Banshee S2E9 - "Homecoming" Recap

Job follows after someone in a church but is caught and taken prisoner by them. He is questioned by the leader of this group but gives up no information. The leader leaves and tells the others to torture him. But Hood unleashes a can of whoop-ass and escapes. He shoots people, runs out, encounters a room of "priests," shoots more of them, before continuing his run and when he finally makes it outside, he gets into another fight with a guy whom he easily takes down and what happens next? He's hit by a car. Seriously.

Carrie is reconnecting with her husband and children. She apologises to her husband for lying and says that sometimes living with the lie long enough makes it feel like the truth. Lucas meets with Emmett, who is no longer wearing his uniform. Lucas tries to return his badge to him but Emmett won't take it back. Lucas tells him there are rules and then there is what's right. Emmett plans to head down to Florida to "see what it feels like." Emmett tells Lucas that though he has fooled everyone else, he hasn't fooled him. Lucas asks what he means, likely thinking his secret's been found out, and then Emmett replies that Lucas is a good man and it has been an honour working with him. Awww, this bromance is ending just when it could have began.

Proctor's creepy right-hand man, let's call him Specks, visits the lead skinhead in the hospital, who at first pleads for more morphine until he realises who it is. The man shuts the blinds and unplugs the guy's morphine. Specks tells him Proctor will no longer be in need of his services. Skinhead pleads for mercy but Specks strangles him to death instead. He then heads to the strip club in search of Julia, the stripper who talked to the authorities. She's in her dressing room preparing for another night of dancing when she's visited by Rebecca, who warns her about the threat on her life. When Specks gets to the room and picks the lock, strangling cable still in hand, he finds the room empty.

Bates visits Proctor in jail. Bates tells him that Lucas doesn't consult with him and Proctor questions whether he would have told him even if he did. Frankie says he has known Proctor since Proctor was a child but Proctor declines their connection, saying he'll be coming after Lucas when he gets out and that if Frankie gets in the way, he'll be taken down too.

Julia asks Rebecca why she is helping her and she says she knows what it feels like to be trapped in your own life. Rebecca tells her to get her son and run, which she does. Lucas learns of this from Siobhan. Alex Longshadow visits Rebecca in one of Proctor's meat factory and expresses his concerns over how Proctor's arrest will effect him and his tribe. He tells Rebecca that he will be helping the authorities to take Proctor down and that it's time for her to make a choice. When she asks why he's getting her involved, he responds, "I like you." And then they make out. Well that came out of nowhere. She plays along but after he leaves, she wipes her mouth in disdain.

Later, Proctor meets with his lawyer, who is doing everything in his power to get him out. Rebecca has also filled them in on Longshadow's intent to take him down. His lawyer steps out, allowing Proctor time to speak with Rebecca. After she leaves, he has a surprise visit from his mother. She apologises for not protecting him and blames herself and Proctor's father for the fact that he is now behind bars. She tells him that his crimes are her crimes and he becomes emotional. She asks if she may visit him again and he agrees.

An agent visits the church that we previously saw Job infiltrate. He questions the priest that had ordered Job tortured and we learn that he is Rabbit's brother. This agent was the one that questioned Lucas when he was arrested for the diamond heist. After he leaves, we see that Rabbit is there with him in hiding. He says he had hoped to be stronger when facing Lucas again but now he has no choice, as the authorities are closing in. His brother says it was a mistake to send the assassin after them but Rabbit replies that the only mistake was her failure. We also see Job in the hospital and they have yet to identify him. He tries to get out, saying that they will kill him but the nurse forces him back into bed, saying that he has a concussion. The brothers are on the lookout for him and are confident that they will find him.

Deputy Lotus meets with Gordon and tells him about the exploded meth lab. He tells him that the day before it exploded, he had been out there with Lucas. They are trying to uncover what Lucas is up to and it's yet another obstacle that Lucas will have to keep an eye out for, once he learns about this threat.

Carrie speaks with Gordon about when she first learned the truth about her father. She didn't know anything was out of the ordinary until she was 11 and saw a newspaper with a story about him. Gordon assures her there will be plenty of time for her to share everything with him.

Lucas and Siobhan discuss Emmett. Siobhan can't believe Emmett would have lost it but Lucas believes that he made a conscious choice and that everyone reaches a breaking point where they will do whatever they need to to protect their loved ones. They then get a little frisky but are interrupted when Lucas receives a call from Job who fills him in on what has happened and needs Lucas to come find hiim. Siobhan is upset by Lucas just leaving like this and she (maybe) breaks up with him over the fact that he has too many secrets. Lucas then visits the station where he finds Brock sitting in his chair. He tells him he needs to go out of town for a yet undetermined amount of time. He leaves his badge on the table and Brock asks him, "Who the hell are you?" Lucas just says goodbye.

Carrie and Gordon are having reconnect-sex but are interrupted by a knock at the door. Gordon answers the door and Lucas asks to see Carrie. Gordon is furious but Carrie comes downstairs and asks him what has happened. He tells her Job has found Rabbit and that he's hurt. Lucas tells her he's going after him and Carrie insists on coming. Gordon throws a tantrum like a belligerent child and throws his anger at Lucas, who walks off, telling Carrie she can come or not but either way, he's going. Gordon angrily chases after him and takes Lucas' gun, pointing it at him while Carrie pleads with him to put it down. Things continue to grow more heated until Carrie blurts out, "He's Deva's father." Gordon is stunned and puts the gun down. Lucas walks away and Carrie promises to tell Gordon everything but she has to go first and either kill Rabbit or die trying.

In the car, Carrie tells Lucas that either Rabbit will die or both of them will and Lucas agrees with the sentiment. We then see both sides preparing for battle by cocking their guns. The bad guys head to the hospital dressed as priests and Job appears to be asleep (or sedated) in bed. Carrie and Lucas also arrive at the hospital and Carrie passes by a priest but recognises the spider tattoo on his neck. They shoot at each other before ending up going in different directions. Seriously, how did no one hear the gunfire in a hospital?

Job wakes and attempts to knife the person approaching his bed but it's Lucas who grabs his wrist. Lucas sees a shadow and knows that someone is coming. He ends up in a fight with that bad guy while Carrie ends up in a shootout with the other bad guy in the main reception area. The security on site calls for backup and nearly apprehends Carrie but then he's shot dead by the bad guy. Lucas is able to shoot his bad guy dead while poor Job looks like he's going to have a heart attack. The other bad guy grabs one of the hospital workers (seriously, why is it a woman? Such a cliche), and tells Carrie to come out or he'll shoot her. They talk in Russian (I think) as she gets closer... close enough to shoot the guy in the head.

She reaches Lucas and Job and downstairs, law enforcement has arrived, including the agent that questioned Lucas and questioned Rabbit's brother. He passes by Lucas and the other who are disguised as patients, all of which are being evacuated, and once he realises who it is, he hollers and tries to chase after him but it's too late; they've escaped.

They're set up in a nice hotel room somewhere. Job is recuperating on bed and suggests that Lucas get in touch with a man with whom they had previously been associated with to help them take down Rabbit. Rabbit's brother delivers the bad news about his dead men and the failed attempt to kill Job. Rabbit notes that he spent 15 years searching for his daughter and now she is hunting him. He asks his brother if he really believe in god and he then says that god always felt like something men made up to feel less alone. But now, he is more alone than he has ever been. Now, instead of wishing for god, he hopes he doesn't exist. If he does exist, he will have no peace whether dead or alive and his sins will follow him beyond the grave.

Specks visits Rebecca and tells her he doesn't trust her. She replies, "I don't give a shit."

Lucas and Carrie go out on the balcony and look out at the city, no doubt internally reflecting on what's to come.

In a post-credits scene, Gordon looks at a photo of his family, whilst smoking a cigarette, honing in on Deva.

Banshee airs on Fridays on Cinemax at 10PM.


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