's responsible for making him, and all Karl wants in return for his help is some good will from Jeremy and the pack.

Elena waits until the wolf no longer tries to break out of the door, but finds that he's broken out of the ceiling. He attacks one of the patrons, bites him before Elena can stop him, after everyone else tries to flee the club.

The sheriff can't understand why a wolf would attack a loud club. All of the officers move to intercept the beast.

Clay and Elena try to capture the wolf, as the cops arrive. The wolf makes it outside, and the sheriff takes a shot at it, but it doesn't go down until it gets hit by a car. Elena and Clay double back. The wolf is splattered to pieces. Elena and Clay go to find the wolf's victim. He's still alive. Clay examines him. He's a junky, and Clay suffocates him against Elena's protest. She tells him that he didn't have to kill him, but Clay tells her that he would have never survived the change and he saved him days of suffering.

Nick, Pete and Logan wonder if Karl will actually deliver. Jeremy calls them and tells them the good news, that Pete and Logan can go home, the Mutt is gone. Pete gives his brothers some love before leaving.

Elena apologizes to Clay, blaming herself. He tells her that its not her fault that the wolf could not control himself. But Elena says that they're weak together. Clay knows otherwise, that he needs her for more than just finding the mutt. Elena tells Jeremy that she's going home and she won't be coming back.

Elena makes it back to Toronto, to Philip. He's happy to have her home, very happy. He makes her dinner, and fails to mention their company, Logan and his girlfriend. She's surprised to see him, and quickly fills Logan on her cover story.

Antonio and Jeremy share a drink. Clay is restless with Elena's absence. They both thought that she would stay.

Logan's girlfriend asks too many question about family ties. Philip is overly curious too.

Antonio is worried about Karl. He and Nick set out to investigate him.

Elena asks Rachel how she and Logan are doing. She seems happy, but she's curious about the rest of the family, after having met Elena. Elena tells her that she felt like an outsider with the family. Inside, Philip asks Logan about Elena, about the hurt in her past. He tells him to just keep doing what he's doing. Logan answers a call from Clay on Elena's phone, its very bad news. Logan makes plans to leave immediately, he tells her they have to go back immediately.

Nick, Antonio, Jeremy and Clay have found Pete's body. It wasn't a fight, but a murder. He's been torn apart, and Clay can't identify the culprit's smell. There's a new killer mutt in town.


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