Arrow Recap S2E17: Birds of Prey

Officer Lance prepares for a raid on Frank Bertinelli. Canary and Arrow watch over the police, mindful that Slade could strike at anytime. When the firefight get heavy, Arrow and Canary step in to offer their assistance. Lance takes a bullet to the chest, which stops Canary from getting one of the gunmen, after making sure that her father is okay, she takes off in pursuit. Arrow pins the guy they were after, and Canary throws hers from a window. After the battle, Lance scolds his daughter that she needs to show restraint and not throw guys from windows, he shot her father, she was showing restraint.

With Bertinelli behind bars, Team Arrow prepares for his daughter, Helena, to roll back in. She’s been killing people looking for her father, and now its only a matter of time she learns of his arrest and finds him. The determined beauty also just happens to be Oliver’s ex girlfriend.

Past, Slade gives Oliver a good beating.

Laurel has her second AA meeting. She threw career away for her addiction, and although she knows she can make it in there, she’s not sure she can make it in the real world. Adam calls, and Laurel goes to him. He invites her back to work. He has a case, and although she’s still dealing with barr sanctions, Adam can get them moved aside. He wants her on the Bertinelli case, but he’s offering only if she’s ready.

Roy give Thea a Tiffani’s box, inside is a bracelet. He sees Team Arrow in the club, and goes to see what they’re up to. They tell him of Helena heading their way, and Oliver asks him if he’s ready to get back in the field. He can’t wait to suit up.

Arrow stops Helena’s car, but she goes in reverse. Canary tries to stop it too, and Roy ends up getting shot in the hand. The driver is nothing more than a decoy. Arrow barely gets Roy to control himself as he tries to get information out of him, but he says he doesn’t have any. Helena has taken someone else hostage. She’s coming.

The guy who gave Helena into town is a college student. She didn’t kill him, and he had no clue who she was Felicity finds. Dig goes out to find some leads. Oliver worries about Roy’s control. Roy has none. When Roy loses himself to the rage, he can’t contain himself. Oliver asks him to stay away from Thea for her own good. Team Arrow hears that Laurel is back on the job on a shiny new case.

Sara goes to see her sister. She’s going to two meetings a day, but Sara isn’t worried about that. She tells her that Bertinelli’s psychotic daughter is on her way to kill him, when Laurel asks how she knows that she tells her that she doesn’t. Laurel knows that she’s a good lawyer, and she asks Sara to give her a chance to prove it.

Sara is worried over Oliver. The boat survivors ponder if they can survive for a time, like Oliver and the others did. Slade calls Sara. He tells her that Oliver is alive, but he needs someone to fix his boat. He asks if Mr. Hendrix is there, and he is.

Sara tells Oliver that Laurel won’t get off the case. He goes to see her. Sara tells him to bring his arrows, but he won’t kill Helena. She pointed out that he was willing to let Dig take the shot on Slade when it was his family, but he won’t do the same with Helena. He tells her that he created the Huntress. She points out that he created Slade too. Oliver tells her that where their families are concerned they don’t think clearly. He urges her to stay in the lair and out of the fight. Sara asks Dig and Felicity what they think. Felicity is all onboard for some girl on girl action if she sees the Huntress.

Oliver pays Laurel a visit. He says he’s not there to talk her out of taking the job. Laurel notices that they’re bringing Frank through the front doors. Smoke rolls in, and arrows fly. Huntress arrives. Oliver distracts her for a moment, telling her that she doesn’t have to do this, but she does. When the police arrive, Huntress sees that it was all a set up, but she has a plan of her own. Her gunmen open fire. Oliver gets Laurel out of the room, and goes to try to get others to safety. He and Laurel get separated, and he tells the swat team that the Huntress has hostages. Laurel is still in the building.

The Huntress keeps her hostages through the night. Adam knew of the plan, he was promised no casualties, but it didn’t work out that way. Helena makes a call, and tells them that her father needs to die. Lance makes a call to Arrow, and Oliver’s phone rings. Oliver shows him that its his mother. Away from Lance, Oliver talks to Lance, who tells him that Laurel is in the building, but he of course already knows. Oliver calls to the Lair, to have some clothes delivered, and discovers that Sara is missing. Sara went after Laurel. Inside the office Laurel fights off an attacker, when Canary appears and helps her kick some butt.

Roy loses his temper at the club, and crushes a rude customer’s shoulder. He realizes that Oliver is right and goes to break up with Thea. She won’t let him though, and work calls her away.

Laurel and Canary makes a run for it. Laurel gets them into a safe room, and she reaches for a bottle. Canary stops her from taking a drink for the sake of her hard earned sobriety. Laurel realized that she’s nothing more than expendable decoration. She tells Canary that her sister was right, that Sara is so strong, and she was trying to prove to her sister that she was strong too. Canary tells her to show her her strength. Arrow calls in, and Canary tells him that she has Laurel, but Laurel refuses to leave. Laurel knows that Helena will kill everyone, and she won’t leave without trying to help the other hostages. Arrow urges her to get Laurel out, that she isn’t a killer. Canary is what she needs to be.

Sara lies that Hendrix isn’t there, that he didn’t make it. Oliver tells her not to give Slade anything. He electrocutes Oliver, threatening to kill him if Hendrix isn’t there within the hour.

It’s been an hour, and the Huntress gets restless. She prepares to start killing people when Canary and Laurel arrive. Canary and Huntress go hand to hand as Laurel tries to get people out. Huntress sees Oliver’s touches all over Canary, knowing that he likes to dress up his women she says. She gets the upper hand on Sara and tosses her out of a window. Canary falls at Arrow’s feet, uninjured. Huntress has Laurel. Arrow calls Huntress, telling her that the police will never hand over her father, but she doesn’t expect them to. She wants Oliver to hand her father over to her for Laurel.

The bar is empty, and Thea calls to her staff, but no one is answering. She goes to get some vodka herself, and finds Roy kissing a pretty blonde. That’s one way to break up with someone.

Arrow and Canary go after Frank. Lance isn’t going to lose sleep over Frank, but he asks if he really plans to serve up Frank. Arrow doesn’t plan on anyone dying.

Laurel tries to  appeal to the Helena’s humanity. She understands loss she tells her, that Tommy died and she turned to pills and booze, pushing away everyone. Helena tells her that she does, that one you let the darkness inside you can’t get it out.

The SWAT captain, Captain Stein, plans a raid. He tells his men that if they’re wearing a mask they die. They rush in, and think they have the Huntress, but its one of the hostages posing as her. The actual Huntress has already made it out of the building dressed as a cop with Laurel in tow.

Frank goads the masked pair. Lance tells them to forget about restraint as he drives them to the rendezvous point.

Hendrix refuses to go back to the ship. The other prisoners are ready to hand him over, but the gun he waves at them is their only restraint. Sara knocks him out.

Frank tells Helena that he’s sorry, not for killing her fiancĂ©, but for causing the little girl that brought him so much joy, so much hurt. Arrow tells her that she doesn’t have to do this that it isn’t too late, but she tells him it does, she’s already gone. Helena’s goon, Captain Stein, distract Arrow, and he takes off after them, leaving the girls to duke it out. Huntress reminds her that last time they battled she threw her out a window. Canary doesn’t plan to let it happen again. When Captain Stein gets Arrow in his sights, Lance knocks him out, saving him. Canary gets the upper hand against Huntress this time, but before Canary can kill her, Laurel stops her, telling her that she’s not a killer. Canary tells her that she doesn’t know her, but Laurel thinks she does. Canary lets her go, and Huntress sees that her father is dead, but not by her hand. Her revenge can never be complete now. Lance detains her, as the police arrive, and Arrow and Canary make a break for it.

Helena is locked to a desk, Oliver comes to visit her. His family makes a generous donation to the police retirement fund, so sometimes he can call in a favor. She tells him to have them send her to a tropical prison. She admits that she thought she would feel different if she killed her father, but it didn’t change anything. Oliver admits that he was wrong too, that he thought he could help her, but he couldn’t, he was a killer too. She can’t help but to think that he father and Michael are together now,a nd she’s all alone. Oliver tells her that she isn’t alone, as she’s taken away.

Oliver asks Slade what he’s doing to him, and Slade had him tattooed with Shado’s tattoo. He’ll wear it as long as he lives, however short it is. Sara makes contact with Slade. She has what he wants, and she’s ready to hand it over.

The DA’s office fired Adam. The boss lady, Kate, tells laurel that unfortunately Adam didn’t have the authority to hire her back. Laurel tells her that she is going to hire her back, that if she doesn’t she’ll leak to the press that it was Adam that was the cause of the hostage crisis. Kate gives into the blackmail and extends Laurel’s job offer. She didn’t think that Laurel would give into the darkside, but Laurel admits that someone taught her a lesson about darkness recently.

Oliver finds Thea in tears. She tells him that she and Roy broke up, that she found Roy with another woman, and knows he was just doing it to push her away. She’s tired of all the lies and secrets, Roy’s, their mother’s, everyone’s. She asks him if he feels like their mother is still keeping something from them, and he tells her he doesn’t know. She tells him that he’s the only one that doesn’t keep secrets, not knowing that he’s keeping a whopper. Sara asks if Thea is okay after she leaves, and she is. Oliver tells her she did good, as Roy watches Thea leave.

Thea walks the street, and Slade picks her up.


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