Lost Girl Recap S4E4: Turn To Stone

Bo and Dyson do a little training, and she tells him that she doesn’t remember anything on the death train. He tells her lie low until the Unamense is gone, but she just can’t do that. She’s got too much on her plate, and worse she’s worried about Lauren. She shares a smooch with Dyson, and he feels a difference in her, but that doesn’t stop them from peeling the clothes off eachother, and having sex in the middle of the boxing ring.

Kenzi tries to tame teenaged Tamsin’s hair, and Bo has a hard time passing Trick’s ward. Kenzi lets her in, and hugs her too much. Tamsin doesn’t remember her previous life still. She only remembers that she’s dark. Bo and Kenzi head out for drinks and their teen queen stays in with some x-files. The Dal is a downer, with the Unamense in town. Bo has brought her own playlist, and plans to get the party started. She uses her touch and the Dal instantly gets more fun. Kenzi sees the Druid, and she wants the real thing. He tells her she can’t even pay for what he’s already given her, but she promises payment when she gets the real deal.

Tamsin looks for Bo and Kenzi, but finds some weird guys in black instead. Some weird wind thing happens, her face looks deathly and they split as her back makes some awful cracking sounds. Are her teen days over?

 Kenzi joins Bo on the dance floor, as a gargoyle watches it all. Kenzi shows off her powers, and Bo is happy for her.

They come home to find their crack shack empty, and Tamsin did indeed grow.

Bo gives Dyson a report of the theft. Dyson makes jokes about getting her new furniture, but she’s not taking it lightly. She wonders if the Unamense are behind it, but Dyson thinks it may be normal human breaking and entering. Dyson tells her they can work off her aggression, and the two talk “shopping” in front of Tamsin, who’s still kinda a child mentally atleast, and she thinks the shopping sounds fun and wants to come. Bo ditches the pair, leaving Dyson on babysitting duty. She asks who Lauren is via picture, and Dyson tells her its someone who’s lost that they’re gonna find.

Meanwhile Crystal is handcuffed to a pipe, and Lauren is shackled as well. Crystal thought they wouldn’t hurt Lauren, and technically they haven’t, yet. The voice calls Lauren Karen, here goes a new story for Lauren where we feel sorry for her.

Kenzi gets grabbed, but the Druid’s men, and she’s not happy about being bagged and thrown in the back of a van. Luckily Bo is there to rescue her. They can take her stuff, but not her girl. Bo asks her why she flew solo, but Kenzi knew who robbed them, and was trying to take care of the problem she caused herself. But Bo is all about the sharing, and Kenzi tells her who the culprit is, Massimo, the Druid. Bo knows him, and he’s not one of her favorite people.

Bo and Kenzi go to visit the Druid. The runeglass potion didn’t work she tells him, but it did. It was the back up plan, to allow her to transcend planes if Tamsin failed. He things that Tamsin died in the process though. He doesn’t know who paid for the potion though. Bo tells him that he’s going to give their stuff back, and leave Kenzi alone, but he reminds her that Kenzi still has a debt to pay. He has a different proposal though. He wants Bo to go to Laurens for a special plant. He’ll give back what he hasn’t burned, and Bo promises to get the herb, but reminds him that if he doesn’t hold up his end of the deal she’ll kill him. Kenzi  keeps up the sass, and he smiles. Does someone likey the Kenzi? I think so.

Lauren tries to figure out her cell, she knows that they’re being watched. She knows the game, but she doesn’t want to play. Crystal is sorry for getting her into this mess. She needed to keep her close, and she slept with her, but then it turned into so much more. Lauren knows this whole problem, finally the spybanger becomes the spybangee. Lauren reveals that she had a brother, they were inseparable, they were going to change the world. They were blowing up pipelines, no one was suppose to get hurt, but plans go array, people died. Karen ran, and she’s been running since. She confesses something to Crystal she never did to Bo. The voice is listening the whole time, and it has something for her, a little chemistry set it looks like. It asks her for a diagnosis within the hour or Crystal dies. It’s not about her terrorist background, its more like the light fae work she’s been forced to do.

Bo tries to figure out why Kenzi went to the druid. Everyone kept telling Kenzi to leave, but she wanted to stay and fight by Bo’s side, so she went to become fae. She had no clue it was only temporary, and that it would be so pricy. Kenzi looks for the herb, and Bo starts wondering about Lauren’s motivations. She’s been spybanged a few times, and she doesn’t quite trust what she knows, and she shouldn’t. Kenzi tells her that she thinks Lauren is one of the good ones, but Bo always thought she was on team Wolf, oh more than Bo knows. Does Kenzi still have some lingering feelings from the time they were brainwashed? Bo finds out about Lauren’s former persona. And she realizes that she never knew her. She wonders what makes everyone in life lie to her, except Kenzi. There’s a bit of guilt there in Kenz, poor thing. Kenzi finds the herb, and blue flames bar her way. Kenzi can’t get out either, and she gets burned in the process.

Tamsin has found a lead in Lauren’s voice mail, girl wants a gold star she’s so happy. Dyson looks to pull the records of nearby payphones. Curious little think, pickpockets Dyson’s gun right off his belt. She asks if she was a good cop, and he said she was tough. More questions, she asks about Bo, if he wants her to be his girlfriend. Dyson glosses over the details, but tells her the story of him and Bo. She asks about love, and he tells her that when she feels it she’ll know it, and she’ll never want to lose it. He tells her to ask Bo and Kenzi about it, but she thinks that Bo hates her, the old her. Dyson hopes she’ll make better decisions this time around.

Bo and Kenzi try to figure out how to get out, and Kenzi tells her that her powers are like sunscreen. When she gets wet she has to reapply. While she debates on the quality of Lauren’s hair products, Bo dumps a bucket of water on her, problem solved. Kenzi goes off to find the items needed to break the spell trapping Bo in the apartment.

Bo snoops around Lauren’s apartment. She finds a gift with a card on it. It says “for giving me the freedom to love.” Bo opens it and finds a necklace. The lights go out, and that creepy gargoyle is there. She looks around, thinking it could be the wanderer again, but she’s not going to be taken so easily this time. The lights continue to go on and off as she looks around to see what is causing it. The gargoyle has blood running from its mouth, its bitten Bo’s wrist. Kenzi returns, and breaks the spell, but the thing is gone.

Tamsin wonders what’s happening to her. It looks like she is either getting wings, or she had wings. Is she that ugly gargoyle?

Kenzi blames herself for all of this. She confesses that she’s been stealing from Trick and Hale to pay Massimo, but although he keeps taking its not enough for permanency. She had to do something, since claimed humans were being taken. Bo tells her that she would never let her be taken, but she reminds Bo that she just returned. Kenzi is tired of being helpless, unable to do anything. The fae constantly reminds her that she’s a liability, and finally she drops the other big bomb. She kissed Dyson, but she thinks she may love Hale. She feels alone, even though she has them all. She felt abandoned  when Bo left, and she belongs no where. Bo feels betrayed too, another bombshell dropped. Dyson calls in and tells her that Tamsin is gone. She may look like herself again, but she doesn’t act like herself. Bo asks what else of theirs does she remember seeing at Massimo’s. Bo worries over the hair brush, knowing that Kenzi used it on Tamsin, but the girl doesn’t shed at all. This whole mission wasn’t to kill the pair, but to distract them, so he could go after the Valkryrie. Bo heads out after Tamsin, alone.

Massimo heads to Bo’s house, and Tamsin is there. He tells her that they were once super close, showing her a picture of them. He tells her that Kenzi and Bo called them, and wanted him to pick them up. She thinks that he’s there to help her because she’s ugly, but he tells her that she’s perfect. He binds her back at his place, to protect everyone when she turns into her true form.  Massimo sharpens a blade, and when he tells her that she kills people, that she tried to kill Bo, she understands why Bo hates her. He’s all over her hair. He’s waited for it for so long. The only way to get Valkryrie hair is for it to fall out willingly. Bo comes to stop him, and he grabs Bo holding the blade to her throat. Tamsin sounds like she’s changing again, when she tells him to release Bo, and Massimo looks scared. She’s got wings and all. The Valkryrie is reborn.

Lauren delivers her findings. The blood shows that he’s got an appetite for his own blood fae, and suggests less incest to cure it. Lauren agrees to treat the Elder if they release Crystal, who is getting sick from the old Nickel hand cuffs. Furthermore, Lauren releases herself from her own chains, Kenzi taught her well. She asks if she passed all of Hale’s tests, but when the door opens its not Hale.

Tamsin is pissed, she’s no longer little T. Bo tells her that she doesn’t have to be dark anymore. Tamsin doesn’t believe her, that she hates her. Bo tells her that they fought in the past, but she never hated her, that she thought she was incredible. Bo embraces her, and the Valkryrie falls away, as something transfers to Bo. Bo tells her to go to the elevator and turn her music up as she deals with Massimo. Massimo tells her what the wings mean, that Tamsin is on her last life.  Bo mentions the gargoyles, but Massimo didn’t send him after her, they’re a higher order. Bo chi sucks him, and learns a bigger truth, he’s human. Bo warns him off of Tamsin and Kenzi. Massimo thought Kenzi was game because she’s human too, but he failed to see that she’s family. She takes Tamsin’s hair from Massimo, and he breaks down into childlike tears. His mommy needs the hair, but Bo tosses it into the fire. He walks into the fire pit after it.

Kenzi finds Bo boxing. She’s not mad about Dyson. The potion needed to save her had to be from a person who would never betray her. Kenzi did, but Bo doesn’t see it that way. They’re family, so they’ll stumble and fall, but they’ll still be there for each other. And now, Bo is done being weak.

Dyson reads to Tamsin a bedtime story, telling her her own story,but with a happily ever after. He’s put her asleep, and Kenzi comes in. Dyson tells her that she can be anything, even if she’s not fae. He offers to teach her, and he promises when the time is right. Dyson admits that he’s lost Lauren and that he things she’s in danger.

Bo finds the gargoyle’s owner. The lair is a bit moist that the Unamense calls home. They tell her that she has not been summoned, but she reminds them that she doesn’t get summoned and if something hurts her, she hurts it back. They tell her that they were trying to eliminate the unaligned succubus, but they no longer need to do so since her blood has spoken. Welcome to the darkside Bo!


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