Helix S1E7 - "Survivor Zero" Recap

The Ilaris helicopters have arrived and Sarah and Alan scramble to dress. She says what they did was just biology and he looks a bit uncomfortable with how dismissive she is of it. They meet Hatake and Daniel in time for the "corporate patrons" to come marching in looking like big, scary, military folks. The leader of their group removes their facemask and it's a woman named Constance Sutton. She introduces herself as the CEO of the Ilaria Corporation and says that she's there to help. They have a meeting in which Alan says he needs to communicated with the CDC. She asks if their satellite went down and says she's under the same constraints as they are. The helicopter radios won't even work but they'll be back in two days. Alan says he wants Julia back to help combat the outbreak but Hatake says that this is impossible. Alan admits that she is infected but necessary as she is an expert in RNA structure. Sutton agrees that he should get her out and the group begins to disperse before she asks for a private word with Hatake. Once alone, her friendly demeanour disappears and she grabs Hatake by the throat, pushing him onto a table. She says that two things were needed and when he points out that the virus has been created, she berates him for not having a cure for it. Apparently, Sutton doesn't want to kill everyone, but does want to "thin the herd a bit." Hatake chimes in that she also wants to rule them. She asks about Narvic B, an alternate form the the virus, and admits that she does intend to get Julia out - whatever needs to be done to find the cure is something she will be willing to do. Hatake asks what will happen after that, to which she responds that no one will get out alive. If Hatake isn't with her, he will be part of that group.

Meanwhile, Balleseros is still Anana's prisoner and finds himself handcuffed to the back of her snowmobile and whining, wanting to know how much further till she'll reach her destination.

Alan is suspicious about Sutton. He doesn't trust her and relays this opinion to Sarah. They agree to continue working on the cure but to not give it to Sutton if they find it. Meanwhile, down on level R, Julia is exhibiting some strange symptoms. She draws a blood sample after exhibiting heightened senses but finds it is a normal colour. Her skin blotches are gone, but then her eyes change colour yet again and her head begins to pound.

Sutton approaches Daniel and tells him that technically, Ilaria is the one that pays him. Daniel doesn't want to provide her with insider information but she tells him that Hatake won't always be the one in charge. She also tells him that Hatake destroys everyone close to him and that he may be next. Outside, Anana and Balleseros are at an abandoned military station and after he tries to coax her into untying his hands, she hits him upside the head with a shoe. Back on Level R, Julia blindfolds herself and converses with her hallucination of Peter. She asks about her silver eyes and the entire conversation is highly cryptic.

Hatake looks over surveillance photos of Julia and Daniel comes in to warn him about Sutton. Hatake is neither surprised, nor does he seem worried. He tells Daniel that she destroys those that get in her way and Daniel points out that she said the same about him. All Daniel wants is his trust and Hatake doesn't want Sutton anywhere near Julia. We see Sutton in private, grinding her teeth, and it's all very peculiar. Is she even human?

Anana and Balleseros talks about missing children, she tells a story about a boogeyman, and they appear to bond ever so slightly. Sutton and Alan speak in a corridor. He insists on coming with her team to retrieve Julia and she is forced to let him, though not without a bit of a standoff. Daniel spots Anana and Balleseros outside the base and brings them in. Anana believes Daniel is her brother and hugs him but he pushes her away. She tries to tell him who he really is and shows him a photo of her with her brother, but he claims it's nothing more than Photoshop.

Julia is attempting to learn the layout of the room while still blindfolded. A Vector gets into the room and she hides behind a cabinet. A scream is hear and it runs out after it. When Julia stands, the Vector is still there right in front of her. It would appear that she's done for but then her head begins to pound, her eyes flash silver, and the Vector runs away terrified.

Sutton questions Hatake in his office regarding Julia's importance. She has been going through the files he has on her. He says that Alan wants her back because they used to be married but Sutton isn't buying it. She is now determined to discover the importance (or not) of Julia. Sutton removes some contacts to reveal that she too has silver eyes, and reminds Hatake which side he is on. After she leaves, Hatake heads for his secret passage to level R. It's a safe bet that he's headed after Julia before anyone else can reach her.

Alan tries to attack Balleseros when he spots him, still furious over his killing Doreen. Sutton steps in to mediate the situation but when she and Balleseros end up in a private room, she attacks him. She berates him and we learn that she's paying him to spy on Hatake. She punches him again, before straddling him and making out with him. She tells him he needs to be a prisoner otherwise she won't be able to get Alan to be her ally.

Hatake reaches Julia and she tells him about the Vector. He looks very concerned for her and wants to run some tests. She tells him about her eyes and as he blindfolds her, he begins to cry. Seems like the silver eyes weren't part of his plan. Alan, Sutton, and the rest of the muscle head down the elevator to level R. Hatake warns Julia that Sutton is going to kill her. Julia wants to wait for Alan but he warns her that Alan doesn't know what Sutton is capable of. He begs her to come with him and she agrees.

The commandos get into into a room on level R and open fire. Screams are heard within and one commando is thrown back out of the room with a Vector on top of him. More Vectors come from the room and from behind Alan and Sutton. The team is not able to reach Julia - at this point, their only concern is escape. Alan and Sutton get away from the Vectors with some of the Commandos. Alan is determined to get to Julia, but Sutton holds a gun to his head and insists that he come back, saying he is an important asset and she's rather shoot him now rather than later as an infected man.She also not-so-subtly threatens to shoot Sarah, too. For now, he relents.

Daniel brings Anana to a quiet room where they are alone. She shows him another photo of his twin and he appears to be beginning to believe her. When he mentions Hatake, she says he is evil and tells him about the 31 missing children. He mentions that there were always children around when he was growing up and that he thought it was normal at the time. She asks what happened to them but he says he doesn't know. She hugs him again and this time, he doesn't push her away though he doesn't return the gesture, either.

Hatake brings Julia back up to his office where Daniel and Anana confront him about his past. Daniel has some security men escort Julia back to the lab and Hatake hands her something before she leaves. Contacts, perhaps?

Alan, Sutton, and the few remaining commandos return to level B. When Alan asks about Julia, Sutton coldly replies that she's either "one of those things," or she's dead and that she doesn't know which would be worse.

In the lab, Julia removes her blindfold and finds that Hatake has indeed given her contacts. Alan enters the lab before she has a chance to put them on. He is thrilled to see her and amazed to find that her symptoms are gone. She avoids making eye contact with him. They hug more, which Sarah sees from afar before walking away. Julia finally makes eye contact with Alan, revealing her silver eyes.

In one of the level B hallways, Vectors being crashing down through a ceiling vent. There's at least three for now, and they are out to get their black-oozing chompers on people.

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