Walking Dead Recap S4E11: Claimed

The zombies try to get balloons off of a street sign. Tara and presumably Glen roll in with Abraham and Co. The truck is too high for the walkers to reach, but that doesn’t stop them from trying. Before Tara can fire her gun and clear the side of the truck. Abraham stops her, and uses his tire iron to dispatch them. Tara watches as he takes care of them, a little in awe. He enjoys killing way too much. He tells Tara he’s the luckiest guy in the world, and the two of them go to move some cars blocking their path.

Carl eats his cereal, and laughs at Michonne’s new duds. She finishes the last of the cereal, and wishes for soy milk. Carl is not a fan and he mentions some of the things that he would rather have, when he slips about Judith’s formula, he has to leave. Rick thanks Michonne for helping Carl to laugh, he can’t be his father and best friend. Michonne is up for the task, and she wants to know the next step. Rick wants to stay put while they figure out the next step. Michonne tells him to rest while she looks for supplies, that he needs to regain his strength, atleast one more day. Michonne and Carl head out. Carl looks sad, and pretends it’s the hunger that’s gotten him down. The pair head out, and Rick locks up. He finds himself a book, a bed, and hopefully a nap.

Carl and Michonne dig through the houses. The biggest score seems to be the spray cheese, but carl isn’t enthusiastic about it. He tells her he’s just tired. Michonne goes to town on the cheese trying to make him laugh, but he doesn’t even crack a smile. She tells him that she doesn’t know how to make boys his age laugh, which brings about the question of children. She opens up and tells him that she had a son and he found her very funny. This brings on a barrage of questions. She agrees to answer his questions after they clear the house.

Rick awakens to voices in the house. Please be Abraham, please be Abraham! Rick check his watch, and spots them clearing the house. He hides under the bed. The bed of all places, cause no one looks under the bed. Hiding all signs of his being there, the room he’s in is searched, and they completely miss Rick. Rick’s watch click too loudly before he manages to silence it, but the soldier searching doesn’t hear it, instead he makes himself at home on the bed above Rick.

Carl asks Michonne about her son, his name, and Michonne doesn’t answer at first, but Carl points out that he cleared one room. She tells him her son’s name was Andre. He asks her if she had any others, but she doesn’t answer him until he clears another room. Cleared, she tells him no, Andre was a handful and her one and only. He clears another room, and asks her how she lost him. The only thing he found was a painting, she accepts it. And she tells him that it happened when everything went bad. She’s never told anyone else, not even rick. And carl tells her that her secret is safe with him, even if its not a secret. She unwraps the painting, and it looks like a portrait that’s been horribly altered. Michonne creeps around, Kitana at the ready, looking for the little girl in the house. She finds a little girls room, and everyone is dead inside, not zombie dead, just dead dead. The mother killed all the children and then herself. She shuts the door before Carl can see it. Carl thinks that there’s a baby in the room, but she tells him only a doll. He looks on the bright side, hoping that baby Judith is with Andrea and Mom somewhere. Why would anyone wish that kind of hell on anyone?

Rick waits, as the soldier sleeps above him, and another comes in. He wants the larger bed, and the two scuffle over the bed. The one spots Rick, but he can’t say anything as his partner chokes the life out of him as Rick watches. The new guy crawls into bed, and still rick lies there.

Glen awakens in the back of the truck. Tara tells him that she thought it was safer than on the side of the road. Glen asks about the bus, and Tara tells him that they passed the bus three hours ago, and that everyone was dead. Glen gets Abraham to stop the truck, and Abraham isn’t happy about it. He tells him that he’s on a time sensitive mission, and that they need to bind together. Glen doesn’t care about any mission that he’s on, but Abraham explains further. Eugene knows exactly what started the zombie apocalypse, and they’re taking him to Washington to stop it. Hello, Walking Dead plot point, its nice to see you. That bit of information stops Glen for a second. But they can’t tell him anything more, its classified. Abraham tells him that they’ve been trying to reach the muckity mucks in Washington, via satellite phones, but they’ve lost contact. Tara tells him that she  had to do something, that they were out of bullets, but that she will help him get back to the bus, she knows the way. Abraham tells Glen that there is a zero chance to find Maggie, that she’s gone. Glen punches Abraham, knocking him down. He’ll find Maggie. Abraham tries to choke out Glen, and the two scuffle, leaving the doctor as the only one with a gun, fumbling around with it. He lets out a spray of bullets, wasting plenty, before Abraham and Rosita can assist. All the walkers are taken care of, but worse, so is their truck.

Rick crawls out from beneath the bed, with the sleeping man above him still snoring away. The group inside is making all sorts of racket, one calls to the sleeping one telling him to come down. Rick does another ridiculously obvious hiding spot, behind a book case and again is unseen. Rick makes a move, but one of the men comes back, and Rick ducks into the bathroom stumbling upon one on the pot. There’s a quiet tussle, but Rick manages to choke the man with his own gun strap.

Rick finally finds a window that will open. He grabs the man’s gun and things, and crawls out. It’s a long drop down, but Rick takes it like a champ, landing on his feet. Down the stairs and he’s in the home stretch, with none the wiser. Rick makes for the front yard, and waits.

Abraham tries to make repairs to the truck as the other stand around listening to his story. The truck is practically indestructible, and still the Dr. Eugene managed to shoot it up. Rosita gives Glen back the picture he dropped. Glen gives Abraham back the gun, and heads back towards the bus, with Tara following him. Rosita joins the cause, its clear that way at least. Dr. Eugene thinks it’s a good idea too, and Abraham reluctantly follows.  

Rick waits as one of them comes out to the porch. Just as he’s about to strike a walker interrupts the men. Perfect timing, Michonne, and Carl have returned, and the three of them run off.

Abraham tries to make Tara believe in his cause, but he understands why she follows Glen, he respects her good heart, but wonders how long Glen will be happy even if he finds Maggie. She tells him that he doesn’t know her and she doesn’t know him. She knows why Eugene is going, and Rosita would follow him anywhere. She doesn’t understand why he’s going though. His motives don’t add up.

Rick, Carl, and Michonne follow the railroad tracks, they come across a sign promising sanctuary, and they take the chance and head towards it.


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