Lost Girl Recap S4E7: La Fae Époque

Kenzi and Bo go to pay Hale a visit in cop central. Poor Kenzi took a punch to the neck by a monk, but Dyson is still gone, taken by the Unamense. Bo, has a hostage though, who just may be their key, if Bo can coax it out of the monk. Bo’s power is ineffective though against the eunuch. Hale raises his voice, and the monk flinches, so a little Siren whistle, and the monk finds his calling as a canary. Dyson isn’t on trial, he’s set to be executed for treason in 1899 for a string of cold blooded murders. Rather than helping them clear Dyson’s name he invokes a spell, and goes all frothy at the mouth. The trio try to think of another way.

The Unamense is busy slaughtering other fae for their crimes. One more poor soul down, and a naked wolf to go.

Lauren comes to Bo’s call. Even though Dyson is light fae, she plans to help him because he’s family. Bo tiptoes around the question of Lauren and the Morrigan, and her bumping uglies with Dyson. Lauren isn’t quite under lock and key with the dark like she was with the light. She straps Bo in, and hooks her up to a snappy mouthed Oracle. Bo needs Cassie to look into Dyson’s memories to clear him, which she can do. What she can’t do is see into Bo’s black hole memory. Lauren wraps a red string around one of Bo’s and Cassie’s ankles. This little walk on the wildside looks to be a little more dangerous than Bo had anticipated, if they slip up Bo loses her marbles. It’s the only way to save Dyson though, so she’s all in.

Dyson all changed up, gets a grooming, by a very familiar hand. Kenzi has the final element to Bo’s little scheme. She ties a red string around Dyson’s leg, and away Bo goes into his mind. She wakes up in bed in Paris with a set of twins, and has to make a run for it when the angry father comes. In the form of a wolf, she makes her getaway. She’s is Dyson now. When I said I wanted more Dyson, I meant Kris Holden-Ried Dyson, not Anna Silk as Dyson, it just isn’t the same.

Bo makes a run for it when she’s spotted by the angry papa. He has Bo cornered, who stammers an apology, but the more she talks, the more trouble she gets into. Luckily, Trick comes to her rescue brandishing a Gandalf cloak and staff. This is when Dyson meets Trick. She follows him with the offer of sanctuary. Dyson has quite the reputation, and Trick wants to use him for good. Dyson prefers to manwhore it up instead. But Trick entices him with a Hellscore, one that even the wanderer has been searching for.

Bo murmurs in her trance about Shoes, milkmaids and Boobs. Lauren is missing chunks of the story. When Bo mentions he who wanders, Lauren becomes interested, but then its back to boobs.
Bo runs into a familiar looking Angel in the form of Kenzi. But all she wants is a drink at the Dal. Angel gets it for her, and she has a memory glitch. Something is going a little wacky, when Bo sees a coach who flashes out.  Angel tells her that everyone wants a piece of the Prince tonight, especially Crater. It’s show time, and Angel announces Mademoiselle Flora Blooms, who is a very fetching Dr. Lauren. Even the prince is interested in Miss Blooms as she sings her ballad. Bo’s subconscious is taking over, inserting familiar faces, but Dyson’s memory is on a mission even if the good Dr’s song in French isn’t over yet, leading her away.

Hale goes to speak to the Unamense on Dyson’s behalf. Hale throws his weight behind Dyson’s cause. Dyson has done many noble things, but the Unamense is unmoved. Hale tells her that soon the fae will rise up, rule themselves. As Hale is being restrained, Kenzi’s phone goes off, revealing her. Silly girl, leave the phone in the car when going super undercover in fae central, and now Hale is in hot water too for having brought in a human. Shouldn’t the Unamense be mad at themselves for not smelling the human , don’t they have some sort of radar to detect that sort of thing? Kenzi asks to be locked up instead of Hale, and she gets more than she bargains for when they announce that she will be executed along side of Dyson.

Lauren pleads to her to get Dyson’s alibi and get out.

Dyson/Bo goes to see Mademoiselle Flora Blooms after her little set. She greets her with a passionate kiss, followed by an equally passionate slap. She’s been gone from her bed for weeks. She claims to not care, but she tries to send her on her way. Bo tells her that the Prince carries something more valuable than coin, and Flora is interested. Bo tells her about the Hellscore, and Flora likes the idea. Flora wants to hang up her corset and retire. Flora is wood nymph, and she misses her tree, with a sale of such a big treasure, Flora could buy her entire forest and return to her tree. It’s an offer neither could refuse, and nymph is more than willing to show her gratitude. The girls strip down, seal their deal. Bo has a weird moment of watching Dyson and Lauren in the mirror, all naked and sweaty. It’s all in the name of saving Dyson though, so although weird, she’s not about to stop.

Lauren notes in the regular world Bo’s increased pulse, and worries over her safety. Bo calls out for Lauren, which quickly turns into calling out the Lauren, and she’s pleasantly surprised by it, glad that even in Dyson’s subconscious she’s thinking of her. But her happy score turn a little gross, when she realizes that it may be Dyson talking. Cassie starts a count down.

Flora hides Bo when the Prince comes calling. The Prince is Vex with a ridiculous accent. Flora makes him at home in her bed, sweet talking the Prince into letting her bindfold him, as she kisses him to distract from from her snooping in his box. The prince isn’t fooled for long as he pulls away the blindfold and sees just what she’s up to. He rises in anger, and Bo takes matters into her own hands, knocking the prince out. Flora worries over the Prince’s guards, and she has a right to. Bo thinks that the best way to smuggle out the Hellscore shoes will be on Flora’s feet. The guards knock at the door as Bo slips the shoes on her. The shoes cause Flora’s eyes to change color, and worse, something takes over. Bo tries to get the shoes off, but they won’t budge, and Flora kicks Bo away, leaving out a back door.

Kenzi is placed within Dyson’s cage. They’re both dressed in pure white, and Kenzi tells Dyson how she climbed into a sewer to rescue him, it covered up her scent, and apparently no one noticed the stinky one she used instead. Dyson is glad she’s here, for entertainment value if nothing else. Kenzi asks if he’s scared, but he’s impressed by her. He tells her when they do get out he wants to train her as a shadow their. She has no clue what it is, but she’s all on board. With a hot teacher like Dyson it’s hard not to jump on that train. Her first task is to lose the ring tone. He tells her he can feel Bo in his memories. Kenzi asks if he worries what she’ll find. He tells her that he has regrets. And she asks the million dollar question, if he actually murdered someone. He tells her that it’s a long story, that starts with a pair of shoes, which is just the kind of story Kenzi would love.

Bodies lie in Flora’s wake, bodies that Dyson is standing accused of killing. Cassie appears and tells Bo that time is almost up. She tells her that she needs to cut the string, that only she can do it, but Bo isn’t ready yet. Bo spots the coach again. Bo’s memories are starting to fuse with Dyson’s, but Bo can’t leave yet. Cassie thinks its foolish, but Bo has lasted longer than anyone else in another person’s memories which impresses her. Cassie tells her that she’s brave, and something else, and asks if she’s willing to sacrifice it all for a wolf. Of course she is, this is Dyson we’re talking about. Cassie breaks her own string, continues her countdown and backs away. Bo follows the sounds of more screaming.

Cassie reaches one, and wakes up. She’s pissed, and tells Lauren that she’s been put in danger by being a part of this little exercise. She’s quick to leave, telling Lauren that Bo decided to stay, that she couldn’t talk her out of it. She also warns that they’ll all be dead because of those shoes. Lauren tells her to get back into bed, and go get her, but Cassie doesn’t want to play anymore. She tells her that whatever she does, not to cut the string herself, and she leaves as Bo murmurs about blood.

Bo catches up to Flora, who has killed another person, but she can’t stop herself. She doesn’t want to. With Wolverine claws extended, she goes after Bo. Bo doesn’t want to hurt her, but Flora gives her no choice. She wolfs out, and uses Flora’s claws against her. Flora is back to herself, and Bo is scrambling to get the shoes off of her, but they won’t budge. Bo tells Flora that she loves her, but she tells Bo that she doesn’t, that her love is the forest, and that hers is yet to come. As flora is uttering her final words, someone shoots Flora.

Lauren watches Bo now in silence. She calls out to her trying to wake her but gets nothing. Lauren finds herself tempted to untie the string, but she doesn’t. She reaches for Cassie’s discarded string, and heads in after Bo.

The shoes come off of Flora now that she’s dead. The gunman is out of bullets, and Dyson is his fall guy. With his reputation, everyone will believe he did it. Crater wants the shoes, he was told to get them at any costs. He tells Bo to run, that he’s never cared about anyone. There have been countless instances where Dyson caused death, destruction, and shame, never caring. Crater tells Bo that his selfishness has now killed Flora. Dyson blames himself, and Crater tells him to go ahead and run.

Dyson tells Kenzi that he considered running, that he was guilty, he killed Flora. Kenzi points out that Crater. But Dyson is the one that told her to put on the shoes, that because of him she went on a murderous rampage. His arrogance, his ignorance was his crime, one that cost many including Flora her life. Kenzi asks what happened next.

Dyson refused to hand the shoes over to Crater, willing to fight him for them, but he doesn’t have to. Trick is there once again with his staff. Trick isn’t interested in the shoes, he’s looking for a right hand man. He offers Dyson the position.

Kenzi tells Dyson she always imagined her death to be more glamorous. She tells him that Bo has never been punctual, but when it counts Bo has always come through. Dyson tells her that it isn’t over yet, and then the Unamense return. She tells the pair that Dyson has failed to abide by the rules of the fae, and asks for any last words. The Unamense takes Kenzi’s “oh God” yammering as his last words. But he’s not done, Dyson tells them to release the human, and he will give them the Hellscore, the Unamense are enticed. Dyson couldn’t save Flora, but he will Kenzi. The Unamense doesn’t trust Dyson, but he tells them that if they release Kenzi he will give them the one he has, and the location of the second.

Bo promises Flora that no one will ever suffer as she has as she lays a flower on her grave. She promises to hide away the shoes. Lauren appears, and Bo doesn’t believe she’s really there, mistaking her for Flora. Lauren tries to talk sense into Bo, that the memories are melding with Dyson’s. Bo sees the coach again, this time holding up the champion belt, followed by Kenzi. Lauren tells her that she has to cut the red string. But Bo says that there’s nothing left to come back for. Lauren tells her that there’s Dyson and he needs her, and she finally understands what Dyson is trying to tell her. She unties her string and comes back. But Lauren doesn’t come back. Bo sees the note Lauren left on the mirror, and leaves Lauren’s string intact. Lauren murmurs, and Bo kisses Lauren. She comes back to her, and they’re both ok.

The monks have come back empty handed, but that’s only because Bo got there first. It was in the case with Dyson’s championship belt, and wrapped in his clean jock strap. Bo tells them to set Dyson and Kenzi free and they get the shoe. One of the monks say something, and Bo recognizes the voice. She lifts the mask, its Crater.  The Unamense was behind the orders. Bo announces that Dyson is not guilty of murder, they are, but she’s still willing to hand over the shoe.

Bo, Lauren, Kenzi, Hale, and Dyson all head to the Dal to celebrate freedom with hotdogs in hand. The gang is all back together, and its all warm and fuzzies all around. Dyson is overly quiet, the experience is very intimate. Kenzi asks for the ending of the story, what happened after Flora.

Dyson went to trick, told him that he couldn;’t save flora, that truing isn’t enough. Trick tells him that he;s not worthless, he; was lost. Trick wants to stop the endless fighting, the war, the loss, and together they will start a new fae colony. Dyson asks why him, and Trick tells him that its because he’s pure of heart. He knows Dyson’s past dealings with the wolves, his entire sorted history, and he knows that one man cannot stand alone. Trick reveals to him that he is the blood king, one that many believe is dead. He’d like to keep it that way, just as no matter what Dyson does he will always be a hero, its just written that way. Dyson tells him that Destiny is nothing without action, and he swears fealty to Trick.

Dyson tells the group that trick is the true savior, but Bo doesn’t see it that way. Dyson reminds her that Trick is in the dark about the mark on her chest, a mark that none of the rest of them knew about either. Bo thinks he should be doing more, and Kenzi points out that he’s scared of something. It’s all connected, and Dyson couldn’t remember about the Wanderer and the shoes, until Bo took a walk in his mind. She wants to go after the Wanderer for answers, but she needs bait, the other shoe, the one Dyson gave to Angel. Dyson told her to flee, to keep it safe for the true hero, and Bo is finally ready to go get it.  


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