Black Sails S1E2 - "II." Overview

This episode begins with Eleanor all loved up with Max in her bedroom. The relationship between these two makes for a good source of drama by the end of the episode, since Eleanor is more focused on business than running away like a lovesick teenager. Things are further complicated by the fact that Max is a prostitute, yet Eleanor pays to exclusively own the rights to have sex with her. While I'd normally say that this isn't the last we'd see of their relationship, considering that this show only has 6 more episodes in this season, perhaps this truly is the end for them.

John Silver has finally been found out to be the thief by other lead members of the ship. His frantic escape and slippery methods are great fun to watch and hopefully there will be more to come of him on his road to becoming the John Silver which audiences are accustomed to in the Treasure Island story, of which the show is a prequel to.

Black Sails has had a bit of a slow start, but things are beginning to pick up with the chaos surrounding this missing page. Once people get on their way and head out on a quest for their treasure, viewers will hopefully be treated to even more excitement.

Black Sails airs on Saturdays on STARZ at 10/9c.


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