Lost Girl Recap S4E5: Let the Dark Times Roll

After years of being unaligned, Bo has finally chosen, or atleast her blood has. The Unamense is satisfied, but Bo is not so happy. The Unamense is still planning on going after the doctor and Kenzi though, they plan to kill the pair of them. Bo tries to chi suck the Unamense, but it gets pulled right out of them. They tell her to pay fealty to the leader of the dark or die.

Kenzi waits in line taking a number, while Bo gets juiced in the bathroom. Recharged, Bo thinks that the wanderer is responsible for the sudden alignment, and somehow Vex is involved too. Kenzi is sad, they were such good “mascara buddies,” but he did send Cleo after her. Dyson is still looking for Lauren, and  Kenzi ponders updating with a new dark look, when Bo gets her number called, number 69.

Bo storms the castle, and it’s the Morrigan, not Vex like she was expecting. Where is our favorite Mesmer? Both girls thought she was dead, but she plans on having it annulled once she catches Vex. The Morrigan tells her that she can get it reversed if she shows proof of her hoodwinking by the next fullmoon after her alignment, which happens to be tonight. Not much time to get things done. The Morrigan likes Kenzi’s sass, its right up the dark’s alley. She tells Bo she can dress as she wishes as long as it includes a smile.

Trick is still looking for information on the Wanderer. He has some sort of evil snake seed in a box. Surely one of his many oddities, he locks it tight in his safe. One of the Unamense summons him for a meeting, and they want to talk about life.

The Morrigan certainly throws a swanky party. They give away trees for swag, and Kenzi scores some really good drinks. The Morrigan shows her the buffet, but Bo sends the humans away. The dark may be slightly evil, but they’re honest about what they are. The Morrigan continues to be her normal bitchy self. Bo isn’t calling the aligning home, and she just wants Vex. But the Morrigan is mad about the Unamense, they’re cramping her style and she wants them gone, and she too needs to find Vex. Bo doesn’t want to play, but the Morrigan is compelling, and wants to prove shes on her side, she shows Bo Lauren, but something isn’t right as she walks the down hill all flowy and bright.

Trick meets with the Unamense . They ask him how he came to be here.

Lauren and Bo immediately get down to the nitty gritty. So is this going to be like round 23 of spybanging for Lauren?

The Unamense is a little curious of his opening a bar, it becoming a sanctuary. The Unamense came into existence after the war. They claim that the blood king’s corruption sparked this war, and once formed he betrayed them. He was to bind his soul with theirs through special seeds so that what they deemed law would become so by the power of his blood. But he stole his seed and disappeared, if they were to find him they would still welcome him into their little collective soul. Trick doesn’t sound so onboard with that whole unchallenged rule thing.

Kenzi and Tamsin load up on food at the party. Kenzi goes to grab some food, and friend Bruce is a living sushi table. He tells her that this is his punishment. Kenzi steals a tablecloth off a nearby table to cover him up, and finds a dead bride and groom. Kenzi is out.

Bo and Lauren continue their smooching. Wait did we already forget the whole I don’t really know who she is thing? Yes, okay just making sure. Lauren has to leave, and she wonders why Bo’s there. Bo confesses that she was turned dark. Lauren has been with the Morrigan hiding out from the Unamense. She should leave, but she needs another kiss. The Morrigan comes with an offer, she will give her what she needs to run down Vex, but she requires her blood oath that she’ll deliver. The Morrigan will give her a drug to incapacitate vex, and a scavenger to help out.

The Scavenger, Pietra is a little too excited to catch Vex, but she needs to grab something first. With the Unamense binding everyone to the territory Vex needs a special knife to release himself, one that she just plunged into a bride a few times out of site of Bo. This one is crazy, but helpful. Vex thinks that she’s stealing it to help him in exchange for taking her with him, but she’s more than happy to betray him. Bo can’t wait on Vex’s timetable, but he was last seen near Dyson’s new digs. Dyson is absent though, since he’s still out looking for Lauren. Bo plans to take Pietra on the town and stir up a little trouble to draw out the Mesmer. Pietra is all game.

Bruce’s punishment for helping Kenzi was to become the sushi bar and worse, the only alternative is to get another fae to master him. Any fae will do, they become responsible for him until his punishment is complete, and Kenzi whispers her plan to Tamsin. Tamsin is about to get a human. She announces at the DJ booth that she plans to master Bruce from Ty. The Morrigan pits Tamsin against Ty, and she looks formidable. Maybe Kenzi should have thought this through.

Pietra  walks around the alley waiting for Vex, and Bo thinks this is a good talk time as Lauren loads a needle full of nectar of violet. Bo wants to know about their break, Tasmin, the whole Karen thing. A controlled lady comes for the knife, clearly being mesmered. Pietra gets kicked and the lady gets away. Bo goes after her, and straight to Vex. He’s sneering, and neither are exactly happy to hear from each other. He claims to not be working with the Wanderer. He uses the lady against her, and her distraction allows Vex to knock Bo out with her own syringe. Bo awakens in Dyson’s room while Vex brews his little cure knife. He plans to use her as leverage so he can get away. Bo cannot even use her suck powers against him. She’s still mad about joining the dark, and he cannot wait to get away.

Kenzi gives Tamsin a peptalk, but she’s still not sure. Kenzi looks worried, but the Morrigan’s coin flip gives Tamsin the option for her duel. She choses a dance off, and the Morrigan names it to the death.

Vex prepares to cut off his hand. And Bo goes on and on about her and Lauren back together and bliss. I’m with Vex, I’m ready to off myself with all her talk. Vex stuffs a sock in her. He’s the last of his kind, and the rest of them were hunted through the years. Their hands were cut off, and they were utterly humiliated. He watched it happen to his entire family, his father, brother and mother. He refuses to let it happen to him as well, and its motivated him to become what he is today.

Tamsin warms up and gets to he best dance moves, and Kenzi helps her out with a little coaching, but it’s a hot mess. Ty gets a little pushy, but definitely has some moves. She break dances across the floor and the crowd loves it. Kenzi tells her now is the time to use her power, but she slowly summons it forward, as Ty makes a leap, she breaks her neck to the Morrigan’s delight. Tamsin has her servant.

Vex downs his gross portion, and Bo slowly gets feeling back. She spits out the sock before he can cut off his hand. She tells him that he wanted them to find him, they’re the only family he has left, but Vex cuts his hand away anyways. Vex goes to make a getaway, but Bo doesn’t let him get away, she still needs answers. Vex knows nothing about her pledging the darkside, but the Morrigan’s archivist would know. Bobo got played. He tries to talk her out of turning him over, since the Morrigan plans to just torture him.

Bo heads over to the Morrigan with Vex’s hand on ice. She found the brother she never wanted, and kinda hates but still has no answers. The Morrigan doesn’t want just a piece of Vex she wants it all. She tells her that the dark don’t hold grudges, she just wants to get rid of the Unamense, and Bo’s more than welcome to claim him as her responsibility. Bo accepts, but she wants the archivist. The Morrigan calls him forward and he rips off a piece of his skin and gives it to Bo. It should show her what she needs to know. Bo sees her signature and her sponsor’s: Rayner. Bo has no knowledge, and the Morrigan refuses to overturn it. Bo needs her mystery sponsor to help her overturn it. Bo takes her Mesmer piece back, but the Morrigan lets it go, she has a new play toy: Lauren.

Trick delivers what was asked of the him from the Unamense. They ask if there is anything else he wishes to add. Trick only hopes that they retained some of the soul they once had. Trick of course knows their original names, and apparently that too is a crime. He also knows that she turned in her family for petty crimes when she became one of the six, more blasphemy. He turned in his own daughter to satisfy the rules he created, and what he created was cruelty. They see it as order. They tell him with his history, standing and knowledge he is the only choice for Ash. That was not expected. Trick puts away his hidden blade.

Bo hates the Morrigan all the more now, there’s no way to turn undark. Bo wants to go home soak in a bath, and figure out how to go back light. But Lauren can’t go back with the light, they abandoned her when the Unamense came, only the dark searched for her and offered her protection. She’s not angry with Bo for not coming, but Lauren is free to come and go with the dark. Bo wants to fight for Lauren, to claim her if she has to. Lauren sees it as another leash. Here she chooses her own cage. Bo tells her when she’s ready to come back to her real family to say the word, but walking away hurts.

Now that Bruce is free, Kenzi wonders why he doesn’t go some place he’s always wanted. He’s been the Morrigan’s man for a long time, and he doesn’t know how to be free though, but he has a chance to be.

Trick never thought she’d ever show up with a one handed Mesmer as a dark fae. Although Trick wants to help, things have just gotten a little complicated with him being named the acting Ash. The search for Rayner begins.

In Trick’s safe the seed has been stolen.

The Unamense receive the succubus’s declaration, she finds Rayner, and isn’t very happy about it. Just how bad is this guy? And since Bo is now dark can we get a visit from a certain hot dark fae Loki?


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