Black Sails S1E6 - "VI." Review

The highlight of tonight's episode is the fighting back. For one, we see the slaves (who are treated and referred to as cargo) work together to try to break out of their restraints in the hopes of finding their way home. Just when you think one of them has betrayed his fellow captives, he shows where his allegiance truly lies. Also important is the plot line of Max and Bonny. The incessant brutality inflicted on Max, the "whore" is lazy writing; there are other ways to assert the brutality of these pirates, if their brutality even needs to be proved in the first place. To see Bonny regret her actions and insist on making them right by conspiring to get Max out her predicament has been my favourite moment of the entire show. Bonny's been a largely under-utilised badass but perhaps this is but a glimpse of what's to come with her character. The moment where Max offers herself to Bonny as thanks for the rescue is also powerful. Max is someone whose only worth, in the eyes of others, is her body and sexuality. For Bonny to ask for nothing in return, especially when it's sex that Max is offering, it is an important moment for both characters. Though Black Sails seems to be striving to paint a more accurate portrait of pirates, stomping all over its female characters is wholly unnecessary and unwelcome.

Black Sails airs on Saturdays on Starz at 9PM.

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