Banshee S2E10 - "Bullets and Tears" Recap

Flashback to a young Rabbit killing a man named Yuri after he admits to stealing from him. He later toasts with his crew, including Anastacia and Lucas. They discuss what is to be their last job for a while, after which they will go quiet. It's the Capitol Diamond job that led to Lucas' imprisonment. Lucas and Anastacia don't think it's a good idea, as the security at the place is tremendously high. Rabbit tells Lucas that he sees him as a son, since he trusts him to protect Anna each time they do a job.

Anna is brought home by Oleg, another henchman. He asks to come in and spend the night with her but she respectfully tells him no. When she gets inside, she hooks up with Lucas, who is waiting for her, having snuck in through the window. They're plotting stealing from Rabbit so they can run away together. Lucas insists he has an in, after which they head to a drag bar where Job is on stage, doing a fierce song and dance number. When an ignorant jerk heckles Job, Job cuts the music and tells them off. One of the jerks tries to get violent, but Job knocks him out with ease and grace. After the show, Lucas heads backstage and introduces Anna to Job. They head to a back room and discuss the upcoming job. Job has also helped to set them up with new identities and a getaway car.

Rabbit is approached by Agent Racini, who has just taken over the investigation after the previous one was found to be dirty. It's implied he was in cahoots with Rabbit. They stare each other down, puff up their chests, and Rabbit says that he will break him.

Lucas and Anastacia head to meet a gangster named Fat Al. He's a gun dealer, among other things. Lucas plans on calling in a favour. They fight their way through some men guarding entry to an underground club and do pretty well until the men bring out their automated weapons. They're brought to meet Fat Al and ask for a massive quantity of weapons. Al is willing to give it to them for free, as he once saved his life.

Lucas sparrs with Oleg, who questions him as to whether or not he plans to run. Lucas says he's not and then Oleg tells him he would find him if he did. When Oleg starts to get more aggressive, Lucas lays him out. They both laugh it off.

Rabbit and Anastacia have dinner. He asks what she has on her mind and she brushes it off. He becomes stern, questioning if she would keep something from him but she smiles and tells him no. Later, she tells Lucas that Rabbit knows. He tells her she is just reading into things. Anastacia wants to wait but he reassures her that he doesn't know. Lucas is being watched.

The team meets and maps out their game plan for the job. This goes back and forth with Lucas and Anastacia meeting with Job who gives them their new documents. They say their goodbyes, though Job won't show much sentiment on the surface.

Cut to present day and Lucas and Carrie prepare their massive stash of weapons. Job tells them a direct assault isn't the best idea and that they should just blow the place to smithereens. Job wants to go with them but Lucas orders him back in bed. Rabbit's men are also seen preparing their weapons. Job asks them how he'll know if they're dead. Lucas tells him that if he wakes up tomorrow and they're not there, that they're dead. Job shouts after them, "Like I'm really gonna sleep tonight!"

Back to the past: Anastacia is having second thoughts while Lucas is cutting his way past the gates. She says they can turn back and that they can be honest with Rabbit about their relationship. Lucas tells him he'll never let them and this is the only they can be together. She has a bad feeling about the job. Oleg is then shown to be calling the police on the duo while Rabbit sits looking sullenly at a photo of him with his daughter.

Back to the present, Lucas and Carrie begin their assault on the church, making their way past the first round of guards. They get inside and take out more men. They head into the main cathedral and kill more men as Rabbit's brother sits and prays at the front. Once the men are dead, he begins speaking to Carrie, saying she bears a strong resemblance to her mother. He tells her that they are not safe, and more armed men come out. He then says, "When a family goes to war, there can be no victory." He walks into the back and the pair are forced to lower their weapons. They then jump down and crawl off as the men being their assault. Commence a big fat shoot-out. Eventually, the pair runs out of bullets.

They flashback to remembering running after the diamond job went sour. They look lovingly into each other's eyes and Lucas tells Carrie to run like hell to the back of the church once he gets up, telling her to get back to her family. This conversation plays along with Lucas telling her to run all those years ago before he took the fall for her. Lucas plants a kiss on Carrie and pulls out his knife, running towards the men, prepared to commit suicide. But as he runs at them, they are all shot down by automatic rifles in the hands of Job, Fat Al, and more of Fat Al's men.

Fat Al pokes fun at Lucas for running at seven men with machine guns wielding nothing but a knife. Fat Al proposes that they come downtown for breakfast with him before Rabbit's brother comes out shooting with a machine gun of his own. Lucas shoots him dead and no one else is hurt. Fat Al tells him he wants to hear the story and Lucas promises he will. As the pair head back to find Rabbit, Job calls after them, "This time, make sure he stay dead!" Oh, Job.

Past Agent Racini meets with Rabbit and tells him about the diamond job. He knows that Rabbit was behind their being called in. Rabbit tells him to go, offering nothing up. As Racini prepares to leave, Rabbit tells him that someday he will lose his patience and the wall the keeps Rabbit at bay will come down. Racini says that that is what he is hoping for.

Lucas and Carrie come across Rabbit, who is sitting with a bottle of booze. Carrie tells him that his brother and all the other men are dead. He says that there is no way out of this life and says that just for a minute, eternity can wait. Carrie lowers her weapon and sits next to her father and Lucas joins her on the other side with his weapon still up. Rabbit says that he got married in that courtyard and says that Carrie's mother was very beautiful. He couldn't stop shaking and thought he would pass out. Something broke in him when she died. He apologises to Anastacia and says he hopes his death can give back some of the peace he stole from her in life. She removes her ammo of all but one bullet and stands back up again. She hands him the gun, telling him, "Time will tell." She kisses him on the forehead and says goodbye before walking away. Lucas stays and Rabbit tells him to remember that in his future, there is a bench like the one he is currently sitting on waiting for him. Lucas tells him to go to hell. Rabbit fires the gun and it's light's out.

Lucas and Carrie nurse their wounds and reflect on the carnage from the church. Law enforcement descends on the church and the agent looks over Lucas' file. Lucas and Carrie drive back to Banshee and we flashback to Anastacia first learning she was pregnant. She called Rabbit to tell him off for turning them in. He says that she lied to him but he forgive her (and not Lucas). She says that she will never forgive him and that she is pregnant with Lucas' child and that he will never know it before hanging up. Rabbit is enraged (but when was he ever not?) Anastacia is revealed to be with Job, who presumably helped her finish her building a new life. Lucas is shown in prison, getting scoped out by his future rapist. Anastacia moved to Banshee with Gordon after meeting him as his waitress. Gordon tells her that he thinks they will be very happy there.

Back to the present, Carrie returns home to Gordon. She tells him that Rabbit dead. Lucas delivers the same news to Bates and they toast. Lucas returns to Siobhan and it's clear she's still terse with him. She tells him that Emmett left that day. She asks why he came there and he says that he needed to see her. She asks what he's going to do now and he embraces her.

Rebecca visits Alex Longshadow and sprawls herself out on his desk. He tells her there can be not question of her loyalty and she says there won't be. Then the sexual shenanigans begin. While Alex goes down on her, Rebecca pulls a gun from her purse. She prepares to pull the trigger but before he can, Alex throws her against the wall. He then throws her back onto the desk and says she can't kill him because he's "the thunder man" (seriously?) As he strangles her, Rebecca pulls out the knife he had in his belt and stabs him right in the jugular. The blood gushes from his wound and spills all down the front of her desk. He pulls the knife out and continues moving towards her. She backs up and reaches her gun, which she uses to kill him. She then stands over his body and says, "I've got all the thunder I need." Fantastic line.

Meanwhile, Emmett and his wife are gunned down by skinheads in a van.

Proctor returns home and Rebecca shows him a photo of a dead Alex Longshadow. He asks who did this and she says that she did it for him. He's then shown to be showering and catches Rebecca looking at him before she walks off. He comes out stark naked and finds her in his bedroom. She hugs him and it's clear that the Banshee writers are just loving drawing out and building up this creepiness.

Lucas returns to the station and Lotus returns his badge to him. Deva comes to visit Lucas and says, "Hello, dad."

In San Tholis Parish, New Orleans, an underground street fight takes place with onlookers waving their wages about. Chayton Littlestone is the victor of the fight and he lets out a ferocious roar. When his opponent gets back up, he brutally beats the man down before delivering devastating blows to the man's head and snapping his neck. He collects money from some men and gets a call from his crew. He learns of Alex Longshadow's death and tells his crew to pack up. When they ask where they're going, Alex replies, "Home." Goodbye Rabbit, looks like we've got a new Big Bad!

Banshee will return on Cinemax in series 3!


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