The Following S2E4 - "Family Affair" Recap

A woman named Janna is alarmed when her daughter says that "the man" took her other child but when she goes at sees it is Joe, she is elated. Janna is one of his followers.

Ryan and Max discuss Lily and how she could have fooled them. Max is determined to help Ryan but he wants her to stop because he doesn't want her involvement with him to damage her career. Though she is skeptical about whether Joe is still alive, she is determined to help Ryan. She points out that working together has brought them closer together and that her dead father, Ryan's brother, would have appreciated their improved relationship.

The FBI looks into Lily's background and find that she inherited a significant amount of money. Lily is a billionaire and the twins are her adoptive sons but there is no legal documentation of them.

Lily is annoyed that Carlos is dead, believing he could have been useful. She is warmly greeted by the other followers at the hideout and welcomes Emma to their little family of misfit followers.

Janna speaks with him about why he didn't come sooner while Mandy plays with the woman's daughter outside. She says she knows what Joe came for and heads into another room to retrieve something.

Giselle visits her former partner David, and kills him.

Mike questions Max about Ryan and warns her to back off. She's resistant at first but then he points out that they both know that Joe is dead and that Ryan is likely to get himself killed chasing a ghost. He tells her he's just trying to help but she kicks him out anyway.

Janna helps Joe to create new false IDs, money and credit cards. Joe is also searching for his son but he is hidden deep in witness protection programs. She assures him she will keep searching for him. He informs her that he has been contacted by some followers in New York and is wondering whether or not to reach out to them.

Emma and Lily have a heart-to-heart. Emma is very guarded and Lily opens up about her past and childhood. Lily's father killed her mother and then himself, and Lily was adopted by a wealthy billionaire who only provided monetary support. She tells Emma that she wants her to feel safe and comfortable with the group and to feel that she is part of their unconventional family.

Joe calls the followers and the twins run the phone to Emma. She is amazed to hear his voice and becomes emotional to hear him alive. He questions her on whether or not the twins and Lily Gray, whom he has seen on the news, are friends and whether or not it's safe and she tells him that it's safe. She asks him to come back to her.

Ryan bursts in on the crime scene, finding the dead body that Giselle has left behind. He is arrested when the FBI show up. Lily tells the twins in private that she is weary of Emma, since she is so difficult to read. Mark is still attracted to her.

Mandy appears to have developed an appetite for murder as she asks Joe if he is going to kill Janna now that he has gotten what he needs from her. He tries to teach her that death is a precious gift that can't be given out freely or it loses its value.

Emma and Mark wait at the designated meeting spot and Joe arrives with Mandy. Emma runs into his arm and begins sobbing. She then begins throwing a fit asking him why and how he could do this to her. He just reassures her that he is back now.

Max is following Giselle and Ryan calls her right after he is interrogated by the FBI. He tells her to wait till he arrives but Max can see that she is waiting for a train. When Giselle gets up, Max follows her and they eventually get into a brawl in the middles of the street. Giselle runs off into Grand station right as Ryan arrives and Max tells him to go after her. Max catches up to Ryan in time for him to deduce that she will be boarding one of two trains. They split up to check each one and it turns out that the one Ryan has checked is the correct one. Giselle attacks him but once Ryan retaliates, she plays victim and Ryan is momentarily overpowered by some people on the platform long enough for Giselle to jump on the train and get away.

Yet another twist is revealed: Mendez and Janna were partners, as Mendez calls her asking her to pick up the kids. This would explain how she has had so much information and access to equipment. Janna used to be an agent.

Max calls Ryan and tells him she has gotten on board the train and has Giselle in sight.

Joe returns to the follower's home and Lily greets him dolled up in a fancy dress and hair done up. He says, "Oh my..." and Emma looks highly irked by this new competition for Joe's attention.

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