The Following S2E6 - "Fly Away" Recap

Mark visits Luke, who has returned home with Giselle's body and is initially in denial about her death. Luke tells Mark that Ryan Hardy killed her. Lily is distraught when she is informed of Giselle's death. She advises her son to keep it together and that Ryan will pay for what he has done. She warns him that if he's near, they are in danger and need to run.

Mike tries to convince Agent Mendez that Carroll may still be alive but her skepticism remains intact.

Max patches Ryan up and he is still emotional over having though she was dead and then finding that she wasn't. He tries to convince her to return to New York but she refuses to let him do it alone. Ryan calls Mike to tell him that he has found the twins, Lily, and all the followers' location. When Mike questions about Joe Carroll, Ryan says that he's pretty sure he's with them. Mike says he's on this way. When Mike arrives, Max and Ryan are upset when he has not brought reinforcements but he tells them he thinks the FBI might have a leak. Mike apologises to Ryan for not believing him and Ryan tells him he's right to not have told anyone yet.

When Emma returns to the house, she is annoyed upon learning that Joe has slept with Lily. He tells Emma that he cannot go to Venezuela with this new group of followers. He promises to not take Emma for granted again and pleads with her to come with him. She says she is tired of running but they appear to have re-connected and fully mended their relationship. Mandy spies on this conversation.

Mike manages to apprehend Luke and the trio plans to hold him hostage to get the location of Joe and the other followers. Mike is angry with Luke and loses his temper with him. Ryan warns him to keep his cool.

Mandy approaches Lily and hints at Joe's not wanting to go to Venezuela with them. She says that she wants to go with them, and is happy to have found a more functional family - at least by her standards. Lily is interrupted with a phone call from Ryan in which he demands Joe Carroll as a trade for Luke. They trace her location while also setting up a meeting place to do the trade. Lily tells Joe about Ryan's being in town, killing Giselle, and wanting to trade Joe for him. Joe appears pleased to know that Ryan is close by and says that he will go meet Ryan and take care of it. Instead, Lily drugs Joe's wine with a sedative, which he is furious about. She says she cannot allow him to meet Ryan and once he is knocked out, she has some of her "family" members move him for transport to the airport. She also says that they should kill Emma or Mandy if they cause any problems. Later, they find him passed out.

At the rendezvous, Lily bring an innocent man wearing a mask of Joe and Lily is angry about Max being the one holding Luke at gunpoint instead of Ryan. Mark is also present with Lily and is pointing a gun at Max. While they have a stand-off, Mike sneaks from behind and slashes Lily's tires. Lily stabs the man, demanding to know where Ryan is and just then, Mike reveals himself. Both Max and Mark drop their guns and Mike taunts Lily, saying that someone needs to make a move. When Lily threatens to stab the man, Mike stabs Luke, warning her not to do that again. They give up Luke and Lily surrenders the innocent man as she and her sons take off running with Mike in pursuit after them.

Emma has Mandy bring her some perfume which she uses to revive Joe. Joe kills one of Lily's followers when she tries to hold them hostage at gunpoint. Ryan sneaks onto the property and kills one of the followers when he attacks him. He goes upstairs and sees Joe leaving with Emma and Mandy outside. They make eye contact, Joe smirks, Ryan runs downstairs, and misses them. He gets the location of the air field from the dying follower. In the car, Emma calls Mark and gets the location of the air strip. He tells them to wait for them and gets in the car with Lily. When the try to find Luke, they turn around and see him fight with Mike, who shoots him. Lily and Mark are distraught but Lily, believing him to be dead, tells Mark to drive. After they leave, Mike beats him to death and Max arrives, demanding that he stop. But it's too late - Luke is dead.

Joe, Emma, and Mandy arrive at the air field and tell the pilot they are the only ones that he'll be leaving. As they are boarding the plane, Joe receives a call. Ryan arrives at the air field and drives alongside the plane just as the FBI arrive. They stop the plane from taking off but find that no one is on board except for the pilot. He reveals to the FBI that the man (Joe) told the girls to get of after receiving a call. Mendez tells Ryan that he has now ruined Max and Mike's career, too. They tell Joe that Luke is dead and he tells them that he saw Joe. Ryan tells Mike that he was right about someone tipping Joe off and that no one in the FBI can be trusted.

Joe thanks Janna for tipping him off. Emma is driving them using back roads, while Mandy sits in the back seat. Lily calls them and delivers the news that Luke is dead. Joe coldly tells her that he was never fond of Luke and tells her that she's getting exactly what she deserved for drugging and trying to control him. Joe says he is done with her and her "international house of psychos" and bids her adieu. After hanging up, he tells Emma that Lily is a bit of a drama queen, after which we see Lily throw a temper tantrum and throw up outside the car. Mark comforts his emotionally distraught mother.

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