Hemlock Grove - S1E10 "What God Wants" Recap

Roman wakes from his coma and Peter informs him he's been out for two weeks and that tonight is the full moon. Roman appears to have forgotten that Dr. Pryce is the one responsible for his coma as well as his entire visit to the Godfrey Institute right beforehand. They pick up Roman's car.

Clementine speaks to her brother via phone and they agree to meet the next day.

Peter questions Roman on why he is getting involved and Roman responds that he is his friend and that it's simple as that. Peter drives Roman to school and he peers into Shelley's class and she is delighted when she spots him. He beckons her to meet him and she pretends to go the bathroom before greeting him out in the hall. He tells her that he hasn't told Olivia yet and he has something to do first. Roman heads back out to his car where he and Peter hear on the radio that a curfew for all minors has been put into place.

Olivia goes upstairs and finds Roman's body missing. She is irritated when she sees the full moon outside, realising where Roman has run off to.

Clementine warns the sheriff to trust the feeling in his gut and that this creature is nowhere close to being done. He is annoyed by the secrets he believes she's keeping but does not get any real answers from her. She tells him she is leaving and wishes him well on the patrol that evening.

Norman checks in on Christina. She has requested for her meds to be lowered and believes they are blocking something on her road to finding her way back. He offers to take her home to be with her parents but she says that regardless, "it" will get her if it wants her. Outside in the hallway, Norman meets with the sheriff, who says that extra guards have been posted at the hospital. They chat briefly and the sheriff says that his girls are at home on lockdown.

Shelley comes home and Olivia questions her on Roman's whereabouts. She denies knowing anything and Olivia seems to believe her. Roman asks Peter if he loves Letha, and Peter says that he does. Roman seems to have finally made peace with their being a couple and put aside some of the creepy jealously he has exhibited throughout the series. Peter tells Roman that he must pursue the vargulf alone and to not follow him. He eventually ignores this request and goes after Peter who is shot with a tranq-gun by Clementine. She warns him to stay back and to not look her in the eye. Eventually, he has no choice but to leave.

The sheriff returns home and checks in on his girls, who were exchanging catty gossip. They have a nice family bonding moment over the memory of their dead mother/wife.

Olivia shows up where Clementine is holding Peter captive. Clementine warns her to stay back but Olivia is not afraid of a little gun. She continues approaching, talking down to Clementine and chiding her for trespassing. Clementine fires her gun.

The twins are playing girly pop music and playing dress-up in their room. The sheriff hears a bang and goes outside with his rifle to investigate. Inside, the girls are viciously attacked by the vargulf.

At the end of the episode, two young boys find Clementine's truck abandoned by the side of the road and the contents pertaining to her investigation, including numerous photographs, strewn across the ground. When they approach the truck, they find blood and run off frightened when the horn goes off. We also see Clementine's brother waiting at the designated meeting spot alone. Clementine has not shown up.

The entire first season of Hemlock Grove is available for viewing on Netflix.


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