The Following S2E5 - "Reflection" Recap

Joe shaves off his beard and toasts his return with Lily. Gisele phones Luke and tells him that she lost the agents that had spotted her, not realising hat Max is still on her trail. Joe meets many of the new followers and Emma asks to speak with him alone. Lily throws in a snide comment about how much better she looks, having gotten rid of that "ugly pink" - Emma's now back to blonde. She asks him why he didn't tell her about his plan and that she would've done anything for him but he left her all alone. He apologises, but she's still hurt by his actions.

The FBI spot Max on the same train as Gisele and realise that she and Ryan must have been tailing her. They become determined to find them in addition to Joe's followers. Ryan manages to catch up to Gisele, who tells him to shoot her but Max shows up in time to punch her lights out and they prepare to move her body where no one will see them.

Gisele wakes up handcuffed to a bed in a motel room and Max and Ryan begin questioning her about Joe Carroll/his followers. He reveals that he wants to kill Joe for killing someone he loved and Max looks concerned about Ryan's state of mind.

Joe manages to reassure Emma and she appears to forgive him, and allow him another opportunity. She also comments on how crazy these new followers are - pot, kettle, black.

Ryan is attempting to work Gisele over and realise that Joe will kill her, Lily, and everyone else she cares about. Lily is trying to create a sort of family but Joe is not the family type. When Lily refuses to cooperate, Ryan begins to strangle her and Max has to put a gun to his head to get him to stop. Max is about to call in the FBI and Lily finally agrees to tell them where the followers are. She says that they are in a factory and outside, Ryan and Max reveal that what just transpired was a routine to make her talk.

Mark and Emma bond a bit, as he shows her Lily's studio. Turns out, Lily's not just an art dealer, but an artist herself. Mark reveals that he knows Emma is an artist and that he read about her. She reveals that her mother never let her go to art school and he excitedly proposes that they create some art. Joe is suspicious of Lily, and questions her as to what she wants. She creepily smiles back at him and says she has something to show him.

Ryan arrives at the factory that Gisele has sent him to and begins searching the place. Back at the motel room, someone knocks at the door and Max warns Gisele to be quiet. It's housekeeping and while Max's back is turned, she breaks her thumb to get out of her cuffs. She attacks Max, knocking her out, and escapes. Luke and another follower arrive at the factory, searching for Gisele. Ryan tells one a follower to drop his gun and shoots him in the knee when he tries to aim his weapon at him. He manages to drag himself back to Luke, who is forced to surrender his weapon to Hardy. The other follower pulls a hidden weapon on Hardy and shoots, after which Ryan disappears. Luke calls out to him, asking whether he's still alive, and when they don't hear anything, they sneak around and find Ryan on the ground. Luke is amazed that the other follower has shot him but then Ryan sits up and shoots his would-be-killer dead. He escapes but has indeed been shot in the side.

Emma is sketching Mark and adorably offers to change his pose to whatever she likes. He comes over and sees an impressive sketch of him, though she hasn't done any of his face yet. He places a hand on her cheek and is prepared to kiss her but freaks out when she touches his cheek, confessing that he has a phobia and doesn't like to be touched. Because things weren't weird enough to begin with. Emma is furious and tries to get out but the door won't budge. She demands that he opens the door but he says he cannot.

Gisele meets up with Luke at the factory and they put the dead follower's body into the trunk.

Lily shows Joe a torture room, equipped with all kinds of devices, a slab, restraints, and to top it all off, a sedated blonde girl named Wendy in a cage. Joe asks what Lily wants in return and she says she wants to be part of his group. He questions her as to who she thinks she is and who she thinks he is, before angrily storming out. Looks like Joe doesn't like her micro-managing ways.

Luke and Gisele head into the forest, searching for Ryan. Luke finds his blood. Ryan comes across a locked house but enters through the unlocked back door. He finds a first aid kit and begins to tend to his wound, before a woman enters and spots the blood on the floor. She tries to run but Ryan goes after her and forces her to stay. He says he thought the place was empty and just needs to patch himself up before he goes. He tells her to blindfold herself and she does so but warns him that her husband will be home soon. He begins using bleach to clean up traces of his DNA and the woman is emotional, worrying that he is going to kill her. Luke and Gisele find the house and Hardy spots them approaching from the window. He puts the woman in a closet and tells her to keep quiet. Gisele enters and Ryan gets the jump on her, questioning him on the whereabouts of Max and she replies that she killed her. Enraged, Ryan fights her and ends up killing her. Luke enters and begins shooting his gun before finding Gisele's body. He cries and cradles her bloody corpse.

Joe returns to the torture room and uses the key to unlock the cage in which Wendy is imprisoned. He lays her out on the slab and puts her in the restraints. I don't know what chemicals are in her system but she hasn't panicked even in the slightest.

The FBI find surveillance photos of Joe with Mandy, whom they have yet to identify.

Joe covers Wendy's dead and bloody body with a sheet. There is blood all over him and and he has a post-kill drink. Still bloody, he enters Lily's room and begins smearing the blood on her and they have sex. Luke is cradling Gisele's dead body in his car and Emma finishes her drawing, completing it with Joe's face before going over to Mark and reaching out to touch the hair on his forehead. Ryan returns to the motel and when he sees that Max is still alive, he hugs her.

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