Sleepy Hollow S1E2 - "Blood Moon" Recap

Ichabod dreams he is pursued by the Four Horsemen. They corner him and he is ensnared by some evil tree branches that pull him into the ground and back into his cave. Katrina tells him he isn't safe and tells him the first dark spirit will rise with the blood moon and that he must stop her before she kills again.

Irving tells Abbie that the other officers have recanted their statements regarding the Headless Horseman. He also shows her surveillance footage of Andy running into the cement wall and snapping his neck from it. She insists that it's not what really happened but he points out that the only other witness, Ichabod, will not be listened to because of his story about being from the past. Irving says he can't explain what's going on yet and for the time being, she and Ichabod are his only leads. Irving has to leave town for a funeral and leaves Abbie with more freedom but warns her not to embarrass him.

Abbie visits Ichabod, who relays the vision he had and Katrina's warning. Abbie is skeptical of this and Ichabod is upset by her reservations. Meanwhile, Andy awakes in the morgue and snaps his head back upright as he is visited by the horned beast. The beast speaks in an unknown language and Andy coughs up an amulet. He is tasked with releasing someone, though he doesn't know yet who.

Ichabod and Abbie discuss the story of how he met Katrina and was unaware of her being a witch. He believes she was protecting him and the fate of the world. Abbie warns him that he shouldn't go around saying things about witches and being from the past unless he wants to get sent back to the institution. Andy steals a cop car and Ichabod and Abbie attend the Sheriff's funeral. Ichabod visits Katrina's grave and remembers her words in his latest vision, "She's one of us." He tells Abbie that this means she was referring to a witch.

Andy performs a ritual beneath the blood moon and a burned female corpse appears in a flash of smoke, now wearing the amulet. He tells her "he" sent him to help her find the people she's looking for and delivers the message that if she takes their flesh, she will reclaim hers. Later, Andy pulls over a man and asks him for his full name. Andy tells him that the road he's about to take won't be far and that it wasn't personal. Andy drives off, the man tries to start his car to no avail. The radio turns on, the burnt corpse appears briefly on the road before re-appearing on the hood of his car and setting him and the car up in flames.

At the station, Ichabod and Abbie discuss witchcraft as well as how Sheriff Corbin was responsible for helping Abbie to turn her life around after he downward spiral she was on following the traumatic incident in the forest. They receive a call about the murder we just saw and Ichabod finds a large hole in the victim's chest. He says he thinks he knows who has done this. He tells a story from the war. On the night of a blood moon, there were bodies reduced to ash through their campsite. There were talks of a dark coven and General Washington believed that it was formed by the high priestess, Serilda of Abadon. They head to Corbin's office to get more information from his secret stash of files.

When they arrive back at the station, Corbin's files have been moved. When she leaves, Abbie's ex, another officer at the sheriff, questions Ichabod, who provides the cover story of being an Oxford professor. Abbie returns and retrieves Ichabod. She tells him she lacks the clearance to get to the files and Irving isn't answering his phone. Crane says he knows another way in. They go down to the basement and Ichabod smashes his way through a wall, revealing a secret tunnel built during the war.

They eventually reach their destination and begin going through Corbin's files. Serilda of Abadon was of Romany origin and her fate was sealed by a good coven know as the Sisters of the Benevolent Heart. Their leader used white magic to make Serilda vulnerable to mortal attack and she was captured. Just before being burned at the stake, she told the people of Sleepy Hollow that she would live again and that the ashes of their ancestry would be hers. Turns out Jeremy, the first victim, was a descendent of the magistrate that sentenced her to the stake.

Andy scopes out a young boy, the next victim. But that night, when the witch attacks him, she leaves him alive. Abbie and Ichabod visit him and learn that the boy is adopted but the witch has taken the ashes of the dead husband, the last of the bloodline. Ichabod tells Abbie that Serilda must complete the ritual before the Blood Moon sets and will need her bones to do so. They must stop her before she is made whole again.

Andy digs a hole for Serilda while Ichabod and Abbie separate in the tunnels, but not before Abbie gives Ichabod a firearm with which to defend himself. They both come across Serilda right as she has completed the ceremony. Ichabod shoots at her but she catches the bullet and it disintegrates. Ichabod drops the weapon after firing it and Abbie picks it up before running off with him. She explains that the weapon has more than one shot, much to his amazement.

Serilda catches up to them and reveals that Katrina was the one who bound her powers. But she says all of this is Romany Greek - which Ichabod understands, among many languages. She also says that Katrina's spirit is trapped between two world. Ichabod and Abbie run and take cover as they set off an explosion that incinerates Serilda.

Ichabod wonders whether Katrina will be able to be free, now that he knows that she's trapped. He leaves to get some coffee and Abbie has a vision of the Sheriff. He tells her that she must stop being ruled by fear and she tells him that she misses him. He also tells her to not be afraid of the number 49 - "That's where you'll find you're not alone." Weird.

Abbie's sister, Jenny, does pushups in her room in an institution. The nurse brings her some pills which she takes but spits out after she leaves and crushes them on the floor, blowing away the dust. The lights flicker and we see a flash of the horned beast behind her and she turns around, looking alarmed though the beast is nowhere to be seen.

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