Black Sails S1E3 - "III." Recap

Captain Flint has his wounds tended to by Mrs. Miranda Barlow. He asks her to watch Mr. Guthrie while he recovers.

Eleanor is told that her lover has run off with the help of another prostitute and she is less than pleased by the news.

John Silver provides part of the instructions to the group but they are angry for his not giving them more. He makes it clear that he is determined to survive and strikes up a deal. He says that he will give them the missing piece of how to find the Urca d'Lima if he is allowed back on the ship and given a fair share of the treasure. Billy Bones does not trust Silver but goes ahead and follows orders. He puts Silver to work with the previous cook of the ship. While working with him, Silver manages to get the cook to tell him of others with mutinous feelings towards the captain.

Eleanor's father is sick and bedridden. Their relationship is tense but she tells him that he has no choice but to help her. She needs money from her father and it was her hard work and skill that earned him his fortune to begin with. When her father meets Miranda, he questions her on who she is. She cryptically tells him to read the writings of Marcus Aurelius in order to understand who she is. She implies that she can help him rise to power and we are left wondering even more who Miranda truly is.

Rackham is able to convince Gates to team up with him. Rackham owes his crew money and Gates is seen as being too old so with these weaknesses, they realise they can benefit from joining forces in regards to the Urca d'Lima. They're able to convince their captains to sit down for a meeting and things are initially tense. Eventually, an agreement is struck amongst all parties involved.

Silver gives Billy Bones the names of three traitors, Randall, Morley, and Turk, in order to begin earning his trust.

Max is being held by Vane and his men and has been brutally used as a sexual object. Vane attempts to have her secretly let free, on the condition that she never return but is caught by Vane's men who brutally attack her yet again. Eleanor has sex with Vane yet again but afterwards, overhears Max being raped and jumps in to rescue her. Furious with Vane, the terms of the agreement shift in favour of Flint. She tells Vane's crew that they will be cut off from all necessary supplies unless they all pledge allegiance to Flint and work under him. Though Eleanor offers protection to Max, she refuses, believing Eleanor values money more than her. She tells Vane that she is still his until he regains the power that she has caused him to lose. Vane's crew abandons him, with the exception of Rackahm and Anne Bonney, whom he threatens to kill if they leave.

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