Hemlock Grove S1E11 - "The Price" Recap

Norman visits Christina and finds that her hair has turned completely white and she is largely unresponsive. He visits the sheriff and finds that he has now begun to believe that Peter is indeed the murderer. Some men go to the Rumaneck trailer and throw objects at it while Lynda is inside.

Dr. Pryce meets with Olivia and she has blood on her dress.

Peter wakes in Roman's coma bed and Roman is distraught, saying he should have been stronger for Peter. He feels guilty for leaving him but that he came back. After that, he had received a call from his mother to go home and look after Peter but when he did, she was not there. He tells Peter about the sheriff's daughters and to rest up. Roman goes to the trailer and finds it spray painted and vandalised. He goes inside, and eventually Lynda emerges from a hiding spot in the floor. He tells her that Peter is fine and she begins to clean up. Roman calls Peter and tells him about the trailer and Peter comments that he is starving. After the call, Peter goes downstairs and finds a piece of raw meat in the freezer. He pops it into a pan enough to thaw it out, but not to cook it, and begins chomping on it. Just then, Letha comes in and they embrace. They hear a police car pull up and the young couple runs off through the house but are eventually cornered by armed officers. They arrest Peter and brutalise him. Shelley comes in and the men yell at her to leave. Roman comes in and reassures her before compelling one officer to put the gun in his own mouth. He orders the other man to uncuff Peter and then compels them both to leave.

Olivia pays Norman a visit and they discuss the town's recent happenings. Norman also expresses remorse over being unable to comfort the sheriff despite his being a doctor. He also tells Olivia that he plans to leave his wife and marry her instead. He insists that he means it this time but Olivia doesn't appear to believe him. After Olivia leaves, Norman receives a call from Letha, who tells him Roman is awake. Norman meets the trio at an abandoned church and is glad to see that Peter is okay. He tells him to hide out there and is clearly worried about the young trio. He confronts Roman outside for keeping him in the dark and Roman tells him about the vargulf. Norman appears to believe them somewhat and asks Roman if his mother knows he's okay and Roman replies that she doesn't give a shit. They head to the hospital, and Christina watches them from the window. Peter grabs some blankets from a cabinet for Peter and turns to find Christina creepily staring at him. She tells him she [Letha] isn't safe and that the monster wants her and her baby too. She vanishes when Roman turns his back.

Letha tries to coax Peter into letting her stay but he refuses. Peter notices that Letha is still wearing the snake ring he gave to her and talk for a bit before Norman and Roman return with food and blankets. Roman heads home to check on Shelley and Letha leaves with her father. Peter is left with no one but his cat. Norman cries on the ride home and Letha apologises for the stress of the day. He insists he's fine.

Shelley tells Roman that the staff left because they were afraid of Peter. Roman assures her he will always be there for her. She asks if he dreamed of her and he says that he did. He tells her she is more beautiful than the world deserves and it's yet another heart-warming moment between the siblings. Together, they begin to clean up the mess Peter left.

At the hospital, the sheriff comes to visit Christina and finds her missing and her window open. We then see another dead body on some rocks with the head missing. Roman visits Peter to tell him the news and though they are relieved that it wasn't Letha, they are alarmed by the fact that it was done on a night that wasn't a full moon.

Peter sends Roman to Destiny for information and finds that Lynda is already there. She tells him the laws of magic can be broken but not without difficulty. She tells Roman this isn't his fight so he asks how Peter can find it. She tells him that he can but nothing is for free. She says that Peter is the only one who can figure out how to turn when it's not a full moon. Destiny gathers some things to help Peter find the answer and gives them to Roman to deliver to him.

Peter begins forming a ritual while Roman sits on a chair cuddling Peter's cat looking like a magical regal being. Eventually he has to snap his cat's neck as part of the ritual and Roman is horrified even before Peter has done it. He excuses himself to step outside for some air while Peter cuts the cat open, removing one of its organs. Peter stumbles outside, past a smoking Roman, and has a flashback of talking to Nicolae, who tells him a story about an upir they encountered when he was a boy. The upir had compelled an old gypsy woman to tear Nicolae's throat out, though he survived the attack. In present day, he says that running is what gypsies do, before cursing Nicolae. He returns to Roman and begins smoking before telling him he needs bacon grease. He tells Roman that the price for breaking the rules will be his human face.

Roman makes a significant amount of bacon and collects the grease into a jar. Olivia comes in and snarks about the smell and when Roman says he and Peter will be killing the vargulf that night, she replies that she already knows. She asks him for a moment before he leaves and leads him out to a mirror with a wolf painted on it with its heart drawn on as well. She has him open a trunk beneath it and he finds the axe from his coma dream. She tells him he's always been different and better and makes him stare at the wolf. The heart begins to throb and Roman becomes agitated till he smashes the wolf drawing right in the chest with the axe. She tells him not to lose the axe, and they smile at each other before she heads back upstairs.

We see a cage with a blood trail leading up to it. Inside, there is a bag and it is opened up from the inside. Clementine pops her head out and she is tied up, much like Peter was when she had him captured. She is now in the control room that Roman had previously found with blood spattered all around.

The entire first season of Hemlock Grove is available for viewing on Netflix.


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