Bitten Recap S1E10: Descent

Elena packs for Toronto. Clay tells her that it wasn’t his idea to accompany her, but he agrees that its not safe for her to go alone. Elena has an art exhibit, and she doesn’t want his to railroad her life. Elena wants to come clean to Clay, she was vulnerable and needed to feel safe, and it was a mistake for her. She tells him about Philip, and he already knew about him. The previous night wasn’t a mistake for him, and he tells her that he will do what he can to not railroad her life. He even switches his wedding band to his right hand. Poor Clay, he’s trying.

Joey has escaped, and he calls to Stone Haven. He tells Nick where he’s at, and he races to save him.

Logan apologizes to Elena and Clay. They tell him that Jeremy is worried about him, and he confesses that Rachel is pregnant, and that it is a boy. He’s avoiding pack law, until he received the gift. Clay tells him that he needs to tell Jeremy, but Logan fears what Jeremy will say or do. Elena urges Logan to contact Jeremy, that its more than just for the protection of the pack.

Victor spies on Elena, and he remembers his former victim well.

Logan tells Elena about the wolf video. He pauses before mentioning Philip, but Elena tells him to proceed. He spills about the ad campaign, and his cover story. Elena doesn’t like the skinny dipping with cover story, but points out that he was also curious about the pack picture. Elena thinks she can smooth everything over at her show.

Joey has made it back to Stone Haven, but he’s all over the place. He’s in very bad shape, Nick treats the dehydration, trying to reassure him that he’s safe, and that they will get revenge. Nick feels his pain, he too lost his father. Jeremy tries to get them to focus.

Elena takes Clay home, she needs to change, and tells him to not touch anything. He asks her how she plans to explain staying at a hotel, but before she can really think of a story, Philip comes home, and she has to introduce her “cousin Clay” to Philip. Clay does his best to be sociable. Philip invites Clay to stay with them, and Clay agrees, much to Elena’s dismay.

Daniel scolds Victor for not calling in. Victor gives Daniel the good news that Elena is back in Toronto, and that she looks the same. Daniel reiterates the deal, he gets revenge, but he doesn’t get to touch Elena. Although Victor tells him that he understands, Victor looks like he’s the touching type. Good luck controlling that mutt.

Philip makes up Clay’s couch bed. Clay questions Philip about his job, when Philip turns the tables on him, asking what he’s doing in Toronto. He’s looking at doing a lecture series. The conversation turns to Elena’s art, each man seeing what they want to in it, and Elena, uncomfortable makes off for bed. Philip follows, but Elena isn’t feeling frisky with their houseguest. Philip says he understands, but his body language says differently. They lie in bed but neither sleep, the distance too much between them. Clay looks around the table at some of Philip’s ad campaign stuff. He finds an iPad, and the wolf video. Clay tries to get more information on who commissioned the ad campaign.

Clay cooks up a big breakfast. Philip marvels at the home cooked meal, saying that Elena isn’t a fan of breakfast. Diane sends a message, and Elena goes to meet her. Clay plans on following, Elena invites Philip too, but he can’t come. After an extended goodbye, Philip thanks Clay for breakfast.

Jeremy questions Joey about the mutts. Joey tells them that he was supposed to be one of the mutt’s first victim. He ran and hid, and when he thought that they were gone, he found a payphone to call. They kept him drugged up so that he couldn’t change, and he was blindfolded before they released him for their little hunt so he isn’t sure where he was. He tells them the bits and pieces that he does remember, some overheard phone calls. None of the news makes Jeremy happy.

Diane waits at the art gallery for Elena, so happy to see her. Elena comes bearing donuts, and Diane considers indulging until she sees Clay. She likes what she sees, and Elena is grateful for everything that Diane is doing. Clay goes to help Logan and Rachel, and Diane wants all the details on the very sexy Clay. Rachel is doing the catering for the event, and goes to finalize the menu. Logan is freaking out a little bit about telling Jeremy about the baby, and Clay tells him that Jeremy will put the pack above all else, and whatever choice he makes, to make sure its one he can live with.

Nick pulls up a map of the nearby terrain, and draws a circle radius where the mutts are likely to be. There is nothing that sounds remotely like the place that Joey was held in that area. Jeremy points out that the story was very vague, and perhaps there’s a reason for that. Nick asks Jeremy what his motivation would be to work with the mutts. Jeremy wonders if Joey traded his life for the pack trust. Nick doesn’t believe it, but Jeremy tells him that they do not have the luxury of trust. Jeremy hopes that he’s wrong, but that when he awakens Nick is to press him for more information.

Daniel reiterates that Victor must control his impulses, that they aren’t there to rekindle old relationships. Victor tells him that he has no idea how it is to have a connection with someone that the entire world frowns upon. Daniel tells him that Elena is no longer a child, but she never was to Victor. She didn’t love him like a child, with a pure open heart. She testified against him, and he wants revenge.

Elena’s work impresses a large art buyer, Diane explains to Clay how big an opportunity it is for her, tells him that she hopes he’ll come to more of her shows. She’s clearly very interested in Clay, and embarrassed over her motor mouth. He eases her a little telling her that he use to teach anthropology at the college, but returning is a little complicated. She gives her condolences about their cousin Danielle, and he slips a little, before recovering as Elena listens in.

Jeremy talks to Joey about his father’s tracking ability. Joey tells him that he never wanted to leave the pack, but he feared being between Jeremy and his father Malcolm, that Malcolm had threatened him. Jeremy points out that Malcolm had been dead for months, but that he doesn’t begrudge him for fearing Malcolm. He was a bitter and vindictive man. Jeremy comes back to Joey’s father’s amazing tracking capacity, pointing out that only Elena’s surpassed his. He asks Joey, how his nose failed him so bad that the mutts were able to get close enough to kill him. Joey looks a little panicked.

Logan returns to Stone Haven. Nick is waiting, and he embraces him. Logan gives his condolences for not being there when Antonio died, but Nick isn’t holding a grudge. Logan tells him that he can’t leave Rachel and that he’s only there to talk to Jeremy in person. Nick tells him that Jeremy is in with Joey at the moment, and takes him to have a drink while he waits. Nick doesn’t think that he can possibly have that bad of news. Logan confesses that he’s going to be a father. Nick congratulates him, and gets him a special drink. Antonio brought some special whiskey back from one of his trips, and Nick thinks that this is a definite reason to celebrate. He tells Nick about the rattle, and that he was afraid of leaving Rachel alone if the mutts were around, that he was avoiding the pack because he can’t fathom the idea of taking the baby from Rachel, of never seeing her again.

Clay looks over some of the sponsors, and one of the name looks familiar. Diane has never met the man in person, he tracked her down on twitter. He’s a big fan of Elena’s work, and he orchestrated a lot of the affair, making demands. Clay tears himself away from Diane, concerned. He asks Elena if she’s okay, and she gushes, that she’s better than okay. He tells her not to underestimate herself. Philip swoops in, interrupting them, and Diane joins in too. She asks for Clay’s help, and he reluctantly tears himself away. Philip goes to get some champagne to celebrate, and Elena hears a frighteningly familiar voice. Victor is at her show, and she’s a little rabbit again. She asks him to leave, but her fear excites him.

Diane leads Clay into the parking lot to get more champagne, when he spots Daniel’s car. He leaves Diane with her hands full, and greets Daniel with a face full of steering wheel.

Elena thought Victor was still in prison, but he got out, after serving his time. He tells her that she was always his favorite. Philip spies Victor, and slams him into a photograph. He slugs him good, and Victor tells him that what happened to Elena was her own fault, that she never said no. Philip hits him a few more times, until Elena pulls him off Victor.

Clay has too many reasons to kill Daniel, his latest antics against Jeremy are reason enough. Before he can kill him, Diane comes and interrupts, giving Daniel a chance to get away. Clay tells her that he saw him hotwiring the car, and was trying to stop him. Daniel slows his getaway just enough to pick up Victor, as Clay can only watch. Clay takes her back inside.

Logan tells Nick that he’s proof a werewolf can be raised by a human mother, but Nick points out that not knowing what he was didn’t make it easier for him. That learning his secret so late in life was a shock, and then being forced to put that family behind him wasn’t easy. Logan admits that what he’s saying is true. Nick warns that the longer the child stays with Rachel, the worse it will be for all of them. Logan tells him that at least he had the benefit of being raised by his mother, and that his son deserves the same, and that’s what he plans to tell Jeremy. Nick opens up about his father leaving his mother. Antonio loved Nick’s mother that he never stopped loving her, but to protect her and the pack he had to leave her. There is a reason that the rules exist. Logan asks if he never thinks about her. And Nick answers “Vanilla.” Sexy has a light bulb.

Jeremy asks why the mutts went to his house. Joey tells him that the mutts wanted to know which side they would be on, and although his father said that they were undecided, they were always on the pack’s side, he was just trying to save his own life. Jeremy finally admits that he wants to believe him, but he doesn’t. Joey claims that he would never work with the mutts, they killed his father. Jeremy still doesn’t believe, but Nick does. The smell of Vanilla was from a whiskey distillery.

Clay comes rushing in to check on Elena. Philip tells Clay that he took care of it. Elena tells Clay that Victor Olsen showed up, but that he didn’t hurt her. Philip goes to get her things. Clay tells her that he should have been inside with her, that Daniel was waiting outside and they got away. Elena worries about Rachel going home alone, but Clay knows she wasn’t the target. He points out that if they changed Olsen that its about her. He also tells her that the top patron of the Gallery show, just happens to be the guy who hired Philip for the campaign, that just too many coincidences to not be connected. The mutts laid the perfect plan for put Olsen in front of her. Clay refuses to leave her side, and Elena refuses to leave Toronto.

Philip remains in a bad news after the gallery. Clay goes out on the balcony to give them privacy. Elena admits that there are bad people who are trying to hurt her and her family, and that is why she’s been to Stone Haven so often. She tells him that there is no cousin Danielle, no car accident. He asks about Logan and Clay, and if they really are her cousins. She tells him that her New York family aren’t family by blood, but Jeremy is the closest thing she has to a father, and her cousins are the closest thing she has to family. Outside, Clay puts a call in to Jeremy and updates him. They plan to stay put. Elena tells him that was before she met him, and now she’s trying to distance herself from them. Philip asks her why she brought Clay with her then, and she tells him that she didn’t have a choice. Clay tries to not listen as his heart breaks.

Jeremy, Nick, Logan and Joey find where the mutts kept him, but they’ve been gone for atleast a day. Jeremy orders the place to be searched for clues.

Elena tells Philip that a life with him is what she wants, and Philip asks again about Clay. Elena tells him that Jeremy sent Clay to protect her, but Philip thinks he proved that he’s capable of protecting her. Philip’s jealous side continues to rear its ugly head as he tells her that he sees how Clay looks at her, how they are together, and the photo. Elena tells him that its from years ago, but it doesn’t assuage Philip in the least. Philip asks her to tell him that she’s done with Clay, and she can’t.

Jeremy, Nick, Logan and Joey search through the mutt’s things. Jeremy finds a box of little mementos. Jeremy finds a ring of interest, and Nick has found something. Jeremy found something too, his father’s ring. Nick shows them what he’s found. Surveillance pictures of them in Toronto. Logan has to get back to Rachel, he announces that she’s pregnant with a son. Jeremy tells him to go, not a trace of anger in his voice.

Elena tries to get Philip to stop, to talk, but there’s nothing left to say. He tells Elena he cannot be with someone he can’t trust, and he leaves her.

Nick finds that Clay was right, the mutts are after Elena.


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