The Following S2E3 - "Trust Me" Recap

Judy returns home to find Joe and Mandy with the Reverend's body. Ryan is being haunted by dreams of Joe.

Ryan is brought in by the FBI and they discuss the case further. They confront him about visiting Carlos' apartment and he is forced to admit it since his prints were found all over it. He stubbornly believes that he must work alone instead of formally aligning himself with the FBI. They warn him that they have a search warrant and that they can search his belongings but Ryan doesn't seem bothered by it. After he leaves, they decide to also monitor his online activity.

One of the twins' curiosity is piqued regarding Emma. She won't stop calling and he tells Carlos to call her back and set up a meeting. She wants to know whether Joe is still alive and is hurt by the notion that he would have kept such a secret from her. She agrees to meet Carlos alone at a secret location.

Ryan visits Lily and she makes no effort to hide the fact that she is smitten, while Ryan is still obviously wracked with guilt for what he sees as a failure to keep her safe.

Joe informs Judy that he is going to leave soon and Mandy is emotionally devastated by this news. Judy believed that she could change him and had even stated so in the letters she wrote to him while he was in prison.

Mike breaks into Ryan's apartment and is furious when he finds the wall of all the investigating he has done regarding Joe and his cult. Ryan says that he found an illegitimate love-child fathered by Joe's father and how he went missing fourteen months ago. Additionally, the DNA sample could have been tampered with, as the facility was also broken into fourteen months ago. He doesn't say that he believes for certain that Joe is alive, but it is a possibility. Mike is skeptical of this, since the evidence is not hard enough for his liking. He gets a call from Mendez and heads off, taking Carlos' bag with him that Ryan had in his property. He promises to keep this personal investigation secret since Mendez would have him locked up and he would be made to look crazy.

Emma goes to the abandoned warehouse and Mark meets her there. Emma has been spotted on surveillance footage being monitored by the FBI. They set off to bring her in.

Mandy speaks with Joe, saying that she does not want him to leave and sees him as a father figure since she never knew hers. Judy sends her inside to "speak" with Joe before pulling a gun on him. She fires but the gun is empty - Joe had removed the bullets. Joe begins to strangle Judy but when Mandy runs out, begging him to stop, he releases her.

Mark answers all of Emma's questions. Carlos claims to have seen Joe and they all believe he is alive. The massacres were all part of a plan to draw Joe out of hiding. With his narcissistic personality, they figure he will want to return to his legion of followers. Mark offers Emma the opportunity to come with him and meet the other followers, and is elated when she agrees to.

A swat team invades the house in which Emma was staying. However, she is not there, as she is off with Mark. In the house are other followers of Joe and they are killed during the raid. Ryan is told to back off and to leave Lily alone but ignores that snippet and visits her again. She invites him back for dinner and he agrees.

When Mark brings Emma back, the other followers are skeptical about her. However, news has just broken about the raid and the death of the other followers she was staying with.

Turns out Joe has decided to kill Judy anyway and has her tied up with duct tape. When Joe leaves the room in search of his knife, Judy tells Mandy where the knife is and pleads with her to set her free. Joe comes back in the room and tells her to put the knife down and she replies that she doesn't want to die. Just when you think she's going to make an attempt on Joe's life, she turns around and stabs her mother. It's a potent scene, as she says she's sorry but can't let Joe go. Joe is shocked when she first stabs her, but then smiles, looking like a proud father at a dance recital. Mandy says that either way she is dead - that staying and living there would be death.

When the group asks why they should trust Emma, she states that Joe valued and trusted her with his son while Carlos was nothing more than an errand boy. Luke then points out that Mark likes Emma and no one likes Carlos - before stabbing him. But we all knew this was coming - Carlos is no more.

Following a hunch, Ryan asks Mike to show him security footage from the train killings. When he notices that she deliberately took the local despite claiming that she was in a rush that day, he realises that her story was a lie. When Joe stares her down, she realises that she is caught. She runs off and stabs an agent in the process. Ryan and Mike chase after her but are unable to catch her. Though Ryan follows after her, he loses her in the crowd. She even calls him off a stolen mobile to ask how he figured it out, to creepily gloat, and say goodbye - for now. He spots her one last time but is unable to find her and she is picked up by Luke - her son. This show loves a good twist!

Mandy helps Joe to set fire to her home, and the bodies inside, and she thanks him for taking her with him. She thanks him for taking her with him and promises not to disappoint him. He says he's more worried about disappoint her and she assures him he won't. It's a touching moment, in a slightly disturbing way. They have a surrogate father/daughter relationship and they do care for each other. Mandy is also excited about being able to see the city since she never thought she'd get to leave the small town in which she was born and raised.

Ryan and Mendez are both upset about being fooled by Lily. Mendez still wants Ryan to come back to help and he still wants to work at it alone. This incident is fuel to the fire of Ryan's guilt. He sees his failures as the cause for the death of innocents.

Joe sets fire to the home and he and Mandy watch it burn before heading out on the road.

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