"Archer Vice: Baby Shower" - S5E6 Recap

Cherlene and the gang record a song and Lana storms in, furious about their recording at such an early hour in the morning. Cherlene insists that it's the Golden Hour but Lana tells them that this only applies to film and not audio recording. Krieger then says that he wasn't even recording. Mallory comes in and tells Lana to stop bothering them, since the recording is necessary to make a profit. Mallory ends up getting into a discussion with Lana where she advises her to get a wet nurse, saying that she had one for Archer till he was four.

When Archer notices Lana's foul mood, he decides that they should throw a baby shower for her. He sends Woodhouse to the store for party supplies and Archer plans to work with Pam to get Kenny Loggins to play at Lana's baby shower. They manage to track him down but after he autographs Archer's jacket and Archer becomes angry, he stun guns Archer and has him kicked out of the venue. Later, they sneak into his hotel room but are caught. Things escalate until they end up in a shoot-out. The glass pool on the edge of the balcony gets shot by Pam and Kenny nearly falls off the edge but Archer saves him. As thanks, Kenny sings at Lana's bridal shower in a duet with Cherlene. Woodhouse wheels Archer's childhood crib in and when Lana sees how happy she is, he claims that his giving it to her was entirely his idea. He is later infuriated when she doesn't realise that the singer is Kenny Loggins and doesn't recognise the song, "Danger Zone."

Archer Vice airs on Mondays on FX at 10PM.


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