Lost Girl Recap S4E6: Of All The Gin Joints

Pretty opera bird sings for an audience of one. He loves her performance. After her performance, she tries to get away from her escort, and he blows a whistle at her, but he’s too weak to pursue her.

Tamsin leaves the nest, and Kenzi hopes her “child” is safe wherever she is. The bird makes it to the Dal, and she’s so happy to have found Bo, but Bo doesn’t know her. She speaks in Russian, and Kenzi translates. Bo told her to come, she just doesn’t remember doing so. Trick makes her comfortable, incenses the room, and hides his seed box. Inyanka is resting, but Trick won’t let Bo talk to her until she heals. She’s an Alchemist, a descendant of bird people and they’re very delicate. Running in the cold may have strained her vocal cords. Their beautiful songs can invoke powerful memories, which  may be just what Bo needs.

Lauren has a one man dance party as she packs up her apartment. The Morrigan comes to lend a hand, and Lauren is less than welcoming, even though she comes baring Pizza and beer. The Morrigan is certainly trying to be friendly, and she comes with more gifts, some very old journals.

Dyson has returned, and he gives her some bad news. Dyson tells Bo that Lauren went dark, and Bo tells him that she did as well, though unwillingly. Dyson promises to fix the problem, and Bo thinks a kiss will fix things, but Dyson tells her that they can’t because its forbidden, which is exactly what she wants. Bo gets a little rough, in Trick’s barrel room, and Trick scolds them. The Unamense are on the rampage, and furthermore Inyanka is awake. Bo pays her a visit, Inyanka is happy to see her. Bo is glad to see her, but can’t remember anything. Inyanka tells her that she came after she sung to her and it touched her. She inspired Inyanka to escape. Bo still doesn’t remember, so Inyanka sings for her. Bo remembers running, through the woods after the train, she remembers waking up in the death train, but nothing more. She asks Inyanka to sing more, but she will not. She was offered a trade, and she means to have her freedom. Bo wants her memories and Inyanka has the key. Bo’s powers flair with her memories so close. And Inyanka tells her that she is just like the others, wanting to hold her captive. She’s been the prisoner of a powerful Durak, but he’s starving her. She desires to sing before an audience, to sing her famous Aria. Pieces come together, Bo told her that she would not remember, and Inyanka has another clue, hidden in Bo’s knife handle. It says Inyanka, you will sing for me and I will bring you freedom. It’s her handwriting.

The Durak arrives at the Dal looking for his bird. Bo tells her that no one owns Inyanka, but the Durak tells her that she’s been owned by his family for a long time. Bo lies saying that she’s already left, but he has her tracked. The device is in her magic necklace. Bo tells him that she only wants to sing the famous aria for the masses, but he feels like it would be wasted on them and refuses. She strokes his ego, and threatens to expose his selfishness to the public. The Durak back peddles, and makes his Diva demands.

The Morrigan’s gift were the private journals of Charles Mayo, Albert Einstein and Marie Curie. She knew Marie personally and swiped it from her, Mayo’s was buried under Jimmy Hoffa, and Einstein’s she picked up at a garage sale. Lauren is a little impressed, especially that she goes to garage sales. But humans will sell almost everything, and then she lets slip that Faberge was fae, along with the other three. The Morrigan dumps more fae books on her, there are hundreds of journals. Lauren is tickled pink. Not all fae experiment on humans, humans do too, and she thinks that’s the best way to test out things. Lauren doesn’t like the ideal of experimenting on people. Evony tells her that she doesn’t have to do anything that she doesn’t want to, she has freedom, and if her morals are nonnegotiable, she respects it.

Trick tries to get Kenzi to leave, telling him that the Aria may hurt her, but she doesn’t plan on going anywhere, especially not when she sees Hale, but he just side steps her to get closer to the Alchemist. Poor Kenzi. Kenzi hates the Alchemist, but Bo knows that she’s the key to everything. It’s show time. The Alchemist sings her song, and Bo taps into her memories.

Under a silver platter there’s a crown with her name on it, literally. She remembers the train, but before she can see the Wanderer’s face, the aria is interrupted. A man holds the songstress, she’s a walking time bomb, wired to go bomb. Kenzi is nowhere to be seen, and Dyson and Bo try to figure out a plan. It’s the necklace. Not only is it a GPS, but also a bomb. The man holding her is a camazot (Amazonian bat warrior) named Marcus. He’s come for Inyaka before. Her song bolsters their warriors, but the Durak is prepared to go to war over her. Trick will not allow it though, for fear of the Unamense’s wrath. Inyanka swoons a little, and there’s a look that passes from her to Marcus. Bo sees it, and says that the Aria has weakened her. They allow her to rest, and Bo gets a closer look at her necklace which Trick tells her is made of Atlantian Quartz, thought capable of causing volcanic eruptions. The Quartz needs to be frozen, but only liquid volcanic Argon can go it.

Lauren and the Morrigan continue to bond, and Lauren does a mock starship log. She’s very tipsy after just one beer, the Morrigan’s beer just happens to be 25%. That’s one strong beer. Kenzi arrives to crash this little party and she is not happy.

Hale pays Inyanka a visit. They seem to be old friends, they use to play pranks together, even though she always messed up joke. She kisses him, and thanks him for the visit, but sends him away so she can rest more. Bo sees the kiss. Hale leaves.

Lauren wraps up what Kenzi needs, but doesn’t believe Kenzi’s cover story about needing it for their homemade merlot. Kenzi is less than trusting of the Morrigan and Lauren’s new alliance, but she admits that Bo misses her, they all do. Kenzi slips up in her rattling and Lauren catches the bit about clear Atlantian Quartz.

Bo heads down to visit Inyanka, but she doesn’t think that Marcus wants to harm Inyanka. She refuses to leave, and Marcus arms the necklace. Bo is pissed, but she goes back up. Marcus moves in closer, as Hale spies on them. Dyson has rigged a bug so he can listen in. But Marcus knows that someone is listening in, Marcus presses the necklace as she tells everyone to get down. Kenzi comes to find Bo on the ground. The Quartz no longer has fire in it, it’s a fake, hence no boomed. Dr. Lauren illuminated her on the Quartz. Kenzi wants to go find Hale, and Bo doesn’t stop her. Dyson reports that both Marcus and Inyanka are gone. The Durek claims to know nothing, but Bo wants answers. Dyson searches the stage. The Durek spills the beans. When Inyanka was stolen back she was changed. Dyson finds a transmitter, and Bo finally puts the pieces together. Marcus and Inyanka are in love, and although his people won’t allow them to be together, Inyanka has the ability to kill with her song and there just happens to be some super sonic rocks that could assist her. Dyson heads out to sound the alarm, and Kenzi tells Bo that Hale is missing. Bo tells her the bad news, and Kenzi is coming.

Bo stops Inyanka before she can sing her note. She thinks it’s a declaration of love, but he wants death, and he’s not taking no for an answer. He uses a whistle against her when she refuses. But someone has a more powerful whistle. And Hale uses his Siren whistle on Marcus. Hale stops, and Marcus draws a gun, pointing it at Inyanka. Bo tells everyone to leave, but everyone refuses. Inyanka tries to reason with him, but he reveals his true feelings, and Inyanka gives him what he wants. Kenzi falls prey to it, and Hale has to carry her to safety. Inyanka continues to sing even as Marcus begs her to stop. She falls to the ground, but Marcus is dead. She killed in her weakened state, and it’ll be her death as well she tells Bo. She knew she could never be free, but Inyanka does not want it. Bo made her believe she could be free. Inyanka gives her one last gift.

Hale sits with Kenzi, who is experiencing one heck of a hangover. Hale updates Kenzi on the deaths, and Hale is happy for Inyanka, she’s finally free. He’s also glad that Kenzi is finally at his home, and she tells him that she’s always been here. She asks him if Inyanka’s death note hurt him, and he tells her no. Awww, it’s finally the start of their coupledom. As Kenzi cuddles up to him, theirs blood in his ear, which worries him just a bit.

Bo opens up Inyanka’s gift. On the train, she sees herself looking to a mirror, with a ghostly hand on her. She tells herself that she can’t do this. Dyson comes to find out what she learned, but she looks freaked.

The Morrigan continues to bond with Lauren, she parts as a friend for now. The Morrigan gives her a key to the dark fae’s medical science building, and Lauren tells her that she won’t sign anything. She still doesn’t quite trust her, and the Morrigan respects her for that. She hands her the keys to her new condo, and Lauren pounces. She plants a kiss on Evony, looks like there’s more than pizza between them. Lauren peels a layer off her lip and puts in one of her little petri dishes, the kiss was more than a kiss. Is Lauren planning on spybanging the Morrigan too? For now she just toasts herself to new beginnings.

Bo and Dyson get frisky, but Bo won’t look at Dyson, she’s got her eyes shut tight, and when he asks her again, she forces him down. She’s angry. He tells her that no one owns her, and worse she fears becoming like Marcus, choking on bitterness and rage. Dyson points out that she inspired Inyanka to seek freedom, but Bo tells him it was a different Bo, one that was busy sending herself clues, planning. She joined the dark willingly. Dyson knows she had good reason, and that dark and light are just label. Bo falls to her knees, and that ghost hand print is back at her chest and neck. The wanderer, Rayner marked her. Bo fears he’s her father. The Unamense arrives, and Dyson is in trouble for breaking their laws. He wolfs out.



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