Bitten Recap S1E9: Vengeance

Jeremy spars with Nick, trying to prepare him for the upcoming fight. His father died because he was unprepared, and Jeremy cannot afford to have anyone fighting with emotions. Jimmy Koenig in the past always fought for the pack not against it. Jeremy warns that Antonio underestimated Jimmy in the past and vowed to never do it again. When Antonio came back to the pack, Jeremy was suppose to go get him, but his father had something else in mind and sent Jimmy. Antonio admitted that he finally understood why sons were raised by the pack. Antonio told Jimmy that if he plans to kill him to do it quick, and bring his son to Jeremy. His father had other plans, he wanted him to watch Jimmy at work as he killed another mutt, and to do the same himself. Antonio choked his captive, crushing his windpipe, then Jimmy forced him to dig their graves. Antonio rejoined the pack, and never spoke of Nick’s mother again. Jeremy asked Dominic about it later, and Antonio’s father had never given the order, it was all Jimmy’s manipulation. He forced Antonio to kill someone just for sport. Jimmy enjoys the kill, wants to savor that victory. Jeremy warns Nick not to lose his focus.

Elena and Clay spar. He tells her that her eyes are giving away her next move, but she’s not taking his advice. He’s trying to share with him all that Malcolm taught him about Jimmy’s fighting style. Elena fights harder, and Clay puts her down. He tells her that if she hates him, that Koenig is worse, to take all her hate and channel it against Koenig, cause he won’t be easy on her, he doesn’t love her. Elena stalks off. Nick gives Clay an update on Jeremy. He’s not fully recovered, but they can only hope he’s prepared.

Daniel fills Jimmy in on the fact Cain has been compromised, which is fine by Jimmy. He plans to meet Jeremy head on, he called and set up the meeting himself, and he warns Daniel away. Daniel warns that he’ll be outnumbered, but Jimmy thinks it just makes his job easier. He tells Daniel that he’ll clean up his mess. Le Blanc nettles at Daniel, that Jimmy is giving him grief. Le Blanc wants a chance to kill Jeremy for sport. Daniel tells him if he wants to take a run at the pack be prepared for Clay. He tells him about a mutt that went after the pack 10 years ago, Clay skinned him alive. Le Blanc may kill for fun, but Clay does it for obligation, no mutt goes into Stone Haven and comes out whole, if they come out at all. Amber is broken hearted to hear that he doesn’t think Cain is still alive. Daniel prepares another bunny for Victor Olsen to hunt, which Le Blanc thinks is a waste of time. Le Blanc wants to atleast kill Joey Stillwell, who they have bagged in a cage, but Daniel is saving him for Victor. Amber cries, Cain should have listened, should have changed her. Le Blanc tells her that if Cain was smarter he would still be here, and Amber’s little mind comes with another plan. She plays to Le Blanc’s ego, stroking it, he pulls a knife on her, and she continues her seduction. She plays up destroying the pack, destroying Elena.

Nick tells Jeremy that he’s not ready, that his injuries are a liability.  Logan still has not arrived, so they’ll have to go without him. Elena worries that it may be a trap, but Jeremy knows that Jimmy likes to fight alone. The pack has been hit hard with recent loses, but Jeremy plans to end everything today, with his family around him.

Logan and Rachel get a sonogram and see their little gummy bear on the screen. So far everything looks good. Rachel asks when she can start telling people, and the doctor tells her since it’s a healthy pregnancy she can start now. The doctor tells them the sex of the baby, and dashes all of Logan’s dream when she reveals the baby is a boy. Worst news ever for a werewolf, were only the male children inherit the wolf gene.

Philip continues to scrutinize the video showing her necklace, worried. Diane arrives, she has gotten a lot of interest in Elena’s work, but Elena isn’t returning her calls, and worse, she needs to move up the date of her show. Diane hopes she can get Philip’s help setting up, he agrees if she’ll help him with something. He shows her the video of the wolves taking down the coyote, and the part that’s bothering him, Elena’s necklace at the tail end of the video, on her clothing. Elena was running that night nearby on the beach with her cousin Logan. Diane repeats his words, telling him that he sounds crazy. She doesn’t believe that she’s sleeping with her cousin, that there’s a reasonable explanation for it. Diane suggests that if he can’t talk to Elena about it to talk to Logan and put his mind at ease.

Jeremy waits in the abandoned factory for Jimmy. Jimmy expected some kind of fanfare, but Jeremy is saving it for his funeral. Jimmy retired after Dominic’s death, but he couldn’t say no to this last job. He needed some kind of excitement. Jimmy smells out the other, but they’ve been warned not to get involved. Jimmy is disappointed to see that the pack is so small. He warns after he’s killed Jeremy, he’ll kill the rest. Jeremy matches Jimmy blow for blow, but Jimmy quickly takes advantage of Jeremy’s recent stabbing. Nick jumps in when Jeremy goes down, and gets thrown at Clay and Elena, giving him time to get away.

Rachel discusses the baby’s nursery, debating on sports or dinosaurs. Logan doesn’t really like the ideas of scary dinosaurs, and he’s clearly not as excited for the baby being a boy as she is. Rachel picks up on his worries, thinking that he’s worried about being a bad father because his own was hardly around. She gives him a picture that she found and had framed of the pack, and tells him that his father may not have raised him, but he still had family.

Clay searches for Jimmy, kicking in doors. He hears a pipe break upstairs and heads towards the noise. Elena and Nick find one of Jimmy’s cigarette’s still lit and split up to find him. Jeremy heads towards the boiler room, but hears a noise behind him and heads that way. Nick heads up. Elena heads out and Le Blanc grabs her. He taunts her telling her that he’ll enjoy watching her bleed. She throws him off and makes a run for it.

Clay and Nick search, Elena runs. A homeless woman comes out from behind some rubbage, and Elena tries to get her out of the way and to safety. Elena goes down with a gunshot to the shoulder.

The guys hear the gunfire, and head towards the noise, Koenig forgotten. Elena dives into the woman’s home as Le Blanc nears. She crawls through and hides out, but Le Blanc is too new to uses his sense to smell her out. As Jeremy runs towards the continuing sounds of gunfire, Koenig jumps out, surprising Jeremy, but Jeremy quickly recovers. With Elena in danger, Jeremy fights harder than before. Up jimmy still finds the upperhand.

Le Blanc continues his hunt, and Elena remains out of his reach, crawling away and hiding beneath a car. Clay remains desperate to find her, spies Le Blanc shooting the homeless woman, mistakening her for Elena. He tears off for Le Blanc. Le Blanc turns over his victim, disappointed but with no remorse, as he continues searching, not knowing that Elena is within reach.

Jimmy thinks he has Jeremy defeated, but Jeremy still has some fight left in him. Jimmy takes a pipe to Jeremy, as Nick arrives seeing the fight just beyond him. Jimmy goes to crush Jeremy’s wind pipe, taunting him that they always knew it would end this way when Nick steps in. He grabs Jimmy’s windpipe crushing it, before snapping his neck instead.

Clay makes it outside. Elena’s instincts fight against her, as her body goes to make a change. Clay races towards her, but Elena can’t stop the wolf from coming. She struggles beneath the car as she changes, and Le Blanc hears her cries. He thinks that he has the better of her, taunting about what piece he’ll add to his scrap book. Clay arrives, distracting Le Blanc, and giving Elena time to get away and get control of herself. Le Blanc finally uses his instincts, and smells her out. Elena runs headlong into Clay, in a panic for a moment.

Philip catches up to Logan, asking him for five minutes. Logan is in a hurry, but gives him the time he’s asking for. Philip tells him of his wolf video, of the clothes at the end of it. He tells her that they’re Elena’s, and they were supposed to be running together. Logan admits that they were running that night, which raises Philip’s alarms. He demands to know why his girlfriend’s clothes where on the beach. Logan tells him that he and Rachel had a fight, that Elena was a sounding board and then the two of them went swimming, that they never saw any wolves. Philip accepts the answer, and Logan tells him that though their family is having some troubles right now, Elena is very much wanting to get back to him. Philip sees the family picture from Bear Valley, and asks which one is Jeremy, when Clay catches his eye, or maybe it’s the fact that Elena’s hand is on his knee. Logan tells him it’s their cousin Clay, and although he accepts that answer, he doesn’t look so sure of it. Logan walks him out and finds a package on his doorstep.

Daniel cages Le Blanc for stepping in, and moreso for going after Elena. Daniel is pissed about him toying with Elena. Daniel tells him to forget about Koenig, and take some time to think about what he’s done. Le Blanc isn’t exactly sorry for going after Elena. Amber tells Le Blanc that it’s a shame the bullet didn’t connect, but he tells her that the next one will. He asks her to let him out, and she’s willing for a price. She wants to become a wolf too, she wants revenge, and asks Le Blanc for his help. He starts to undress.

Logan sits with a package. It’s a gift. Rachel comes in and finds a beautiful silver rattle. She told no one about the baby, and the sender even knows it’s a boy. Logan hopes that he let the baby news slip to Elena, still worried over it. He tells her that he’s going to push back his trip to Stone Haven, worried about her, and he should be.

Jeremy stitches up Elena, feeling responsible for Elena getting separated from the group. Elena tells them that she was trapped, that she almost changed, but she stopped it. Jeremy has never heard of anyone being able to stop it. Finished stitching, Jeremy offers to disinfect the rest of her scrapes, but Elena just wants rest.

Le Blanc watches Amber. She tells him that as soon as he bites her, she’ll let him out. She tells him he can be rough with her, she likes it. Gentle is one thing that Le Blanc is not. He bites her wrist, savoring the feeling, believing that her revenge will come soon.

Jeremy finds Nick having a drink, and he’s come prepared. Nick is reading over the Sorrentino family history, he knows that his father would be proud. Nick admits that Jeremy was right, that Koenig let down his guard, too wrapped up in the upcoming kill. He wonders if Jeremy put his life on the line so that Nick could have the kill, but Jeremy doesn’t answer. In all the ruckus, they have yet to spread Antonio’s ashes. Jeremy offers to drive up with him to his family estate and do it, it’s not far and they could be back by morning. The two go to pay Antonio tribute.

Elena sits in the library next to the fire. Clay enters, and she rises. He asks her not to leave. She thought he went with the others to spread Antonio’s ashes. He tells her that she doesn’t have to pretend with him. She worries about the what ifs, but he’s just glad she’s alive, he thought he lost her. She kisses him, and he reciprocates her at first tentative kisses. Their kisses turn more passionate, and they strip down and have sex before the fire. It’s a sweet moment of release, of coming back together.

The next morning, reality comes crashing in, and Elena wakes up naked next to Clay. She slips away, and he feels her go.

Amber goes through her first change, struggling with it. Le Blanc laughs at her struggles.

Logan calls Elena, and she misses his call. He gets her message though, telling her that he needs to talk to her alone. It’s followed by a message from Diane, telling her that the gallery showing has been moved up.

Jeremy finds Elena leaving for Toronto. He allows her to go, knowing that she she’s worked hard for it. He tells her to check in with Logan, concerned about his absence. Furthermore, he tells her that Clay will go with her, that she cannot go alone with all of the issues they’re facing. Clay listens in on the whole conversation. He tells her that Clay either goes with her, or she doesn’t go at all. Elena doesn’t want Clay to come for obvious issues, but Jeremy isn’t budging on this.


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