Bitten Recap S1E8: Prisoner

The pack is left to clean up their losses yet again. This one has to be a little harder, as they scrub their kitchen clean of Antonio’s blood. Elena feels like they failed Antonio, and Clay admits that they did. And even worse of all their alpha Jeremy is sick. It’s not just bloodloss, Jeremy tells Elena that he’s been poisoned. Clay plans to work on Cain to find out what was used, and Elena scrambles to find what she can, but Cain isn’t interested in talking. He’s changed himself into a big bad wolf to avoid it.

Elena gets ready to go after the mutts. Clay doesn’t want her to go alone, but Elena sees that this is the best option. She knows there was a woman involved, and she plans to find her and wring the information she needs out of her, but promises to call at the first sign of trouble.

Nick is at his club, needed a place to clear his head. He meets with Jorge, who is so wrapped up in Nicks usually lifestyle, that he’s looking for some ladies, but Nick needs his help as a lawyer. He tells Jorge that his father is dead, and Jorge thinks it’s a joke. Poor Nicky, its definitely not a joke.

Clay brings out the big toys and prepares to force Cain back into his human form. He tranqs the big dog easily.

Sylvie and Philip continue to collaborate on his project. She thinks that camera man from the wolf video is hiding something. Sylvie thinks he may have been out there for something else. She forwards the video to a stack of clothing. Sylvie muses that he had gone out there to catch a pair of lovers on the beach, a flash of recognition is quickly discarded. Philip tells her that if Nate is indeed a peeping tom they’ll have to look to a different strategy for the campaign, unwilling to be linked to the potential backlash. Philip plans to meet up with Nate and see if there is any additional footage he should know about and Sylvie sees it as the perfect opportunity for her to tag a long yet again. She tries to snake her way in and kiss him, but Philip isn’t interested. Sylvie tells him that he could have called any of her friends to do the same service, but he called her, and that has to mean something especially with Elena still MIA.

Elena goes back to the gas station for Cain’s truck, and finds lady items inside as she searches it for clues. She finds a ticket inside, bingo, she has what she needs.

Nick updates Jorge on the mutt problem. Jorge wants to talk to Jeremy in person, but Nick tells him it’s a no go. The Sorrentinos are pack now and always, and they plan on teaching the mutts and anyone else who threatens the pack a lesson, but he does need his cousin to erase his father’s death. He wants to let everyone think that Jeremy let his father retire. Jorge has a big job ahead of him. Nick assures Jorge that everything is other control, and just like that Nick grows up real quickly.

Philip looks through pictures of Elena, and zooms in on her necklace, it’s the same one as in the video.

Cain wakes up as a human, and he’s strung up. Clay warns him that it gets tighter, the more he pulls. Cain doesn’t want to talk, and Clay isn’t forcing him yet. He also warns that if Cain changes, the way he’s tied up will rip his wolf shoulders out of socket. Clay is being really very reasonable for the local psychopath.

Elena looks for Cain’s trailer, matching the spot number to the ticket she found in the truck. Just as she’s about to break in, Philip calls. He’s just checking in he says. He asks her if she’s been running, since she left her running gear at home, but normal running isn’t exactly on her mind. Philip asks her about running with Logan, and on Cherry Beach. She hasn’t put two and two together yet, and he asks her if she’s wearing her anniversary necklace now. She picks up on his strangeness, and he tells her he just wants things to be normal, and to come home soon. They hang up and she breaks the lock.

Clay asks what was on the blade that poisoned Jeremy, Cain claims he doesn’t know. Santos didn’t tell him about any poison but that LeBlanc must have poisoned his blade. Cain sees the brilliance of Santos’ new wolf, but he still doesn’t plan on playing ball. Clay urges him to talk while he’s being friendly, and Cain talks, just not about what he wants to hear. He tells him how Pete died, how he squealed and cried like a girl, begging for his life as LeBlanc slit his throat. Cain tells him that he’s not scared of him, trying to goad Clay into killing him, but he’s not taking the bait.

Elena snoops around the trailer. The girl isn’t there, and Elena calls into Clay, while Cain listens in. Clay asks Cain who the girl is, and Cain wants a fight. Cain tells him that the girl is a junky and means nothing to him, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The chickie returns home in a cab, and Elena hides out. She packs up her stuff, and Elena lets her go. She leaves back the way she came.

Jorge makes quick work of Antonio accounts, but his meetings may be different. Nick plans some flights, making it look like a midlife crisis. He plans to get the rumor mill working overtime, to assist with his cover up, it’s a beautifully spun tail. With Antonio’s life tied up, he takes his place in the legacy.

Jeremy is getting worse. He wants to tell Elena about the first day at Stone Haven, but Clay tells him he isn’t dead yet, that there is still time. Jeremy tells Clay to do what he has to to get the information from Cain, but Clay knows Cain wishes for death. Jeremy shares with Clay about his first change, how Malcolm was a horrible father. Jeremy has been an excellent father, and Clay would change places with him in a heartbeat if he could.

Cain’s girl, Amber sits in the local diner. Elena tracks her down, and makes herself cozy in her booth. Amber asks if Cain is alive, and Elena tells her he is for now. She asks if he’s hurt, and she’s not sure. Amber knows exactly who she is, and knows about the whole werewolf thing too. She threatens to shout it from the rooftop. Elena tells her him staying alive will depend on her.

Cain complains that he can’t feel his arms, and Clay tells him to rub them to increase circulation. He feeds his prisoner, and goes over his mutt dossier. Cain was a drifter his whole life, as was his father. Cain laughs, asks what he would know about it. Clay reveals that he was bitten at age 7, in a camp outside of Baton Rouge. That gets Cain’s attention. Clay was feral and all alone, so he understands. Cain softens just a bit. Clay tells him how Jeremy found him, brought him home and gave him a chance. Clay tells him that they don’t have to fight, that he could join the pack. Cain doesn’t believe the offer could be true, he did just murder Pete. Clay reasons that Pete always put the pack first and so can he, but that Cain needs to help him find out what Jeremy was poisoned with.

Elena tells Amber that Cain signed her death warrant by just revealing his secret to her, that she’ll be tracked and killed by the best hunters. She knew of the rule, but said that Cain would rather risk punishment than to kill her. Amber liked the idea that a real live werewolf was in love with her, until she heard about Elena, and she wants what she is. If she were a wolf she could live the life she wants with Cain without fear. Elena is shocked to hear that Amber asked to be bitten. Amber doesn’t believe for a moment that Elena is special, doesn’t understand the real odd that she would die, and Elena looks at her in horror as she claims that she thinks she could survive.

Cain tells him the other thing that his father taught him. He came from a long line of wolves, and deserves freedom. The pack lets the trash in, and punishes everyone else. His own father died in an ugly way, but that’s just life Cain thinks. Clay stalks away, and just in time, the sheriff has arrived. She came to see Clay. She asks to come in, but he tells her he was just getting ready to head into town.

Elena asks Amber about the poison, but she’s clueless about it. She tells her that it must have been LeBlanc, that she steered clear of him. Amber makes a deal, bring Cain back to her, and she’ll lead her to LeBlanc. Elena pays her tab, and promises that if she leads her to LeBlanc she’ll do what she can for her and Cain, that all she can do is talk to Jeremy, but really that’s their only hope anyways. They told Amber that Elena would say something like that, they were right about a lot of things. And in walks in Elena’s welcoming party. Marsten and LeBlanc have arrived. Marsten sends Amber away. Elena tells him that biting psychos is one thing, but letting humans run around knowing their secret is something else all together. The human wasn’t Marsten’s idea, and he’s not the mastermind of this crazy plan. When Elena gets aggressive, it turns LeBlanc on. Marsten brings up Santos’ offer. Marsten is interested in territory, and that’s his only real qualm with the pack. LeBlanc on the other hand is trying to get cozy with Elena, taunting her, but instead of scaring her, its only pissing her off. Elena grabs him, crushing his hand, and telling him that he’s causing a scene. He thinks he’s an effort in keeping a low profile. Elena breaks his arm, as Marsten fails to hide his amusement. LeBlanc curses her and lets slip that Jeremy was poisoned with Ricin, and is forced to let her out of the booth to try to save her alpha.

Elena returns to Stone Haven, but Clay isn’t home. She goes to Jeremy, and tells him that he was poisoned with Ricin. She asks what she needs to do, and Jeremy tells her a blood transfusion. Without missing a beat, she sets it all up, and starts pumping it into Jeremy. Elena worries about compatibility, as she lies down next to him, and he tells her that there’s no need to, that they’re the same.

Nick sits down for a drink with his bar designer, Amanda. He opens up a bottle of 96, which holds memories for him of his father. Amanda never heard Nick talk about his father, and as Nick describes the hunt, Amanda gets all tingly. She asks if he’s trying to seduce her, but there’s no need, the works already been done. He takes Amanda on the floor, and she’s more than his wiling victim. Nick’s hot quotient goes up a few notches.

Philip goes to Nate’s apartment and finds it empty. The landlord tells him that the only person that lived there was an old hag named Liz. She died about a month ago, and there was definitely no computers, and no Nate. He asks Philip to leave.

Clay returns, and Elena tells him that Jeremy should be fine. Clay was at the station, talking with the sheriff, and she really had nothing to hold him with. Clay isn’t happy when he hears that Elena was face to face with LeBlanc, more angry that the mutts slipped away. Elena had no choice because she had to save Jeremy. Clay is even more upset because Elena constantly fights against him, when he’s just trying to protect her. She asks where that protection was when he bit her. Ooooh, that’s a low blow. She tells him that Cain isn’t trying to protect the other mutts, but Amber. Clay is upset that the let her go too, missing the point. Elena elaborates. Cain loved Amber so much that he told her what he was, trusting her, giving her the chance that Clay never gave her. She tells him that Cain loves her so much, that he refuses to bite her, afraid of losing her, he won’t risk her life. She tells him, that’s what love is.

Clay pays Cain another visit, and tranqs him again. Naked, and bound to a chair he awakens. Clay tells him that they know about Amber. Cain begs for Clay to listen, that Amber won’t tell anyone. Clay tells him that he has to kill her anyways, but maybe he’ll give her her wish, and bite her. Cain stammers about Santos’ plan, Clay wants the location. Cain tells him that Jimmy Koenig is coming soon, and begs Clay not to hurt her, begs Clay to kill him, but to let Amber live. He begs Clay not to hurt her, and Clay grabs a big piece of hardware. Clay asks if Cain loves her, if that’s why he joined Santos. Cain admits he’d do anything to keep her safe. Clay asks if he plays out his life in his head with her, building the kind of life he never got. Cain does and admitting it hurts more. Clay tells him he was right about one thing. He tells him that for killing Pete he will never be forgiven, and clips his manhood. There will be no puppies out of that one.

Nick returns home, and Jeremy is looking better. Logan still hasn’t called in, and he tells Nick that he’s going to have to check on him. Nick isn’t ever going to fill his fathers shoes, but Jeremy still values his opinion. He tells Jeremy that Logan knows his place, but for now, they need to focus on Marsden, Santos, LeBlanc and any others they made. Clay comes with an update, telling them that Cain is handled. Nick offers to help, but Clay kindly refuses. Clay announces that Jimmy Koenig is coming for them, a former Pack enforcer, and still a force to be reckoned with. Nick tells Elena that he was the one that took out most of the mutts, that Antonio called him a killing machine.

Clay admits that Elena was right, that Cain loved Amber more than life, that she can hate him for how they got there, but it doesn’t matter they are who they are. He tells her that what they have is real, and that it’s up to her to decide what it is that they have between them.


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