Teen Wolf S3E20 - "Echo House" Recap

Stiles is taken to Eichen House, the mental institution. Scott arrives and objects to the plan but Stiles makes him promise to never let him out if they can't find a cure. Sheriff Stilinski nearly pulls out of the plan when he realises he forgot Stiles' pillow, but Stiles tries to reassure him that it will be okay. Shortly after his arrival, Stiles witnesses one of the patients commit suicide and sees the nogitsune around the same time. He wants to use the phone, having changed his mind about being there but the orderlies refuse his request.

Deaton and Argent were responsible for the plan to get the letharia vulpina. Deaton says that after a few days, the effects will wear off and the nogitsune will be back to its full lethal power. They are searching for a scroll that will tell how to exorcise the nogitsune and Allison realises that she might know where it is.

Stiles has a roommate, Oliver, who appears to be somewhat affable. When Stiles first enters him room, Oliver is strapped to the bed. Oliver explains that he heard the suicide because of the way the place was built. Given its propensity to echo, the place is nicknamed "Echo House." Also, Stiles fails to sleep his first night without his pillow. The next morning, Oliver shows Stiles where the phone is and when they get to it, another patient named Meredith is speaking into it. She sounds panicked and says, "One of them is standing right behind me." Is she just crazy or does she know what lies within Stiles? The phone is dead though, having been turned off for the 24 hours following the suicide - standard procedure. Stiles encounters Malia, who strikes Stiles in the face. She is restrained and when the orderlies also restrain Stiles, he has a flash where he sees himself in the basement. He then comes face-to-face with Mr. Morrell, the Beacon Hills High guidance counselor.

Derek and Chris are currently locked up and they discuss Stiles and plans on how to stop the nogitsune. Chris speaks about Berzerkers, people who conduct rituals with animals skins and work themselves up into a crazed frenzy. In the end, they must be killed because they have lost touch with who they are.  Chris says he would feel remorse killing Stiles but not for killing the nogitsune, if it came down to it. Given the fact that "Berzerker" was a practice by Vikings, you can't help but note what sort of history/mythology buffs these Teen Wolf writers must be.

Stiles keeps hallucinating the nogitsune during the group therapy being run by Ms. Morrell. She ends the session when she sees marks appearing on Stiles' neck. She pulls him aside and explains that they are what's known as the Lichtenberg Figure and they are the result of the injection he was given. She tells him when the marks are gone, the nogitsune will have returned. She gives him pills to keep him awake, stating that he's most vulnerable when asleep. She tells him that he needs to stay awake to give his friends time to come up with a cure. She also states that if they fail, she will give him a lethal injection to stop the nogitsune. He teams up with Malia in order to break into the basement. She wants to return to being a coyote because she believes things are simpler that way. He tells her that they need to get the keys from an orderly to get into the basement and then presumably either Derek or Scott will be able to teach her.

Scott, Allison, Lydia, and the twins plot to steal an armoured car to retrieve evidence from Katashi's body. Allison believes he had the scroll in his possession when he died.

Malia and Oliver fake an altercation so Malia can swipe the keys. When Stiles attempts to use them, the head orderly catches him and tells him no one has the keys to the basement. Stiles is taken to the "quiet room" and given a sedative. Much to his horror, he begins to go to sleep.

Kira shows up at Scott's place and says she wants to help. He tells her those who help them normally end up hurt. Nonetheless, she reveals that she has been practicing how to use a katana and has been picking things up very quickly, inexplicably so. Impressed by her abilities, Scott agrees to let her come along.

Stiles dreams he is trapped in a locker from which he cannot escape and is taunted by the nogitsune. Malia breaks into the quiet room and wakes Stiles. She tells him he can go through the closed unit to get into the basement, but this unit has the "real psychos."

When the gang tries to get their hands on the scroll, they find Kinkade, Katashi's former body guard who is also there to get the scroll. They offer him a bribe of 150,000 dollars but he refuses to hand over the silver finger, in which the scroll is hidden. They have no choice but to fight him. This task proves difficult, as Kinkade is massive and ferociously strong. The twins are prepared to kill him, believing him to be too dangerous, but Scott and Lydia stop him. Scott says that they're there to save a life, not end one.

Chris is called in to meet with his lawyer, but upon entering the room, finds it is the leader of the hunters from South America. She is upset he has changed his code and also wants to discuss Allison.

Stiles and Malia make their way into the basement and find the "self" symbol carved into the wall. They look through some papers but nothing there is of use. Stiles has Malia check his back and she tells him the marks are almost gone, much to his horror. One things leads to another and they have sex. Seriously. Strangest timing ever. Teenagers. Post-sex, Malia realises that the wall behind the symbol is hollow. Stiles proceeds to smash through it and they find the nogitsune's body, complete with the face bandages. Malia pulls a paper from the nogitsune's pocket, which he says he needs to give to Scott. Just then, Oliver attacks them with a stun gun. He then injects Malia and it is revealed that the nogitsune has possessed him, too. Oliver then restrains Stiles but begins to cough up blood. The Nogitsune tells Oliver to start with Malia. Stiles pleads with it to let her go and the nogitsune says that he'll let her go if Stiles lets the nogitsune back in. Stiles relents and surrenders himself to the nogitsune. Nogitus-Stiles is back, everyone!

Deaton reads the scroll and says that the only way to save a person possessed by the nogitsune is to change their body. Scott realises that this means Stiles must be turned into a werewolf. Does this mean Stiles will no longer be the resident human of the bunch?

Malia leaves Eichen House to find Scott, and presumably Stiles as well. Morrell tells her where to find Scott and as she leaves, we see her eyes turn blue. Did she lie about not knowing how to turn back into a coyote?

This episode has brought forth so many questions, twists, and the return of Nogitsu-Stiles. Only four more episodes left in Teen Wolf 3B! Stay tuned!

Teen Wolf airs on Mondays on MTV at 10PM.


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