Star-Crossed S1E2 - "These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends" Recap

These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triumph die, like fire and powder,
Which, as they kiss, consume.
~ Romeo and Juliet, Act 2, Scene 6, Lines 9-11

A militant group of Atrians set off a bomb in the sector following the death of Roman's father. Roman is angered by this, seeing it as an exploitation of his father's death to recruit more members to their group. Emery is distraught over the death, wanting Roman to be okay and vents her feelings to Julia, who will return to school in a few days following some more tests after her miraculous recovery. Emery's status at school is also shaking following her apparent allegiance to Roman by going with him during the raid on the party.

Emery approaches Roman at school. When he questions whether she's sorry his father's dead or because her father shot him, she replies that she's sorry he is in pain. She attempts to thank him for curing Julia, showing him the stem he left behind in her room but he denies doing anything and begs her to let her go. He tells her that they're from different worlds and they can't keep acting like it doesn't matter; she tells him it only matters if they let it.

A group named the Red Hawks shows increasing hostility towards the Atrians. A vote amongst the town officials prevents the Atrians from attending the homecoming carnival. Emery jumps up and speaks on their behalf following this and points out that they are being quick to judge without knowing anything about them. Unbeknownst to her, Emery's friend records her impassioned speech.

Roman's father was one of the four tribe leaders of the Atrians and the other leaders call Roman in to tell him that he is the next successor. However, given his youth and inexperience, they tell him they have temporarily appointed Roman's uncle, Castor, to lead. Roman doesn't trust him, as he used to be a trag (the militant group that set off the bomb). Roman insists he can and will do it.

Roman apologises to Grayson and their relationship seems to be on good terms. This point of the love triangle seems rather pointless, given the strength of the connection between Emery and Roman. Following the clip of Emery's speech going viral, the school has no choice but to allow the Atrian Seven to attend the homecoming carnival. Emery approaches Roman and though he is pleased with her speech, he tells her it will be safer if they stay apart. Meanwhile, Roman has feigned loyalty to the trags in order to learn where their weapons bunker is.

After snooping, Roman learns of a plan to attack the homecoming carnival and more specifically an attack on the Whitehill (Emery's) family. Knowing he cannot let this happen, he recruits the help of his uncle Castor. Castor sends Roman out to the carnival to take care of things there while he'll stay behidn to work. At the carnival, Julia is thrilled to be working as a ticket scanner; not only is it her first job ever, she wants to see the Atrians. Roman's sister Sophia makes friends with Emery's friend and they engage in some flirty banter before he invites her to the bumper cars.

Emery takes Roman to Mammoth Rock, a place where they leave their hand-print - and we're treated to yet another Holy Palmer's Kiss between our star-crossed lovers. Ho ho, the Shakespeare is strong with this one. Roman discovers that SEU Officer Jack Beaumont, the man who has taken over Emery's father's position, from which he has temporarily stepped down, is actually an Atrian in disguise. He has had his markings removed but he is actually working for the trags. Roman stops him from making an attempt on Emery's life but it's clear that this battle is far from over.

Emery realises something is wrong and tracks down Lukas, who has kidnapped Drake and bound and gagged him for the Red Hawks. The leader of the group, Robert Vartan, had planned to feed him to alligators but Emery untied him. When Vartan tried to stop her, Grayson held out a knife to prevent him from laying a hand on her. The Red Hawks are forced to stand down - for now. Drake threatens Grayson, saying he's dead if he tells anyone. Emery and Grayson are further bonded from the experience.

When Julia tries to chat with Roman, he's too distracted to chat and is otherwise preoccupied in looking for Drake and Teri. When she touches his arm briefly, she finds that her arm has glowing blue spots on it resembling Atrian markings. Her skin returns to normal before anyone can see, but it's clear she's now quite certain how it was that she had such a miraculous recovery. The question now is whether or not Roman is the only one who will make her glow, since it was his blood that healed her, or if any Atrian will reveal her.

Following the events of the night, Roman steps down and re-appoints his uncle. However, he assures him that if he even slightly doubts him, he will have him replaced. He also asks him to make the trags stop targeting the Whitehill family. At school, when Emery approaches him, he looks around feeling paranoid after Beaumont's warning that someone is always watching. Roman is forced to watch Emery walk off with Grayson.

Castor asks Beaumont to have his spies report back to him on all trag action and movements. Roman watches as new cipher plants sprout from his father's semi-buried body. In the end, we learn that Grayson is in fact a member of the Red Hawks. Poor Emery, you should have just stuck to your alien Romeo - I mean Roman. No I didn't.

Star-Crossed airs on Mondays on the CW at 8PM.


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