Hannibal S2E1 - "Kaiseki" Recap

Hannibal is back, everyone! And what better way to begin than with some cooking from our favourite cannibal leading into a fantastically choreographed fight between Hannibal and Jack, who... knows? Just when it seems that Jack has managed to strangle Hannibal to death with his tie, Hannibal takes a shard of glass and stable Jack right in the neck. It appears as though Jack's done for as he scurries back into the wine closet, locking the door behind him. Hannibal begins body-slamming the door repeatedly, ready to finish him off and this is when we learn that this is not a dream - it's a glimpse into the future.

12 weeks earlier, Hannibal has prepared some Kaiseki for Jack. He can't quite place the fish upon tasting it and Hannibal replies, "He was a flounder." I'm sure he was, Hannibal. I'm sure he was. They are mourning Will's being placed behind bars and Jack feels personally responsible. Hannibal says that Jack must investigate Hannibal, for appearances' sake of course, but neither of them appear to be concerned about the outcome of it.

Behind bars, Will has a vision of himself fishing in the forest and sees the swiggity-swag-nightmare-stag. Will is brought out of his daydream where a psychiatrist is questioning him on "how that makes him feel." He is relatively polite but says that he wants to speak to Doctor Lecter.

Alana has filed a report against Jack of misconduct. The FBI admin (Cynthia Nixon) points out that there is a desire to make all of this go away quickly and quietly and tries to get Alana retract her report. Alana and Jack are not on bad terms, as Jack understands her concerns for Will.

At a dam, some public workers stumble across several dead bodies. The poor men look highly traumatised by the experience but this is a welcome moment for the Fannibals who have been counting down for this incredible show to make its return.

Hannibal has a session with Dr. Du Maurier, where he tells her Will has asked to see him. Hannibal is keen on seeing him again and even admits that he misses him. Du Maurier tells Hannibal he is obsessed with Will, and Will will take advantage of that. Hannibal states that Will is his friend and that he admires Will's inability to hide who he is. Hannibal finally visits Will, who promises that he will figure out what he has done to him and that there will be a day or reckoning.

Hannibal surrenders his DNA and suits for the FBI to investigate him. For all intensive purposes, he is the new Will Graham, having taken over Will's responsibility of psychologically profiling murder cases. When visiting the crime scene of the bodies found earlier, Hannibal notes that the bodies have been injected with silicone, among other things, and that the killer was making models. The fact that these bodies were discarded means that these were his imperfect discards.

Hannibal has signed a document allowing Dr. Du Maurier permission to share whatever she wants with the FBI. Hannibal tells her about his visit with Will, saying that he looked into Will's eyes and saw death. She asks why he is inviting the scrutiny of the FBI and points out that he is maintaining an air of transparency while putting her in a position to life for him... again. He replies that she's not just lying for him and they share a knowing look. She asks how far this will go and he says that Jack is not suspicious of him. She replies that Jack doesn't know what he's capable of. Hannibal replies, "Neither do you," and she appears shaken.

Alana has been looking after Will's dogs and visits him when he's locked up. She doesn't believe that the Will Graham before him is capable of such violence and he says he is certain he has heard Hannibal's voice inside his head. His psychiatrist from earlier, Frederick, listens in on their conversation from his office. Will asks for Alan's help in recovering some memories. The treatment involves a lit-up metronome and some hypnosis, where Will sees Alan as covered in black paint before she turns to paint. While under, he sits at a long table covered in a messy feast. At the other end of the table, the Swiggity-Stag sits and in front of him, is a plate with a human ear on it. He jolts awake and says that it isn't working. Alana asks him what he saw but he doesn't share the answer.

Frederick visits Hannibal, who has prepared him a meal without meat (gasp). Apparently Frederick lost a kidney and must now watch his protein intake. They discuss Will and Frederick shares the fact that Will attempted to recover memories. Frederick tells him that Will speaks of him incessantly, saying Hannibal is a monster, and Hannibal jokes to Frederick that he is dining with a psychopathic murderer. Oh hardy har har.

We see from the perspective of this episode's murderer as he stalks his victims before baiting them so they may be captured. He then injects them with dyes, silicones, preservatives, and heroine. The FBI notes that the victims are sealed with a resin shell. The victims appear to be random as they don't have anything in common regarding their ethnicity, gender, location, etc.

The forensics tech Beverly visits Will and brings the file on this episode's killer. She seems to know that Will is still of value in finding this killer and asks for his help. She goes over the killer's method of capturing them but wants to know how the victims are chosen. She has photos of the recovered bodies and spreads them out on the table. Will begins arranging them in a particular order and then shows that the victims comprise a colour palate.

Will is brought his generic dinner, complete with plastic silverware. After taking a bite of the Salisbury steak, he has a memory of Hannibal snaking some plastic tubing down his throat and then sending Abigail's ear down.

Jack visits Will's old home, and Will's dog Winston meets him on the porch. Alana shows up shortly after, as Winston has developed a habit of running back to Will's home. Jack says he understands why Alana filed the report and says that it will help Will's case in the long run since it is now on record. She tells him that Will is fixated on Hannibal's being guilty so he won't have to face the horrors of the crimes he committed. She says that even though Will is terrified, he hasn't stopped trying to find the truth.

Will is visited by Jack. When Will tells him he has recovered a memory, Jack says that it is meaningless. Will says that it's not meaningless to him. Jack says that they have investigated Hannibal thoroughly and have found nothing. Will tells him, "I am not the intelligent psychopath you're looking for." Jack leaves but Will tells him that though he may not believe him now, he will.

Back at the killer's lair, the victim from his episode wakes and finds himself sewn into a mass of dead bodies and lets out a scream.

Hannibal airs on Fridays on NBC at 10PM.


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