Helix S1E6 - "Aniqatiga" Recap

Alan mourns Doreen's death and when he comes back in, Sarah is transporting the patient she euthanised. She admits this to Alan, who is determined to get Julia out from the isolation floor. Julia is still suffering from hallucinations. Alan and Julia secretly scheme to get Julia out. Alan burns a hole through a grate and he and Sarah come across some doors chained together. They try to open it but then some vector reach through, growling and snarling. One grabs hold of Sarah and Alan saws its arm off. Alan checks her for wounds but finds none and says they'll have to treat vectors before they can reach Julia.

Balleseros wakes handcuffed to a couch. A woman named Anana is the one who saved him from an icy demise and claims to be law enforcement. He tries to reach for a pair of scissors but she disarms him and demands information on Arctic BioSystems.

Alan and Sarah examine the virus and find that it is a genetic delivery stem. He confronts Hataki, who had just returned via secret tunnel from the isolation floor, where he had just sedated Julia. Hataki states that the virus was supposed to be a cure for cancer but has no idea what is in the virus. Later, Daniel tells Hataki that he killed Balleseros and Hataki angrily strikes his son, saying that his not checking in will cause "them" to come.

Julia dreams she is in a cabin with Peter and a little girl. Peter tells her to talk to the girl to remember something she is forgotten. She realises that the little girl is herself and the cabin was her childhood summer home.

Alan and Sarah experiment with the virus and the same black growth appears that Doreen discovered on Day 3, though they found the results far faster than she did. Alan blasts it with a fire extinguisher and it stops growing. They realise that the virus reacts poorly to cold and they decide to cool Peter down to help him survive longer. Sarah reminds Alan that there is a cryogenicist on staff at the base.

Balleseros attempts to strangle Anana but she disarms him yet again. She shows him a wall of photos of children that have gone missing, stating that 31 children over the past two decades disappeared near the base.

Alan visits the cryogenicist, Dr. Adrian and demands that he help. Dr. Adrian agrees under the condition that the guards give him some space and that he be first off the base when they are rescued. They talk theories and Dr. Adrian shows him some infected rats swimming in a tank of cold water.

Balleseros picks his handcuffs and when he looks outside, he sees a man who looks like Daniel. Balleseros attempts to attack him but Anana holds a gun to his head, saying that the man is her brother Tulok. She brings him back inside, re-cuffs him, and shows him a photo of her and her brother as a child. There is another child in it, and she states that Tulok had a twin brother who went missing as a child. Balleseros restates his need to return to the base.

Back in Julia's dream, Peter brings out a turkey and Julia sits at the table for a family dinner which Peter, Hatakia, Alan, Balleseros, and Sarah are all present at. They question her as to why they are all there but Julia doesn't know. Julia cuts the turkey, it oozes black blood, and the rest of the group responds with laughter.

In the cryogenics lab, Dr. Adrian has Peter inside a special suit. They fill it with cold water and it fills his lungs. The idea is to expose him to cold throughout his entire body. At first he appears to be drowning but then his condition shows progress. Hataki watches them in secret and tells Daniel they appear to have had a breakthrough.

Alan becomes emotional about his brother and when Sarah comforts him, they begin to kiss. They got back to him room and hook up.

Daniel and Hataki head outside to look at Balleseros' body, but he is nowhere to be found. Hataki examines the area and says that he has been taken. He looks up, says "they are here," and watches the Ilaria corporation helicopters fly overhead.

Down in the isolation floor, Julia wakes from her dream. She scream, grabbing her head, and her eyes go light, as she appears to be free of the disease.

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