Code Red DVD Review

During WWII, Stalin created a top-secret biochemical weapon, a secret nerve gas that he hoped could decimate his enemies. but it went missing after the Battle of Stalingrad, becoming something whispered about in dark corners. More than seventy years after that battle, the horrific biochemical weapon resurfaces in modern day Bulagria, turning the local inhabitants into frenzied mutants and causing the dead to rise from the grave.

When the town goes on lockdown NATO Dr. Ana Bennett (Manal El-Feitury) gets separated from her young daughter, Miriam, who winds up in the arms of US Special Forces Captain John McGahey (Paul Logan) on the wrong side of the gates. Both parties race against the clock to find each other and escape the country alive before the bombs start to fall

As a low budget movie, Code Red proves that a small budget does not equal a disastrous turn. The story, while not entirely new, takes the classic outbreak storyline, and adds in the lost child element. While predictability is unavoidable, it manages to inject enough twists that makes the movie worth a view.

The only trouble with Code Red really is the acting. While Paul Logan certainly has the presence of an action hero, he doesn’t quite have the acting chops to carry the dialogue when he’s not killing the walking dead. The same goes for Manal El-Feitury whose voice hits too many shrill notes, and makes her dialogue grating to the ears.

The big win is the zombies. The gore isn’t too high, and the special effects are nothing to be angry at. It’s an entertaining affair.

Code Red is on DVD now.


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