Bitten Recap S1E11: Settling

Early morning, and Elena sits awake staring at her phone, but its not ringing, Philip is gone. Clay speaks to Jeremy on the phone, he tells him that she’s emotional right now. Elena tells him that Philip is gone, and he has what he wanted. Clay never wanted her hurt. He tells her that Jeremy and Nick found Joey, and the mutt hideout. Jeremy and Nick are coming. The pack is regrouping and going back to Stone Haven. Elena has to find Philip first and break his heart.

Logan comes home, and finds Rachel’s half eaten breakfast and panics with his phone dead. He charges his phone, and gives her a call. She’s fine, cleaning up at the gallery. She tells him a little about Elena, Victor and Philip, when Karl Marsden walks in. Rachel offers to get him some information on the artist, and Logan flips out. She gives him the number for Diane to get a hold of Elena. Logan panics on the phone, and Marsden leaves easy enough. Logan tells her to come home immediately, claiming he has a surprise for her when she balks. He wants her to stay on the phone until she arrives.

Joey is on the plane to Vancouver, and Nick and Jeremy prepare to head to Toronto. The Sheriff interrupts his leaving. The FBI is preparing to flood his property in regards to a bunch of murders linked to Michael Braxton’s disappearance. Jeremy isn’t going anywhere any time soon. She fills Jeremy in some of the details of the leads. State forensics found a print on an old lead, its Thomas LeBlanc. Jeremy tells her that the name means nothing to him, and she gives him a little insight into LeBlanc’s past. Jeremy thinks that maybe LeBlanc was trying to use the recent wolf kills to hide the bodies, but she points out that serial killers never change their M.O. and the Braxton kill would be exactly that. She tells him that they need to figure out exactly where the body was killed so they can maybe get additional clue. She feels bad that a majority of the recent troubles has found their way to StoneHaven, though the occupants have been innocent.

Elena can’t sit around waiting for Jeremy anymore. She needs to find Philip, he’s not answering. Clay reiterates that Jeremy  said to stay together and stay put. She worries that the mutts may go after Philip, but Clay points out that it would mean risking exposure, and it wouldn’t be worth it to the mutts. Elena thinks Clay is gambling with Philip’s life. But Clay is sure that its all a game to Daniel Santos, and the pictures found at the hideout prove they could have killed Philip long ago.

Logan waits for Rachel to get home, tense as ever. Rachel arrives, and Logan wants to go to Jamaica. He tells her to get her passport and pack a bag, before she’s too pregnant to fly. He wants to book the trip for tonight, and it takes Rachel a moment to see that he is serious. She tells him to book it next month and she’ll take the time off.

Philip arrives at the Gallery, and Diane asks him where he’s been. Elena has called so many times. Philip stayed at a hotel the last night, everything with Elena is all fuzzy. She thinks that the gallery scuffle was to blame, but he tells her that he fought with Elena about Clay, who isn’t her cousin.

Elena panics when she learns of the photos. She asked how long they’ve been watching her. They have been working on this for at least a year, and he tells her about Malcolm’s ring. Clay wonders if James Williams is really Daniel Santos, but Elena tells him that Philip didn’t know Santos at his sister’s wedding which was after he was hired on the wolf video campaign, so either Williams was hired or he’s another mutt. Elena doesn’t understand the end game, but its pretty simple. They want the pack destroyed, and Elena.

Victor stuffs his face, completely insatiable, while LeBlanc and Santos wait for Marsden. He fills them in on everything, including his run in with Rachel. The pack is in a frenzy, and its almost time, which makes Santos glad. They’re driving his crazy. He thinks that LeBlanc and Victor will do what he says. He pushes Marsden around telling him to stay with LeBlanc. Santos may be pushing the wrong wolf, but he goes for now.

Elena questions Clay’s theory, since LeBlanc did try to kill her, but LeBlanc is a psychopath who they lost control of. Clay is more concerned about Santos. He planted the video, knowing that if Philip figured out Elena was a wolf, they’d have to kill him, and she would resent the pack for it. He tells her that if she walks away now, then she takes his leverage. For a pretty boy, he’s very smart. Elena can’t do that. Philip returns, wanting to talk to Elena, not Clay.

Santos walks down the street when a car pulls up. The person inside the car is the one running the show. He wants the pack all dead, but tells Daniel he’ll get his prize.

Elena goes to the bedroom with Philip, and Philip asks why she lied to him. She didn’t know how to explain everything so she lied. He’s the kindest man, and she didn’t want to bring the turmoil of her past. She tells him that she wasn’t with Clay when they got together. The calmness, the family, everything that he is, that’s what she wanted, but she fears her past will take it all. He asks her if she still wants that, and she does. He asks about Clay. There are worst things in her past that Victor Olsen she tells him, people who want to hurt her, and that is why Clay is there. Philip tells her to call the police, but she can’t. She’s still trying to protect him, but he cannot believe the craziness of her story. She needs him to believe though, and he needs a minute alone. She goes.

Rachel makes a meal, but Logan still wants to leave. He tells her that they have to get out immediately, that their lives are in danger. He urges her to back a bag, and she’s scared, but still not moving.

Nick watches the FBI agents from the window, while Jeremy busies himself with paperwork. Clay is getting restless in Toronto, and Nick doesn’t blame him with Philip. Nick wonders if the rules are too lax with Elena and Logan becoming too wrapped up with humans. Jeremy tells him that his father urged him to relax the rules after Clay bit Elena. He asks what Antonio whispered to him before he died. He told him his mother’s name.

Clay still cannot get ahold of Logan. She tells him that he’s worried about Rachel and the baby. Clay knows that they cannot wait any longer, and tells her to prepare her goodbyes. Elena goes to the door, but can’t go through it, she makes a stop in the bathroom to catch her breath. She takes off the pendant that Philip gave her and leaves it on the counter. Elena goes to see Philip. He was trying to get his thoughts together. She tells him that he waited long after most men would have given up, so he doesn’t have to say anything more. He was trying to think of everything that he knows about her, how she closes her eyes to listen to the rain, how she cries at happy endings more than sad ones, and when they sit together and tucks her hair behind her ear she’s about to rest her head on his shoulder. He realized that he only knows the small things about her, but he wants to know the large ones too. He wants more, and he’s willing to leave to move anywhere for her. No one has to know where they’ve gone, but Elena tells him that he cannot, that he would never see his family. He loves her, and he says that there is nothing she could say that would change that. He drops on his knee to propose. She kisses him, but she cannot give him an answer. She runs with tears in her eyes, and Clay is outside. He didn’t hear any of it. She slips out while he has his back turned.

The sheriff tells Jeremy of a break. LeBlanc was sighted, and the FBI is packing up. She thanks him for his cooperation. He tells her that with his work he needs his privacy, but thanks her for everything. She wishes they had met under better circumstances, and he tells her that they still might. Once gone, Jeremy tells Nick that LeBlanc may be in Toronto with the other mutts, they prepare to leave.

Elena comes to talk to Logan. She tells him that Nick and Jeremy are on the way, and Philip is with Clay. Logan wants to get Rachel away, but Logan needs to get Rachel away from the Pack. He owes everything to Jeremy, but he cannot take his child away from Rachel. Elena tells him she will do what she can, and she urges him to get his stuff together too. Elena goes upstairs to speak with Rachel. Elena doesn’t sugarcoat anything. She tells her that there are some bad people who want to hurt the family, and furthermore that their cousin wasn’t injured in a car accident, but murdered. Rachel worries about her family, about the baby. Elena tells her to trust Logan, that he knows what to do, that the family will clean up the mess and then they can come back. Logan still plans for Jamaica, Elena is going to Stone Haven. She tells him that once everything is over she will appeal to Jeremy. Logan doesn’t think that Jeremy will accept Rachel. Elena sees a new future, with new rules unless the pack changes. He thinks that maybe she should be alpha. He’s going to miss her, but she plans to keep in touch.

Philip wants to involve the police, but even Clay says that they cannot. He blames Clay for Elena’s involvement, and he doesn’t deny it. He admits that she fell in love with the wrong guy, that it hit them too fast, not exactly words the guy wants to hear after she walked out of his proposal. Clay tells him that he wanted to keep her out of his family’s business, that she wanted to get away, but couldn’t. He asks if Clay is still in love with her, but Clay tells him that it doesn’t matter. Jeremy’s call interrupts them for a second. He tells Philip that the family is coming soon, and Philip wants to come if she’s leaving. But clay tells him its not going to happen.

Logan continues to pack more. Rachel wants to call her sister, but he tells her that they can’t. Logan hears dogs barking, and Logan hides her in the shower. He uses her perfume to cover up her scent, pouring the bottle down the stairwell.

Elena back to her apartment. Her doorman tells her that she just missed her friends, and the cigar in his pocket fills her with fear.

Philip prepares to leave, but Clay won’t let him. He’s his responsibility he says. Elena phones Philip to tell him to get out, but its too late, Victor and Santos kick in the door. Clay keeps Philip behind him. Santos says that they just want to talk to Elena, and Santos taunts him, wanting to expose him. Elena begins shifting.

Marsden and LeBlanc come in the side door, and the perfume overwhelms them. Marsden cautions him not to be cocky, and they move to find Logan.

Clay tells Philip to stay out of it, and get out. Clay warns that once he kills Victor, he’s going to take his time with Santos. It’s an all out brawl, and Philip gets taken out early with a kick to the knee from Victor, and a stab to his side before Clay knocks Victor away from him.

Marsden searches a closet, when Logan springs on him with a garrote, choking him into unconsciousness.  LeBlanc heads upstairs though, and creeps towards the bathroom. Rachel is stuck and scared. Someone grabs LeBlanc back.

In the apartment Clay continues to take on both Santos and Victor while Philip holds his ouchies. Logan takes out LeBlanc, and drags him downstairs to use the garrote on him too. LeBlanc manages to stab Logan a few times, but Logan doesn’t let go until Rachel interrupts him. Insufferable woman, she’ll be the death of him.

Santos lands some heavy blows on Clay, but tying himself to Clay is a bad move, as Clay manhandles him. Philip decides to crawl away, smearing blood everywhere, and Victor stalks after him, knife in hand.

Logan throws LeBlanc from the house. Rachel asks Logan who the men were, and Logan sees that Marsden is gone. Rachel goes to his side, and her hand comes away bloodied. He tells her no ambulances, to take him to StoneHaven.

Victor closes the door, glad to be alone with Philip. As he plots which body part to cut out first, wolfy Elena strikes. She bites off his fingers, but he gets away from her, and she’s trapped in the room with Philip. Clay takes on both Victor and Santos, and Santos injects Clay with something. Without opposable thumbs, Elena can’t get out of the room. She looks over Philip, showing him what she is, but goes into the bathroom to shift back. She goes through the painful transformation, and if there was any doubt in his mind, she ruins it for him by coming out buck naked. Fear laces his expression. She does to check on Clay, and finds a quiet house. They’re gone, and only a syringe remains. Her apartment is trashed, but there is no sign of Clay. She runs back to Philip to call him an ambulance, he’s in shock. In a better world, she tells him, she would have married him. They would have gotten to share the small moments. She kisses him, she loves him, nothing will change that. He looks at her like she’s a monster, and she runs out.


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