Walking Dead Recap S4E10: Inmates

We’ve seen the fates of Rick, Carl and Michonne, but what of our other favorites from the prison, cough cough, Daryl? Beth drew the long straw and got Daryl as her companion, and although paradise has been lost with the prison compromised, she’s got a chance. As she and Daryl run from the zombies in the aftermath of governor’s raid, they’re exhausted, and as her voice over talks about having hope and living in the safety of the prison for the rest of her life, well maybe, just maybe she shouldn’t have unpacked her back back after all.

Beth and Daryl try to figure out their next move. Beth knows that they aren’t the only ones out there. The loss of the prison has hit Daryl the hardest. While she’s all gungho to find the others, he’s stoic. She wants to find them and now, and he lets her go off, but not far before he follows her into the dark of night. They track through the morning. The tracks they find are hours old, but Beth keeps up hope that they’re still alive. Daryl sees that the pace was picked up, that things went south quickly. Beth stops to pick up grapes, and although Daryl acts insensitive, he still lends her his bandana for her grapes. The trail leads them to some fallen walkers, and one that’s more lively. It grabs Beth, and Daryl can’t get a clear shot. He grabs it off of her, and she finishes it off. They find some railroad tracks and some walkers feeding. Daryl finishes them off, and Beth spots a child’s shoe in the carnage. Beth has a little breakdown, but Daryl pushes them forward. Beth burns the pages of her journal.

Lizzie and Mika have Tyreese and baby Judith with them as they traipse the woods. Lizzie keeps Mika strong, but Mika wants Carol. Lizzie points out to Tyreese that it’s going to get darks soon, but Tyreese wants to go just a bit further. Ah the spot that Daryl and Beth found, where this group made camp. Baby Judith cries, and the group tries to quiet her. Lizzie gets a bottle ready for Judith, and just as she gets quiet Mika hears the walkers, and they make a break for it. The group comes to the grape vines, and Mika and Lizzie stuff their mouths. Judith’s cries have Tyreese stumped, and Mika grabs at Tyreese’s cut. Mika runs at some noise, and Tyreese and Lizzie run after her. Mika sees that she reopened his arm. Mika thinks of herself as the Sasha to Tyreese, but Lizzie points out that Sasha is dead. Wow, that little girl is harsh. They hear some cries in the distance, and Tyreese tells the girls to stick together, and he’ll be back soon, but he needs to check on them first.  Mika doesn’t want him to go, but he has to try.

Tyreese finds the group at the tracks, and jumps in to help. Judith cries, and Lizzie covers her mouth to quiet her. The group at the tracks is taken out one by one, and Tyreese can’t save them. Mika shoots at the walkers, but they get closer. The last man in the track group is bitten, before Tyreese can warn him of the walker behind him. He kills the walker, and Carol calls out from behind him. She has the girls with her. The bitten man from the tracks, tell them that if they follow the tracks they will find safety. Carol doesn’t want to stay on the tracks because of the lack of coverage, but he insist, telling them of a town. Mika tells Tyreese that she didn’t run. Carol has some water and food, and Tyreese passes it out. Tyreese tells her that he didn’t see her get out, and she tells him that she hadn’t gotten back yet, that she only saw the end of what happened at the prison, but that she’d been tracking them. The girls find the sign for the safe town that they were told about.

Maggie, Sasha and Bob are in another group. Bob smiles, and apologies for it. She tells him its okay to be happy to be alive, but he reminds her that Tyreese could still be out there. She doesn’t think anyone is. She gives Maggie the update on Bob, and she wants to stay put in the safe haven they found, but Maggie is on a mission. She lost Beth, but she knows that Glen got out, so she’s out to find him. Sasha doesn’t want to split up, but Maggie isn’t taking no for an answer. Bob follows Maggie, and Sasha has no choice but to follow even though she’d rather be looking for food and shelter. Maggie walks with determination, until they find the bus. She pushes forward, and Bob and Sasha have to run to keep up. The bus is too quiet, and a closer look shows its full of walkers. Maggie tells Sasha she should go. They try to stop her, but she has to know if Glen is inside. Bob decides that they will let them out one at a time. Sasha and Bob let them out, and Maggie kills them. So far no Glen. The walkers come too fast, and Sasha loses control of the door. The walkers come pouring out and the trio kill them all, but still no Glen. Maggie climbs aboard the bus to see if there is anyone else on it. It’s a bloody mess inside. There’s one last walker inside, and Maggie frees it to see who it is, but it isn’t Glen. Maggie breaks down in the front seat, Glen is still out there somewhere.

Glen awakens still in the prison. He’s alive, and barely out of reach of the walkers, but he’s surrounded and Maggie is no where in site. Glen heads back into the prison. It’s quiet and empty, and just a tad smoky from the tank blasts. Glen heads to the bed that he shared with Maggie, and finds his prison riot gear still there. He lies down on his bed, and finds the picture of a sleeping Maggie still next to his bed. Glen holds it and cries. Don’t worry, you’ll find her. With new determination, Glen regroups, and grabs weapons, liquor, and food. The man is on a mission now. Dressed in his riot gear, he walks out into the zombie fray, in relative safety. As he makes his way out of the prison, he spots Tara. She’s safe behind a fence, but without help there’s no way she’ll make it out. In fact, she doesn’t even seem to notice his passing.

Glen gets inside her cage, and takes her gun, and she doesn’t even try to stop him. Her gun is full, she never even fired a shot. He tries to get her to go with him, but she’s full of guilt over choosing the wrong side, but there’s no time for blame. He tells her he needs her help, and he gives her back her gun as he prepares his maltov cocktail. He throws it at a nearby car to draw in the zombies. He tells Tara to stay ahead of him and that he’ll cover her. She runs, and he’s right behind her as they make their way out of the prison. Tara didn’t see anyone get out, she saw her sister die. Tara tells Glen that she trusted the Governor, and then she saw him kill the old man. Glen can’t believe Hershel is gone. She says that Brian told them that the people in the prison were bad people, but she knows now that it wasn’t true. Glen is still in shock over hearing that Hershel is gone. Tara’s guilt is too much, but Glen still needs her to help him find his wife. Tara asks how he knows that she’s still alive, and he doesn’t. He knows that Hershel was a great man, who taught him that all he needs to do is believe, and he does. Tara doesn’t quite believe yet, but he tells her that she has to. Walkers catch up to them, and Glen meets them head on, he kills most of them, but the strain is too much for his still weakened body. Glen passes out and Tara kills the last walker when an Army truck pulls up. Out comes Sergeant Abraham Ford, Dr. Eugene Porter, and Rosita Espinosa and they are cast perfectly! I cannot wait for next week. If you’re a comic reader you know exactly who this trio is, and just how awesome they are. 


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