Reign Recap S1E11: Inquisition

Mary and Bash visit the baby, and Mary finds that the mark on her foot has faded, but not completely. The baby has to wait to go to the convent, but until that time, the baby poses a threat of exposing Bash's pagan roots, and worst yet King Henry has returned.

Catherine receives some comfort from her family the de Médicis, but she has some mixed news. Because of her family's influence he did not see the Pope, but he has brought up charges of adultery against her. Nostradamus is brought down to the dungeons as well. Henry is coaching Kenna on her testimony when Catherine comes to visit him, and sends Kenna away. Henry wants England enough to murder Catherine. He's keeping his hands clean, by having an exiled viscount, Richard, collect the evidence against her.

Catherine pleases the people by announcing that the arts will continue to be funded, and turns her attention to destroying Bash. Her handmaiden tells her about Mary and Bash's sudden interest in the cellar, and how the wet nurse has been seen around her as well.

Mary gives the wet nurse her instructions when Catherine arrives. As the wet nurse and her mother leave Catherine spots the baby's foot. Catherine states her plans against Bash, and threatens Mary. Mary isn't backing down though. She's ready to fight finally, and she stands firmly in Bash's corner.

Catherine pays Nostradamus a visit. She asks him about pagan lore, and Bash's knowledge. He tells her that Bash is a hunter, and that could explain his knowledge of the woods. Henry catches Catherine with Nostradamus. He offers him exile over death if he turns against Catherine, but he does not turn.

Catherine goes to the wet nurse for information. Bu she tells her that her mother and the baby are off to the convent, though neither are there. Catherine threatens her for information.

Bash tells Mary that what Catherine says is true. That if they were married and he was found to be a pagan she would be in danger as well. And even if they go along with their plan, they could lose their lives in the bid for England. Mary is worried that Bash wants to back out, but he doesn't He wants to make sure that she knows what she's really signing up for. Its not the life for shes prepared with Frances.Greer interrupts and breaks the news about the wet nurse. Catherine's family tells her that they were gentle with the wet nurse, and she gave up her mother's location. She is okay, but the baby  may not be for long. Bash and Mary plan to head off Catherine's family and get to the baby first.

Catherine hears a voice that tells her that she and Nostradamus is going to get what  they deserve. She grabs the "ghost," who makes a run for it. Catherine goes to confront Nostradamus about her. Nostradamus tells her that Clarissa has forged a bond with Mary. As a baby the child was brought to Nostradamus's father, he tried to fix the birthmark on her face, and only made it worse. His father told the mother that the baby had died, and Nostradamus was to leave the baby in the woods, but he couldn't leave her. He gave her to a family who raised her until she became violent after a bout of teasing and then Nostradamus took her in.

Catherine goes again to Henry, and shes taunting and condescending. There was love once in the marriage, but there is so much hatred between them. He was in love with her but she humiliated him, didn't believe in him in her quest for a child and he felt used. With all the cards out on the table, Henry asks her to take her hair down, and they kiss.

Bash and Mary find the house first. No one has come asking about the baby, and Mary tells them that they are taking the baby and they should leave for their own safety, but it may be too late for that, when they hear horses in the distance. The riders close in and the baby isn't the only one in danger.

Catherine kisses her husband after their little romp, but he doesn't look happy.

Men come in for the baby, and Bash and Mary hide out from the de Médicis. They nearly find the pair, and manage to stab Bash, but he covers his tracks.

Richard tells Catherine that Henry has called off the inquisition for now. The Viscount is Catherine's lover! He left court to protect her. She admits that she will always love him best, and that she has never lied to him.

Agnes tells Bash and Mary of Catherine's actions prior to Francis's birth. She was in fear before the baby was born, trying to cover up the lengths that she went to to have a baby, because the baby was the lover's child. Ooooh, so France has had a bastard as the next in line the whole time! Or do they mean Clarissa?

Richard interrogates Agnes. She has no written proof. She does have some knowledge, but she was not aware of the baby's eye color. She did know that the baby was born with a birthmark, and the Queen was not pleased. That she gave the baby to Nostradamus's father. The baby wasn't Francis but Clarissa! I knew it!

Richard gets a close shave. Catherine finds that the baby no longer has a mark. The birthmark runs in Richard's family and he'll lose his head for it. But Catherine goes accuses Bash of being a pagan sympathizer. She accuses Diane of being a pagan at the very least, smashing an egg Catherine found in Diane's room. She smashes it, and finds a pagan symbol of her soul inside. Catherine thinks she's won, since the guards are her witnesses. He asks the guard if he would testify, and he says he would. Henry decapitates him, and the second guard says he saw nothing. Henry knew of Diane's roots, she confided in him, ready to put her past behind her so she could be with Henry. Something Catherine never did. Henry isn't playing anymore, Catherine is taken away, and he tells Bash next time he sees a threat to cut it down like a weed.

The de Médicis tell Catherine that they have disgraced them by losing. They will not take her in, but they do give her the means to end her life before she loses her head on the block.

Mary sees that Catherine is not the first, that her cousin Elizabeth will be next. Bash never wanted England, only Mary. He tells her that he will kill anyone who threatens her. Bash is certainly not his brother, he doesn't play by the rules. Mary tells him that he exhilarates her and pushes her, and that he doesn't have to be Francis. Even better she opens her heart to him.

Catherine prepares herself in all her finery. Mary prepares for her bath. Catherine toys with death. Just as Mary slips into her tub, Catherine comes for a visit. She drops the powder into Mary's tub and pulls a knife on her. She wants to kill them both to save her children. Clarissa saves both Mary and Catherine. Catherine isn't happy to see her child's face and sends her away. the guards finally break down the door, and Bash pulls her free of the tub ordering Catherine to be chained up. Catherine tells Mary she should have left, that he has secrets, but Mary knows she has made a good choice, together they have toppled Catherine.


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