Supernatural Recap S9E13: The Purge

When hotdog eating contests go bad, a winner is crowned and cheating allegations fly. But the loser may get the last laugh when the winner gets the fat sucked out of him.

Dean is in full research mode, trying to figure out the Angel conundrum, when a case catches his interest. He’s found out about the hotdog eating contest, and when Sam is onboard for the case, Dean is off for a whore’s bath so they can head up to Alaska.

The official cause of death was cardiac arrest, but the officer says that it looked like everything was sucked out of him. His only rival was Slim Jim Morgan another competitor eater, which is apparently big in Alaska.

Slim Jim has a solid alibi for time of death, but the boys go question him anyways about Wayne Wingnut’s death. He says Wingnut is a cheat, and Dean discovers that Slim Jim’s girl is a gypsy. Time for Sam to do some snooping. He finds a “bag” in the bedroom, and nearly gets caught. Evidence in hand the boys head back to their room to see what exactly they have.

The bag is a putsm bag, and the boys aren’t sure what it means exactly when they get a visitor, the girlfriend. She knew that the boys took the putsm. She and Wayne were longtime lovers, and she didn’t curse him, she was blessing him. They planned to take the prize money to get her a quicky divorce so they could run off and get married in Orlando.

Lady exercises while looking at bridal magazines. But her weigh in shows she gained rather than dropped pounds, and someone is watching. She tries the scale again hoping for a different result, and gets bashed over the head with a barbell, but her weight loss problems rapidly disappear.

The sheriff they dealt with before is out, and their victims seem to have no common denominators. This victim has a suction mark, and Dean sends Sam to check the first victim, while he questions the pretty staff. She slipped the victim the key so she could work out longer the night prior, and when she turns to get a tissue, Dean sees that she has a mark too.

The first victim did have a mark as well, and the trainer was formerly heavy. She recently lost a bunch of weight at the “Canyon Valley Fitness Spa” which owners Larry and Maritza guarantee weight loss in just a week with no strenuous exercising.

The boys head over to the spa, and try to get jobs as trainers. Larry was Maritza’s first client, and he could not be happier with the fantastic results. They are hiring, but there’s only one training position, so Sam gets to play trainer, and Dean gets a hairnet.

The sheriff happens to be a patient here. She’s brought back into a room, for a round of cupping. She finds herself almost instantly sleepy as the cups are applied. Once asleep the pretty doctor applies her suction funnel. I don’t know why she would ever have to steal fat, her services would be in high demand.

Back in hairnet central, Dean is getting harassed, and wants some real food. Dean scoops up some superfood, and finds he likes the taste of it. He pockets some orange stuff that looks like butternut squash.

In sam’s yoga class he sees that many of his srudents have similar marks to both of the victims.

Dean eats some superfood, and finds himself dizzy and greating the floor.

Sam sees the sherrif get wheeled out, slimmer, and she recognizes him. But dean’s call provides him with a means to make a quick break. Dean gives him just one clue before passing out “Sweet potatoes.” Sam finds him drugged off the pudding. Sam goes to investigate further. Sam asks one of the chefs if he made the pudding, and he gets flirty. Sam slams him against the wall, and gets the secret ingredient. Dean identifies them as roofies.

The boys go and chat with the sherrif. She’s only been there for a day and has already dropped 10 pounds. She doesn’t really care how its happening, she ate her pain, and lost her husband. She wanted to feel pretty, and Canyon Valley gave her that. They tell her that they think there is a connection between the spa and the murders. She tells them about the cupping, and that she ate all of the pudding before the treatment.

Larry tells his wife what he found out about the boys that that their new hires are hunters. And she freaks a bit, and he sends her to take care of the evidence. She’s in the middle of siphoning off her stock pile. She’s a Peruvian fat sucker, a parasite, a Pishtaco. Her and her husband started the spa so that she could feed and help people without putting anyone in danger, and that she didn’t do it. Her brother did. Larry confronts Alfonso, and he did it. He tells him to leave, but Alfonso doesn’t take his threats lightly. Sam finds him bleeding out from his neck.

Maritza tells them that she brought Alfonso from Peru hoping to teach him that they weren’t monsters. But Alfonso couldn’t control himself, and he was demoted to kitchen duty to keep him away from people. She tells the boys how to kill her brother.

Sam and Dean go down to the dark basement. Armed with flashlights they head down to Alfonso’s likely hideout. Why would he head down there knowing the hunters are closing in? Dean spots a dead cook, and Alfonso gets the drop in Sam, for only a bit. Alfonso doesn’t believe that his sister ratted him out, and Sam gives him a heck of a fight. He gets Sam pinned, but luckily Dean is there to cut off his demon funnel, killing him.

I feel a bonding moment coming.

The bodies are taken away. Sam gives the Sheriff a cover story for Maritza, but she’s lost her entire family in one day. When the place clears out Dean, wants to get rid of Maritza, but Sam doesn’t. Maritza helped them out, and she deserves better. Dean suggests a one way ticket to Peru, but she’d make a killing in California, Florida or really anywhere.

Back home, dean tells Sam that he does the right thing, and that he would do it again. Sam tells him that is the problem, that Dean has convinced himself that he does more bad than good. Sam doesn’t see the upside of his life, and dean’s fighting the good fight together stance doesn’t fly with him. Sam tries to show him that he was being selfish, that he didn’t want to be alone in life. He’s willing to sacrifice himself, as long as he’s not the last one standing. Dean asks him if he would do the same thing in the same circumstances, and Sam says he wouldn’t. Now who’s lying to himself?


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