Vikings Recap S2E1: Brother's War

Vikings finally comes back tonight, and the second season promises to be just  as intense as the previous one. The forces of King Horik and Jarl Borg are set in motion to meet over a simple dispute, and Ragnar still has no clue which side his brother Rollo's allegiance lies. This promises to be a very bloody start.

Ragnar does not believe that Rollo would betray him, but Floki points out that he does not need a reason to betray him to do it. Rollo is preforming unspeakable acts as Ragnar waits, unaware that he is doing just that. The horn sounds, and Ragnar sees with a line of warriors set against him that Floki was right all along.

Rollo is all chummy with the enemy, and Ragnar sends a rider out to him. One Eye delivers a message to Rollo, speaking of brotherhood, and letting him know that it's not too late. Rollo tells him that he shall answer with blood, gauntlet thrown, the two factions line up prepared to clash. It's to be brother against brother. Rollo is an utter brute as expected, but Ragnar's forces are no slouches. It's a violent and blood affair as the two sides meet head on with spears and axes in hand. Floki goes to meet Rollo head on, and in the end, he fights against his once friend with Jarl Borg. The pair team up and bring Floki down, but One Eye comes to his rescue. He's forced to take up a spear against the much larger Rollo, and Rollo disarms him, and drives his weapon through him. Seeing Rollo's disgusting display, Ragnar faces his own brother. But Rollo cannot bring himself to kill his own, and he drops his weapon, falling upon his knees. His act of surrender ends the battle. An offer of profits is given by King Horik to end the war, but Jaral Borg refuses it. Ragnar is tired of the petty disputes, why fight over this small bit of land, when they could seek land out west. That offer is accepted, and Ragnar throws Gyda's death in Rollo's face.

The men return home, but it's not a happy reunion for all. Ragnar reports to his family, Siggy and Athelstan that One Eye died, and that Floki may as well. Lagertha sees that it was his choice that lead to this. Ragnar will not take the whole blame though. And worse, she asks him who Aslaug is. Ragnar wants to know what Bjorn has told her, and he doesn't want to air his dirty laundry. Lagertha flies off the handle, and dishes go ying in private. Ragnar admits that he had sex with Princess Aslaug once, and he asks how to make it up to her. She tells him not to see him again, and he easily agrees to his wife's request.

Bjorn wonders why things are so turbulent between his parents all the time, and Ragnar tells him its not an easy thing. He asks about Rollo, but a committee will decide his fate. Ragnar distracts his son with an English coin.

Siggy goes to visit Rollo, but he's closed off, unwilling to open up to her. Rollo prepares for his sentence. All expected that Rollo would have died in battle, would have been killed for his betrayal. When he fell upon his knees and asked for his brother's mercy, the Gods let him live, and so he shall.

Rollo meets his brother on the docks. He wanted to step out of his brother's shadow, thought he could. Siggy finds Rollo packing and preparing to leave. He's betrayed everyone and there was no point in staying. She's hurt that he was going to leave without saying goodbye to her. He has nothing to offer her, and yet, she wants him no less. He believes it would have been better for everyone if he had been executed, but Siggy sees that this second chance is the Gods' gift, his chance for redemption, for Valhalla.

Ragnar comes to say a proper goodbye to his daughter, Gyda, who he lost too soon. His heart breaks with her loss, and his world becomes a little more dark. He falls asleep upon the beach , awoken by his son when a ship arrives. It is Princess Aslaug and she is heavy with child, the shit is about to hit the fan, so much for promises. His wife is not pleased to hear of her arrival, and Ragnar tries to assure her that he did not ask for her to come. Seeing Aslaug pregnant does not please her one bit, there will be no getting rid of Aslaug so easily now. At dinner Lagertha tries to get to know the princess, who seems to come from a very famous lineage, and is very boastful. Lagertha is equally proud of her heritage and does not make apologies from coming from a line of farmers. The princess tries to point out her time she spent with the Bjorn, but he doesn't want any bond with her. Oooh Lagertha looks pissed, and its not likely the dishes that take the brunt of her anger. Ragnar doesn't look too thrilled to be between the women, nor should he with his very fiery wife who has every reason to be pissed.

Bjorn doesn't understand why Ragnar does not make Aslaug leave, but she's carrying his child so he will not. Ragnar points out that Bjorn is too serious a child, and the right thing does not always mean happiness.

Lagertha worries over Aslaug's arrival. She knew of Ragnar's infidelity, but she was not prepared for a baby. The woman is clearly different from the rest of them, and that worries her too.

Bjorn and Ragnar visit Floki, luckily he's still alive. Floki must get stronger, there are boats to be made, and places to visit. Floki regains enough strength to join the group for dinner. Aslaug prepares a meal, and Lagertha is taken by surprise. Lagertha admits that she did not think that Aslaug could cook, and she admits that she cannot. Ragnar thinks to bring the women together to form a happy little household, but although Aslaug agrees that she thinks it could work, Lagertha looks like anything but compliant. In bed Ragnar tells Lagertha that she must accept Aslaug because of his child, but that's the last think that she wants. She's not the kind of girl who's willing to play second fiddle, or share what is hers.

Lagertha prepares for a lengthy journey. Floki and Arne seem surprised that she would actually go, and Arne tries to convince Bjorn to remain with his father. Lagertha leaves the choice in the child's hand, and he breaks her heart choosing his father. Siggy embraces her for the last time, and she leaves. Ragnar arrives unaware that his wife has left. He chases after her cart, angered that she is abandoning him. His insult is too much, and divorce her only option. Bjorn catches up to them, and he too has decided to leave. Ragnar may have won the battle, but he just lost the war, everything he sought so hard to protect is now gone. Ragnar returns home to his princess and his cold empty home.

Don't count Lagertha out though. She may have left, but she's not gone, Princess Aslaug should sleep with one eye open.


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