Helix S1E8 - "Bloodline" Recap

Vectors continue to crawl through the air vents. Julia discusses the disappearance of her symptoms with Alan and Sarah and also reveals that Hatake helped her to get back up to their level. Alarms go off and they're called to a lab where a body has been found. Alan orders that the place be locked down and sterilised. Julia is examined by Sarah and reveals that the only major symptom she's been having is sensitivity to light. When Sarah questions whether she's wearing coloured contacts, Julia reveals her silver eyes in confidence.

Daniel shows Anana around and they begin to bond. Alan questions Hatake as to what he did to Julia. Alan demands for a cure but Hatake says there is none. He also says that she is virus-free, but that only puts her in grave danger. If she's discovered, she'll be experimented on for the rest of her life. Hatake tells Daniel to run to Julia and not leave her side. Meanwhile, Sutton visits Julia and gets rough with her, pulling her from her room and noting her silver eyes.

Alan arrives back at Julia's room, where Sutton is refusing anyone to have access to her. Sutton says that she is now property of the corporation. Alan says that she can't just appropriate a human being, but she says she can. Anana begins patching up Balleseros, who is unhappy about being locked up. He reveals that when he was younger, he was responsible for taking the children she is searching for. Anana leaves with Daniel, angry, and Balleseros is revealed to have stolen a piece of metal with which he can pick the lock on his restraints.

Sutton confronts Hatake and says there will be reckoning for what he has done to Julia. She lays out a tray of torture devices and when he says there's nothing she can do that he can't bear, she says that they're not for him, but for Julia. Meanwhile, Sarah reveals to Alan that she has already run tests on Sarah multiple times, and they show that she's in overly perfect health. They conspire to create an explosion so they can get away and get Julia free.

When Julia hears the commotion coming from the air vents, she is inspired to use them to escape from the room in which she has been locked. Sutton gets the news that Julia has escaped and demands that she be found, and retrieved alive. In the vents, Julia encounters some Vectors but after they look at her (and her eyes) they continue on without bothering her further.

Alan and Sarah get the guards to go to the supply room to get a list of things they ask for. Balleseros breaks out from his restraints. Anana wants Daniel to leave with her but he says he must stay and finish things. She tells him to not forget her and tearfully says goodbye. He appears to have slightly bonded with her but it's not enough for him to agree to leave with her, though he does keep the photo she gives him. She tells him that he has a family now.

Julia manages to get in the air vent above the lab where Alan and Sarah are working. They talk with her but cannot look up, as they are being watched. They tell her of their plan to kill Sutton and they tell each other to be careful. Alan and Sarah fake a discovery and get Sutton to come in and look through a microscope but their suspicious looks alert the guard who tackles Sutton to the ground just in time to avoid an explosion that goes off.

Alan and Sarah escape in the commotion but Sutton addresses them over the intercom and orders them to surrender themselves under the threat that she'll have his brother killed. Alan is prepared to turn himself in but Julia suggests that they create a diversion. She finds a sound canon, the likes of which have been used for crowd control. She also happens to know how to operate it.

Julia breaks into Hatake's office and offers to set him free on the condition that he help Alan. He says he will on the condition that she stay put and hide from Sutton. She's not fond of the idea and Hatake says there's no time to answer her questions. She cuts him loose but continues to demand answers. Hatake injects her with a sedative. How patronising of you, Hatake.

Anana comes across Balleseros preparing to take off and holds him at gunpoint. She asks how he got out and realises that he used her. She offers to give him the key to her sled but when he reaches for it, she tackles him. She strikes him but he gets the upper-hand and now holds her at gunpoint. In a strange move, when guards begin approaching them, he throws the keys back to her and tells her to leave, since they'll kill her but not him.

Julia wakes and exits the secret room in which she's stored. There's a torn photo of Hatake on her but she's then apprehended by guards.

Alan surrenders himself but Sutton tells the guards to kill his brother anyway. The sound canon is used to disarm the guards and Hatake gets Alan out in time. They return to his office and find that Julia is gone, and realise that Sutton has her. Daniel joins them, showing his choice to be a mole for them, and says that Sutton has taken Julia to transport her as cargo off the base.

Later, Sutton and Hatake have a serious conversation in which we learn that they were once involved in a romantic relationship but things soured. Hatake seems to have cared more for others than her and the argument escalates until Hatake tackles Sutton and uses a chord to strangle her to death. He gets on the intercom and tells them that Sutton is no longer in charge and that all her men have been apprehended and put into custody - they've actually been hunted down. He tells them all will return to his normal protocol. Julia is released.

Julia learns about her not having any antibodies and speaks with Alan about the treatment she has endured. She is worried about the endless pursuers she will now have for whatever it is that's different about her. Daniel tells Hatake he doesn't think he'll ever be able to forgive him. Hatake is confident that their relationship will be mended. Sutton's body is lowered into the ground.

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