Hemlock Grove - S1E12 "Children Of The Night" Recap

Clementine is a bit disoriented when she wakes in the locked cage. Her wrists have been ziptied and she spots the blood on the ceiling. She retrieves an empty beer bottle from beneath the cage, smashes it, and uses a jagged piece to cut her restraints. She then gets to work on picking the lock.

The newest dead body is identified as Jennifer Fredericks, the girl from the country club whom Shelley has an appreciation for. Norman is upset, knowing this news will devastate Shelley. Norman tells the sheriff that this means Christina is still out there but the sheriff is determined to catch Peter and put him down.

Clementine is visited by Olivia who seems unconcerned by her attempts to pick the lock. Olivia tells her a story while reclined and smoking a cigarette while Clementine continues to pick the lock. She finally gets it done and opens the cage and the scene moves away from that room but Clementine's screams are heard.

Letha prepares some tea and spots Christina standing in the yard. She lets her inside after telling her that Norman isn't home. She offers Christina a cup and as Letha prepares it, Christina whispers "Stupid fucking bitch" under her breath. Letha asks her why she left the hospital and Christina says it wasn't safe. She tells Letha that she had to warn her that it's after her, too.

Roman arrives at the church with the bacon grease and the axe his mother gave him. Roman asks how Peter how he will find the creature and Peter tells Roman that the creature will find him. Letha calls Roman and tells him that she really needs his help with something important. Peter insists on coming along.

Back at the mill, Dr. Pryce is examining a fresh bloody mess while Olivia is back in her chair having another cigarette with blood down the front of her dress. The cage is empty though a pair of legs can be seen from behind it. Dr. Pryce is angry that Olivia has made a mess but she is not bothered by it one bit. He tells her she was reckless and Olivia chides him for liking this particular girl. He asks her why she is the only one not questioning him on his experiments and she replies that she doesn't give a flying fuck. The only thing Olivia cares about is that Dr. Pryce do what Olivia wants and whatever else he does is of little consequence to her. Olivia leaves and Dr. Pryce goes back over to Clementine's body. Olivia has torn the flesh from her torso so that all you see is the muscle underneath. Also, her neck is broken but she has yet to die. Dr. Pryce is sympathetic to her and asks if she wishes to pray, before he puts her out of her misery.

Peter and Roman arrive at Letha's house and Letha suggests they bring Christina along. Roman is against the idea, but Peter says that it's fine and after all the rude things she has hurled at him, Peter is still nothing but kind to the traumatised Christina. Once they're all in the car, Letha again assures Christina that she won't let anyone hurt her. Christina apologises to Peter for telling everyone he was a werewolf. He accepts her apology and they both admit that they're scared. Peter makes Roman pull over and inside, he picks out an extension cord. When Roman attempts to purchase it, the cashier is the man from the bar that almost hit Roman before Olivia showed up. Peter attempts to charm the cashier but it doesn't help. Roman genuinely apologises to the cashier and offers to let him hit him. Go ahead and take a moment to bask in the character growth.

Norman visits Shelley in her room and speaks with her. He apologises for lying to her and for the complications between himself and her mother. He tells her that she shines on people, revealing either the good or bad people have within themselves, and will always be surrounded by people who don't deserve her. He then delivers the bad news about Jenny and she becomes distraught, running out.

Roman, Peter, Letha, and Christina arrive at the abandoned church. Peter again tells Christina she is safe and begins to remove his jewellery. She then tells Peter that she kissed him once and that it was her first. We see that it was while he was asleep on the hammock. She continues rambling about the twins losing their virginity and how she wanted more of a meaningful experience that would help her as a writer. But then she mentions that she researched how to turn and Peter immediately has a shocked and horrified reaction. We see flashbacks of Christina researching werewolves and finding Peter's paw-print in the woods, filling it with water, and drinking from it. She says she wanted to be as free as Peter and then the harvest moon came. Roman is determined to get Letha out of there but she refuses to leave, though he is able to keep her back. Peter guides Christina to a corner and uses the extension cord to create a noose, slipping it around her neck. He begins questioning Christina about her turning on a night that wasn't a full moon, and she says that she turned because she decided to. As the questions continue, Christina becomes less human, and more wolf in the way that she speaks and speaks fondly about the thought of killing Letha. Even more disturbing than that is when she tells Peter that he can kill her as long as he doesn't hate her. Get yourself together, child.

As she begins to slip into her transformation, we flash back to the murders and how her jealousy and confusion over her blossoming sexuality combined with her werewolf madness to bring her to murder them. Roman has been holding a struggling Letha back this entire time and tells her to stop and that Christina is the one they've been looking for. Christina's wolf self has begun referring to Christina as a separate being from herself and things are escalating. Finally, she begins to transform and the wolf eats her skin after she has shed it. For the time being, she is still restrained by the extension cord around her neck. Peter pulls out the bacon grease and smears some on his face. He gives Roman and Letha one last look before walking towards Christina. He gets down on his knees and the cord snaps. Christina leaps forward and eats his face off, while Letha shrieks incessantly the entire time.

Peter gets up and the sight is not pretty. It's bloody and his jaw is dangling before he collapses to the ground. Roman tells Letha to run and she tries but the doors are chained shut. Roman picks up his axe and readies himself to fight Christina.

The entire first season of Hemlock Grove is available for viewing on Netflix.


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