Teen Wolf S3E17 - "Silverfinger" Recap

The episode begins with a flashback of a young Chris. He's telling the group about the first time he met the masked warriors. He was 18 and in Japan and they were after someone else - someone supernatural. They cut down every living thing in their way. Chris suggests they find a man named Katashi, also known as Silvefinger, who survived the attack and may have information that can help them. Chris shot one in the face and it slowed the creature down long enough for he and Katashi to escape. Chris says that beneath the mask is absolute darkness.

In the morning, Kira sneaks back in to her room and happily flashes back to Scott dropping her off. She asks if his other friends are werewolves and he says that they are. Scott appears worried that he's lost her and then she asks to see his werewolf face. When he does, for some reason out in public where anyone could see him, she traces his face with her fingers and appears entranced - much to Scott's amazement.

The twins follow Scott to school on motorbikes of their own. They tell him that he needs protection from the "demonic ninjas." Scott tells them he doesn't need protection but they refuse to stop. Scott manages to ditch them long enough to go talk to Stiles. He tries to show him the message but it has been erased. He then tries to show him the key but this is gone from his key ring, too. Though the tangible evidence is gone, Stiles also tells him that something Barrow did resembled the prank Stiles played on Coach.

Scott speaks with the twins and becomes worried that perhaps the "demon ninjas" aren't after him, but after Kira instead.

Chris has a plan to find Katashi. As he is a collector, Chris decides to sell him an antique gun. Chris plans to use Isaac as a distraction while he and Allison will sneak in.

Agent McCall discovers an image of Scott and Kira on his laptop as a result of security on his device.

Stiles checks himself into the hospital and lists his symptoms to Melissa. Since he hasn't been sleeping, Melissa gives him a sedative. As he is about to fall asleep, he mutters, "Thanks, mom." It's rather heartbreaking. Later, Melissa looks over his symptoms again and find that that they match ones that his mother had, including hallucinations, irritability, panic attacks, and insomnia.

Scott tampers with the twin's bikes so he can be alone with Kira.

Isaac is self-conscious and worried about his ability to convince the Yakuza of their cover story and Allison asks Chris to give her some time alone with Isaac. She plants a kiss on him, has him grope her behind, and he walks in with all the confidence he could have hoped for.

Scott brings Kira back to his house to keep her safe. They exchange "I don't want you getting hurt" speeches before Kira tells him that she thinks she might be a kitsune. A kitsune exhibits a power known as "fox fire," and are able to control electricity. The tensions builds between the two and they nearly kiss before they hear a car pull up, thinking it's Melissa. They come downstairs and find Agent McCall there and he confronts the two of them about being in his office. Melissa comes home, the sun goes down, and the masked men attack. They injure Agent McCall, and Derek and the twins show up to help fight them. Eventually, Melissa triggers a magical security system and they are safe from the masked men for now.

Katashi watches as the deal sours and pulls out his gun when Chris comes in, also with a gun. Allison disarms him and their werewolf security guard, who is massive, bring Isaac in with his claws at Isaac's throat. Chris reminds Katashi who he is and shows him the mask. Katashi tells him that the demons are unstoppable. They are known as oni, and are seeking someone possessed by a dark spirit. He also tells them there are 13 kinds of kitsune, and one is a dark kitsune, known as a nogitsune. The oni have been marking the ones that are not possessed. The man the oni were after 24 years prior was possessed by the nogitsune. Katashi says that he owes Chris not just his life, but his honour. He tells him that when he encounters the nogitsune, they must destory it no matter what - even if it is his own duaghter.

Derek tells Scott he has been following him all day. Melissa calls for Scott's help since Agent McCall will not make it through the night unless they get it to a hospital. Aiden questions Kira on what she is and Derek comes in and says that she is a kitsune. She's young, inexperienced, and probably doesn't even know what kind she is. The oni begin banging against the magical shield, testing for weaknesses and eventually find one. Agent McCall tells Melissa he wants to speak to Scott and things aren't looking good for him. Melissa tells him he won't be having this talk on his deathbed and insists that he stay alive and talk another day. Allison calls Scott and relays the information on the kitsune and nogitsune. She tells him to let them in and perform the test, saying that they won't harm him once they see that he's not the one. Kira is worried that she has darkness in her and when the oni make their way inside, he tells the other wolves not to do anything, confident that Kira does not have darkness in her. They test both Scott and Kira and leave them marked - neither of them is possessed by the nogitsune. The oni leave and the wolves immediately check Scott and Kira to make sure they're alright.

Back at the hospital, the oni show up and corner Stiles. As one reaches out to test Stiles, he grabs its hand before reaching out and pulling a bug from inside the oni's chest, killing it. Stiles kills the others and it looks like Stiles is now a supernatural being! Scott shows up right after Stiles has finished killing off the oni and when he asks Stiles if he's okay, Stiles returns to his normal self or perhaps he only pretends to.

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