"Archer Vice: Palace Intrigue: Part 1" - S5E10 Recap

The crew are on the plane and Archer likens it to a school bus and declares that they are like the Breakfast Club, assigning each of them a corresponding character. Lana is offended when they try to imply that she might be more like Ally Sheedy than Molly Ringwald. They're on the way to San Marcos to meet Calderone and sell him their newly acquired stash of weapons. The plane lands and they're promptly surrounded by Calderone and members of his military. He demands to know who is in charge and Mallory attempts to lay on some charm before Calderone becomes amazed by Krieger for some unknown reason, demanding everyone else be arrested. He then shoots up the box containing Sherlene and Pam is shot up when he hears a noise by it. When Sherlene pops up, he is thrilled, since she is wildly famous in his country. He brings her back to his palace and gives her a lavish room and pampers her. The others are put into less lavish rooms. Mallory grabs Calderone to talk business with him. A buxom maid comes in and seduces Archer.

Krieger discovers clones of himself working in a lab in the palace. Mallory tells Calderone that the White House has lost faith in him and that he must pay for the weapons himself. He claims he doesn't have the money for it even though he is surrounded by lavish items. The buxom towel maid from earlier comes in and introduces herself as Calderone's wife. Archer is uncomfortable and tries to leave, but Mallory won't let him. She makes thinly veiled references to her hook-up with Archer that make him squirm till he runs out. He encounters Krieger who has been telling the others about the clones he saw. Archer then encounters Lana and tells her about his recent hook-up. She responds by giving him advice: a swift punch to his crotch. The gang gathers round for dinner and when Sherlene shows up, and Calderone has them toast Sherlene's album going platinum. She's in disbelief since it came out yesterday and we then see that Calderone has massive quantities of the album. A soldier comes in and says that rebels have broken through the line. Explosions go off, smashing the windows of the palace.

Archer Vice airs on Mondays on FX at 10PM.


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