"Archer Vice: Smugglers' Blues" - S5E7 Recap

  • Pam is still a cocaine addict. She would rather be called a "cocaine enthusiast."
  • Archer went to college but flunked out.
  • Cherlene doesn't think all babies should be drowned, just "baby people."
  • Mallory is angry with Archer for bankrupting their cartel.
  • 2000 lbs of cocaine is now down to 1718 lbs. Thanks, Pam.
  • But wait. For once, it wasn't Pam. Archer, Syril, and Ray are flying to Colombia with 100 lbs of cocaine.
  • Archer wants to find "La Madrina" (The Godmother) to get into business with her.
  • Mallory asks Krieger to find them but he says he doesn't have the equipment (such as satellites) at this new facility. They don't even cable here.
  • Krieger is making $2000 a month on a gilf cam, using Woodhouse.
  • When Ray tells Archer not to compare what they're doing to intelligence work, Archer says that selling cocaine to cocaine dealers doesn't compare to helping overthrow democratically elected  governments of Chile, Nicaragua, and Iran. Cyril and Ray are impressed and note that ISIS did many bad things and this cocaine selling seems like a victimless crime.
  • Krieger tracks the boys' location to Colombia, after Ray posted a photo to "Snacklesnap," - an app for posting photos of your food. Mallory doesn't see the point of this and Krieger and Pam tell her that everyone hates it, despite their participating in it.
  • Lana deduces that the cocaine was brought as a sample to show to a cartel boss (La Madrina) that the product is high quality and already in the States, cutting the cost of transport.
  • Archer is making nice with the locals by taking shot and partying with them.
  • Archer reveals he wants to meet La Madrina and the locals agree to make a call so "someone will come."
  • The trio hide when par-militarios (right wing extremists with a propensity for kidnapping and murder) show up. Then, they escape out a window.
  • Archer tells Ray to get in their jeep and wait, while Archer will take out a par-militario guard and Cyril will remove the enemy's truck's distributor cap.
  • They end up in a shootout with the par-militarios but are able to get away.
  • The car overheats and they're forced to stop in the jungle as Archer had packed the engine compartment with cocaine.
  • When they see the par-militarios driving up, Archer checks and finds that Cyril grabbed the wrong piece of the engine.
  • Archer tells all of them to stand down, saying that it's all about machismo. They eventually drop all of their weapons. But it's not because of Archer; La Madrina and her crew have rolled up in a tank.
  • La Madrina and Archer strike up a deal and toast it with some liquor and lots of sex.
  • The following morning, La Madrina reveals herself to be deep undercover and arrests Archer, Cyril, and Ray. When Archer asks why she would have sex with him, she points out that he is "guapo."
  • When Lana tells Mallory that since Ray is not answering his mobile, which he always answers in the field, she says she's actually worried. Mallory pleads with Lana to go rescue Archer.
  • The boys realise they'll probably be murdered in prison, if they even make it there, since they pose a risk to La Madrina by knowing her real identity.
Archer Vice airs on Mondays on FX at 10PM.


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