Helix S1E9 - "Level X" Recap

Following the group's escape, they trap some a Vector which they intend to perform research on. Alan questions where the Vectors could have disappeared to and upon reaching an air vent, he comments that there is air coming up from below. Hatake tries to say that they are on the bottom level, but Daniel reveals that there is a level X on which Hatake has kept original core samples of the virus. Alan is furious to learn that the virus was created by Hatake, though he insists he was never going to deliver it. He says that without him, there would be billions of bodies. When they question after Sutton's whereabouts, Hatake says that she is no longer a problem. He warns that what's coming is far worse. Sutton was just the messenger and next up, an army will be sent that will not stop until they have the virus. Alan says they must go down and destroy the virus.

Julia questions Hatake about the photo of her as a young girl with him. Hatake reveals they have met before and that he knew her mother. He says that her mother was a mentor and a dear friend whom he visited several times in Montana. Julia wants to know why Hatake looks the same 30 years later but he merely states that he was a very young man. Clearly, we're not getting the whole story here. Julia says that it can't be a coincidence that she's her now with him at the base but Hatake doesn't offer an explanation.

Daniel pulls up security footage that shows the Vectors have all gathered on Level X. Hatake offers to go down but Alan refuses, saying he doesn't trust him. They notice all the Vectors swarming, exhibiting behaviour like bees. They're drawn to something, or someone. We then see the Vectors all spitting black goo into a cup which they pour into the mouth of the unconscious Peter, who wakes shortly after. He leaps up and the Vectors all stand before him mesmerised. For some reason, he is their fearless leader as a simply movement of his hands makes all of them kneel.

With the trapped Vector in a machine, Dr. Adrian releases some cold gas into it, temporarily paralysing the Vector. Dr. Adrian says that he doesn't have enough gas for Alan to release onto the lower level, but Alan says he won't need it. Dr. Adrian questions how he will lower the temperature enough to slow them down, saying that it needs to hit at least -40 degrees. Alan says it is -50 outside and he will bring some of the outside inside.

While locked up, Balleseros is all snark and cheek until he learns that Sutton has sent a kill squad after Anana. He looks mighty worried now.

Sarah's hands shake, likely as a result of her illness. Hatake gives Alan a gun but says that Julia will not need a weapon. They begin forming their plan to get downstairs and flood the base with outside air to freeze the Vectors. After they shut the power off, Sarah laments her impending death to Hatake and her lack of significant life accomplishments. Hatake appears concerned by her rambling. Alan and Julia keep track of the time before the heat will come back on. He says that if they're unsuccessful, they must burn the place to the ground. It would be a suicide mission. They reach Level X where the Vectors are frozen in place. They make their way through the sea of Vector statues into the vault where the samples are. They alarmed to find that there are far too many to go through with the limited time they have. Alan wants to just find the particular virus they're after but Julia wants to destroy them all, not wanting Illaria to have them in their possession.

Balleseros breaks out of his cell while the power is out.

Julia tells Hatake that death is a bright light of all the things she hasn't done and that she'll never have children. She begins to go into hypothermic shock, and Hatake become alarmed, having no choice but to turn the power back on.

Back in the vault, Alan continues to find every disease possible, including the Plague, and Julia finally finds the correct tube only to find that it is empty. Someone must have gotten to the virus sample before them. Alan's timer goes off and he says they have to go but Julia becomes frantic, wanting to keep looking. Outside, the Vectors are beginning to regain mobility and Alan insists that they have to go.

Balleseros is discovered to have broken out by Daniel, who catches him outside as he is about to escape. Balleseros tells him about the kill squad and when Daniel asks him why he cares, Balleseros says that at some point, it has to stop. He says that Daniel can shoot him, but he'll still go. Daniel teams up with him, and they set off for the village.

Julia tells Alan to keep going, as the Vectors more aggressively pursue him but ignore Julia. On the way out, she finds her initials carved near a vent in front of the door to Level X, which the Vectors are currently pounding on. She tells Alan she has to go down there and that she is starting to regain a repressed memory. He refuses to let her go alone and follows her down the vent. She finds what appears to be an exact replica of her Montana childhood cabin.

Balleseros and Daniel stop when they lose track of the trail. Anana sneaks up on them and they fill her in on the death squad headed for the village. She tells them that she saw five riders on three snowmobiles not long ago and they all set off for the village together.

Alan and Julia are confused as to why there would be an exact replica of the cabin and Julia struggles to decipher the answers to this mystery.

Balleseros, Daniel, and Anana reach the outskirts of the village where they see fifteen civilians being loaded onto a trailer. Anana wants to charge in but Balleseros and Daniel stop her, saying they need to think tactically if they want to be successful, since they are currently outmanned and outgunned. They send Anana in to be "caught" by the guards, and Daniel punches his twin - but it's all part of the plan.

Sarah is rambling and delirious, calling for Alan. She says that the surgery didn't work and that it was too close to the spinal chord. Hatake checks her back, just below her neck and finds a scar. HE carries her out.

Alan and Julia get out of the vent and find that the Vectors, led by Peter, have gotten out. Julia tells Alan to get behind her and stay close, as she stares them all down. She tells him to go upstairs, saying she will hold him back. They're able to get out, and Peter lets out an angry Vector shriek.

The soldiers prepare to light the trailer on fire. They give Daniel a weapon with which to kill his brother but the soldiers tell him not to shoot him in the head, in case the bodies are ever dug up and discovered. That is not what historians meant when advising people to learn from history. But then, Daniel turns and begins shooting soldiers, as do Balleseros and Anana, who had concealed weapons.

Alan asks Julia how she kept them off and she says that she has been different since her recovery but she cannot fully explain it. The vectors appear to have lost interest in her, but Alan replies that it's more so that they are afraid of her. They both have several questions and know that Hatake has the answers. When they reach him, he is still cradling Sarah. Hatake chides Alan for not knowing that she had a Grade 4 spinal tumour. She had a seizure 20 minutes prior. Alan prepares to take her to the ICU and when he tells Hatake that the virus is gone or perhaps was never there to begin with, Hatake says that that's impossible. Sarah rambles to Alan and reveals to Julia, who is present, that she and Alan slept together. Alan tries to apologise, but she say that it's fine since they are not together anymore.

Julia visits Hatake to question him further. He shows her the torn photograph half of her and Hatake which she had seen before and says it was one of the happiest days of his life. He then pulls out the other half of the photograph, which has Sarah's mother in it. When Sarah sees her mother, she realises that her hallucination of the woman who helped her while on the lower level (a few episodes ago), was  a vision of her mother. Hatake says that he has waited for this day for a long time but was afraid of rejection. He says he wanted Julia to know him and that it was never the right time. He says that the cabin was not a replica and that she never lived in Montana. When Julia questions who he is, Hatake removes his contact lenses before turning around to reveal his silver eyes. He then says, "You have your father's eyes." This is an unexpected turn of events, especially since you have an actress who doesn't look Japanese in the slightest playing a half-Japanese woman. (As a half-Japanese woman, I would know).

Daniel begins to bond with his brother and they relive some of the childhood memories they had before they were separated. Anana looks on in delight. Balleseros comes in and tries to warn them what's coming next but Anana notices that he is injured and insists on tending to his wound.

Helix airs on Fridays on Syfy at 10PM.


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