Hemlock Grove - S1E9 "What Peter Can Live Without" Recap

Olivia looks after Roman, trying to keep a brave face despite the fact that no one is there to see her. Peter and Letha are still enjoying their time (sex) together, and afterwards, Letha asks Peter to tell her a story about being a Gypsy. Peter tells her a story about a time Nicolae caught a fairy. It ends with her being dead and when speaking about living in a jar, he says, "No one can fucking live like that." *roll opening credits*

Clementine tells herself to clear her head before getting a call from Michael, angrily pulling her phone apart before flashing back to her time in the cell. She drinks to cope with the painful memories. She flashes back to the memory of her initiation into the Order of the Dragon and mutters that it has to be Peter, staring at a photo of him.

Christina is still having nightmares. She is visited by the twins who bring her some DVDs and try to cheer her up. One of the twins, Liz, becomes emotional, telling Christina that she's her best friend. Later, they try to get their father to let her come home, but he tells them that it's best for her to stay in the hospital.

Norman goes down on Olivia in his office. He tells her that she is beautiful but she responds by saying she has to get home. He is upset at first, but she is able to improve his mood. At home, Norman catches his wife, Marie, angrily cleaning and she tells him that their daughter is fucking Peter. She had snooped through Letha's phone, which Norman disapproves of but Marie tells him that he needs to be her father and not her friend. Norman speaks with Letha and she tells him she is in love with Peter and that people treat him as a piece of paper to put all their fears on. Ashely speaks with Letha at class, expressing remorse over Roman's coma. Letha then asks Peter to come to dinner to meet her parents, and he looks absolutely terrified.

Clementine visits Destiny, who questions her as to why someone like her would visit her. Clementine feels she has lost her way and is insecure about her relationship with God. Destiny asks to see her hands and at first, Clementine is less than cooperative. Fed up, Destiny pulls Clementine up and looks at her hands. She becomes emotional when she reads Clementine. Clementine implores her to tell her what she saw, and Destiny responds by taking her top off, asking Clementine to let her restore her.  They have sex.

Olivia visits a garage and insists that the mechanic restore Roman's car. She meets Marie, who shows up to have her car checked due to a rattling sound. They ask after each other's family and it's all politeness and well-wishing. Later, Peter has dinner with Letha and her parents. Things are a tad awkward but Letha is determined to make things work. It become even more awkward when Peter asks about how Norman and Marie met and Norman insults Marie's father, who did not approve of Norman. She mutters, "Godfreys always get what they want," and storms out. Norman pulls out the whiskey, sharing a glass with Peter, and they toast to Roman.

Post-sex, Destiny tells Clementine he's (Peter) not who she's looking for.  Clementine tells her she doesn't know that but Destiny insists it's all from "right here," placing her hands on Clementine's guy. Clementine drops a few hundred dollars on Destiny's table and walks out.

Lynda visits the Godfreys to see Olivia and walks in announced, despite the maid's protests. She heads upstairs and gives Olivia some vials, also offering her condolences to her regarding Roman's comatose state. Olivia is now high, but Lynda tells her a story about Peter's birth, in which the doctor had to snap Peter's collarbone because his shoulders were too wide to get out. The doctor said it was up to Peter as to whether he would take a breath and live, or not and die. She comments that it's not easy raising a child alone but then questions what a man would offer anyway.

Peter is taunted by some boys and eventually loses his temper, hitting one of them before they all jump him. Letha screams at them to leave him alone and intervenes. Olivia picks the two of them up and he sits in the front seat with blood on his face. Olivia offers him a handkerchief and he looks surprised before she tells him that it's not one of her nice ones. She brings Peter home and Lynda invites Letha and Olivia in while she tends to Peter. She gives Peter a joint before sending him and Letha to the back while she sits down next to Olivia. They share a joint and in a surprisingly thoughtful gesture, she offers to have Peter stay at Godfrey manor.

Peter, Letha, and Shelley play a board game. Peter goes in the fridge to get something frozen to ice his face and Olivia offers up a different remedy instead. When Peter asks why she offered to help him, she says that Roman needs all the friends he can get. That night, Peter sneaks out of bed as the full moon approaches, Shelley catches him, and he assures her he'll be careful. He visits Clementine who lets him in but places her gun on the bed as a warning. He tells her he knows that she's there to make sure no more girls die and asks for her help. She comments that the full moon is tonight and he says he has a bad feeling about it. He tells her to make sure nothing bad happens to Letha and she appears to believe the sincerity of his plea. She promises him that no more girls will die.

Norman relays a message to Christina that Tyler (the date whose face she clawed) that he isn't upset with her. Christina comments that the institution is quite pretty as they walk outside. Christina talks about Francis, stating that he watched Peter eat the murdered girls.

Clementine drunkenly talks to herself and to God in her room, stating that she'll do this one last thing for him and then they're through. Peter returns to Godfrey manor and makes Letha promise to stay inside on the night of the full moon. He says he's going to "kill it" and Letha is upset by him putting himself in danger. She says she wants to come with him but he angrily breaks a lamp, calling her a bitch and telling her to do as he says. A car honks and Letha says it is her father. She leaves and Peter stays still, emotional and agitated.

The entire first season of Hemlock Grove is available for viewing on Netflix.


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