Teen Wolf S3E19 - "Letharia Vulpina" Recap

Deaton arrives at a home of Japanese men to help a sick white wolf named Yuki (the Japanese word for "snow"). He questions whether the wolf has sampled some poisonous plants and tells them he must see their garden to know exactly what species of plant poisoned him. The leader leads him out to a locked garden after his followers hesitate to move, worrying about going out there for superstitious reasons. Through some flashback shots, we see that this is the same garden in which the nogitsune was attacked at. Deaton says that the moss is letharia vulpina and that its toxicity has been intensified by being tainted by the blood of a nogitsune. The leader that has led him down there is the son of the nogitsune from the flashbacks we've seen. The man pulls his gun on Deaton, who has already used kanima venom to paralyse both him and the wolf - this was all a ploy to get a sample of this letharia vulpina.

Back at the hospitals, the live wires are going crazy and an ambulance crashes into a fire hydrant, flooding the street. Several people who step on the water find themselves electrically injured, including Isaac, who stepped in accidentally after pushing Allison out of the way. Kira is almost hit by a car but instead runs up it, does a badass series of flips and lands on the water, unharmed. Derek and Scott arrive as this happens and watches her reach out and grab the wire, before placing her hand on top of the end where the sparks shooting out. Her eyes glow orange and the sparks eventually stop. Derek checks on Isaac and finds he isn't breathing. But he's merely hospitalised because he's a lead and this show is American. Also, Kira's mother saw the whole thing.

Jump ahead and Stiles has been missing for two days. Isaac is still in the hospital. The sheriff receives a text from Stiles telling him he's okay and to not look for him. Agent McCall visits him and appears to know about Katashi, the man who told Chris Argent about the oni and nogitsune.

With the help of Melissa, Allison and Scott visit Isaac. Isaac's not healing for some reason and when Scott takes away some of his pain but it doesn't heal him fully. Scott tells him he's trying to figure out how to get Stiles un-possessed. Scott and Kira talk at school and Kira says that someone must have offended the nogitsune for it be going on such a massive rampage.

Coach humorously yells at the players that they must notify the authorities if they see Stiles and that they must all sign a get-well card for Isaac. While still in the locker room, Scott hears one of Christ Argent's emitters and the twins go with him down to the basement. They find Stiles holding it and he swears that it is him, but the twins wolf out and charge him anyway. Scott tells them to stop and has to Alpha-roar at them in order to make them obey. Stiles shows them that he has gaps in his memory and shows them a bag of maps and equipment. He's worried that he was planning something even worse than what happened at the hospital.

Lydia spots Peter talking to her mum and when she reaches her, he has gone. He claimed to be from the health department and had left her her phone number. Lydia is less than pleased.

Coach sends the students off for a run in the woods to search for Stiles.

Chris Argent returns home and finds it has been broken into. The intruder's still there and it's Derek. Derek questions why he's been leaving emitters in his house and Chris says he has no idea why they would be there. He finds that his safe has been broken into and the money from his transaction with Katashi is now there - the money he never took. Right then, Agent McCall reveals himself saying that he has Katashi's finger from his dead body. He thinks Chris and Derek are the murderers and brings them in for questioning.

While the students are all running, Ethan tackles Danny to the ground. When Danny questions him on why he did that, Ethan says he missed him and begins snogging him. Dethan shippers rejoice! Stiles warns the group to stop and he finds a link of chain nestled among some leaves. When Coach sarcastically congratulates him on his find, he sets off a trip wire and is shot in the gut with an arrow. The Coach begins screaming at the group to get the arrow out of him and that he's going to die. Scott tries to heal Coach but it doesn't do much. Stiles panics over how Coach could have been killed by his trap and it doesn't help that the blood is on his hands now, literally.

Lydia brings Allison to Derek's loft to meet Peter. Lydia wants to know how to use her powers and Peter says that his bite is what brought forth her powers. Right as the girls are about to leave, Peter says that her scream drowns things out so she can hear what's important. He says he wants something in return and drops his sister's claws onto the table.

Scott and the twins find wrapping paper in Stiles' jeep and other supplies that lead them to believe Nogitus-Stiles has created a bomb that is now planted on a school bus. Back at Beacon High, Jared is alone on a bus with the gift-wrapped bomb on his lap. The area is being cleared. One deputy named Parrish boards the bus, having spent some time in the military.

Peter wants Lydia to help retrieve a memory that his sister apparently stole from his mind. Peter and Allison are antagonistic towards each other. Lydia grows fed up with the two of them and throws the claws at the wall. They stick, she hears voices, and she tells Peter, "You're not just an uncle." Ehrm, what? He attempts to question her, growing angry and aggressive but Allison shocks him with a stun-baton and the girls strut out. Outside, they learn that Malia, the were-fox that they saved, is actually Peter's daughter.

Kira spies on her parents at the school, who talk about the oni and nogitsune. We learn that she is sacrificing her nine tails in order to create the oni to stop the nogitsune. She is willing to stop it any cost - even if it costs her her life.

Parrish cuts open the box and finds there is no bomb but reveals that the sheriff's nameplate is inside. They realise that the real bomb is in the Sheriff's office. Derek and Chris are right outside and Derek tells him to get down, even covering his back to shield him from the blast.

Scott and Stiles arrive at the crime scene. Scott attempts to heal people and Chris thanks Derek for saving his life. Kira arrives and warns them that the oni are coming. They head to the vet clinic to protect Stiles and are attacked by the oni. Kira fights them off with her newfound skills of badassery but when Scott is distracted, he is stabbed through the stomach. They head inside and Stiles reveals that he is actually Nogitsu-Stiles. He knocks Kira out and begins twisting the sword protruding from Scott. He chides him for trusting the fox, since foxes are tricksters. Deaton sneaks up and injects Stiles with a vile of letharia vulpina. Stiles falls to the floor, unconscious, and Deaton removes the sword from Scott. Scott asks if Stiles is dead and Deaton replies that he's only poisoned and not dead... "not yet."

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