The Big Bang Theory S7E15 - "The Locomotion Manipulation" Recap

Amy and sheldon go through various aspects of their relationship much like the main points of a board meeting. Amy tells Sheldon he needs to pick a pet name for her soon. Sheldon protests that he has submitted a notarised list but she tells him that "Gollum" and "Flakey" are not acceptable. They reach the final item on the list: Valentine's Day. Amy proposes an idea that she believes they both can enjoy: they will go to Napa Valley and stay at a Bed & Breakfast. Sheldon hates the idea even though she has aniticipated various things he hates, such as eating along (Bernadette and Howard will accompany them), not wanting to share a room (she has booked him his own room), and isn't convinced of the idea until she tells him they will be going to Napa Valley via a fully functioning vintage train. He is so overjoyed that he tells her he is feeling the urge to hug her, she opens her arms to receive it, and Sheldon counts to three until the urge to do so ceases. *roll opening credits*

Bernadette asks Leonard and Penny if they'd like to come to Napa Valley with them and Leonard jokes that it might not be the best idea to bring Penny to where wine comes from. She says she would be angrier if she didn't already have a buzz going on from the wine she is drinking. Sheldon asks Howard which pocket watch he'll be wearing for dinner on the train, not wanting them to wear the same one as it would be embarrassing. Howard says he doesn't have one and Sheldon is mortified for having supposedly embarrassed Howard. Raj asks Leonard and Penny to look after his dog, Cinnamon, while he goes to look through the giant telescope for which he has booked time on it. They agree to do so and Raj tells them that he'd rather one of them be able to get some action so to feel free to let Cinnamon watch them if they have sex. Penny jokes to Howard and Bernadette to do the same for Amy, who hilariously leers at them, toasting with her glass of wine.

On the train, Sheldon is in awe of the train and excited for the "best Valentine's Day ever." He says he is close to loving the train so long as he can first confirm that there are no hobos on board.

Penny brings Leonard flowers and chocolates that she has eaten several of already. He presents her with a jewellery box and Penny finds Lakers tickets inside. Penny is thrilled and Leonard tells her that she can take someone who actually enjoys the game. They head to the bedroom to have sex, leaving Cinnamon out in the living room. After sex, Penny and Sheldon return from the bedroom and find that Cinnamon has eaten the Valentine's chocolates. They set off to bring her to a vet.

At dinner, Sheldon pesters a waiter with questions about the train. A fellow train fanatic named Eric overhears this and he and Sheldon strike up a conversation about trains.

Sheldon and Eric enjoy taking turns imitating trains. Apparently, a box fell on Eric's head at UPS six years prior and now he just collects disability and uses it to ride trains. Amy is upset that Sheldon is not paying attention to her despite how hard she worked to make arrangements suited to his liking. Bernadette goes over to the other table and berates Sheldon, insisting that he come back and join his girlfriend. He does so but brings Eric along with him.

At the vet, Raj shows up and is outraged at Leonard and Penny. The vet states that she will take Cinnamon to the back to give her some fluids and something to absorb the toxins. Raj tells her to sing Katy Perry songs in order to calm and soothe her. As she steps out of the room, the vet mutters that she should have been a dentist.

Sheldon and Eric are continuing their train-centered conversation and Amy is growing increasingly exasperated. Eric informs Sheldon that if he asks nicely, he'll be able to visit the engine room and heads back there with Eric.

The vet, whose name is Yvette, returns and says that Cinnamon is responding well. Raj is tremendously relieved and asks if he can go back and see her since they normally sleep together and he doesn't want her to worry. The vet says that it's normally not allowed, but she makes an exception for him. On the way back, Yvette tells Raj that she also sleeps with her dog and that she did sing Katy Perry to Cinnamon. Penny and Leonard prepare to leave but just then, Raj returns with Cinnamon. Yvette gives Raj a paper, which she says has a list of symptoms to watch out for just to make sure that Cinnamon is fine. He puts it in his pocket and thanks her. Penny and Leonard attempt to reassure the vet that they love animals, she asks if they have pets, they say no, and she says that that's good.

Sheldon and Eric return and Sheldon excitedly states that he and the conductor have the same pocket watch. He also states that when the conductor gets off work, he will be able to come to the B&B and play his banjo for them. Amy snaps and demands to talk to Sheldon in private and Howard and Bernadette leave to give them some privacy. When Amy asks Eric why he is still there, Sheldon tells her she is being a bit rude. Amy tells him he has been rude to her for the entire trip and he asks how she can say that when he has barely spoken to her during the trip. Eric finally leaves them alone and Amy says that this weekend is supposed to be romantic. Sheldon reminds her that she had said this trip was supposed to be something they'd both enjoy and asks whether or not she meant it or if she was just trying to trick him. She admits that he has a point but declares that she deserves romance and didn't know how else to make it happen. Sheldon, still perturbed, begins going through and acting out/narrating various romantic items. First, he grabs some wine from the table and drinks it, calling it "grape juice that burns." Then he looks into Amy's eyes and states, "You blinked. I win." He then states that kissing is romantic and leans forward and I almost didn't believe it, but yes, Sheldon Cooper plants one on Amy Farrah Fowler! At first, much of his body is away from her but as the kiss continues, he walks his body forward, straightening himself out a bit, and then he puts his hands on Amy's waist. Both he and Amy are dazed. Sheldon softly tells Amy that the conductor told him that if he goes back to the engine room, he'll show Sheldon how to bring the train through a crossing. She tells him to have fun, and then he asks if she'd like to go with him. She agrees, they head off, and Eric follows after them.

Raj looks after Cinnamon and then pulls out the note to check check which symptoms he should keep an eye out for. On the note, Yvette tells Raj she was dreading spending Valentine's Day alone, and thanks him for spending time with her. She also gives him her phone number, much to his joy. He prepares to call her.

Sheldon returns from his trip and Leonard asks him how it was. Sheldon says it was great, listing the fact that he made a friends that likes trains as much as he does, he kissed Amy on the lips, and the conductor played the banjo for him. When Leonard presses him for more details, Sheldon lists that his new friend's name is Eric, Amy's lips tasted like the brownie they had for dessert, and the banjo playing conductor was missing a finger but made up for it with his can-do attitude. Leonard asks Sheldon to pick a favourite, something that had never occurred to Sheldon to do, and Sheldon states that he can't answer the question without collecting additional data. Leonard interprets this as meaning more kissing, and is delighted, calling Sheldon a "dog." Sheldon states that he doesn't know how listening to other nine-fingered banjo players makes him a dog but doesn't lose his cheerful demeanour.

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