Black Sails S1E7 - "VII." Review

This episode of Black Sails sees several relationships, not necessarily romantic ones, falling apart. Gates and Flint argue over Billy Bones being lost at sea. Gates sees Billy as being like a son and has taken his loss very hard, being none too pleased about what he sees as Flint's indifference to the loss. Eleanor is displeased with Mr. Scott's betrayal and he points out the fact that she owns him when she questions his not running away. Then we get the ultimate patronising, slave-owning comeback: "You know I've never thought of you that way." Take a moment to roll your eyes at that one. Seeing Mr. Scott take up an offer to work elsewhere will be a strong and better choice, unless we see him return to his white master out of some misplaced sense of loyalty.
The fight scenes in this episode are strongly choreographed and executed. Having Vane confront his past and thus revealing to the audience that he was once a slave adds another dimension to the character. The symbolism of his being buried but then "rising from the dead" to kill his former master/owner and become the leader of his people was a nice touch. It will be interesting to see what sort of ruler he is. If he himself becomes tyrannical towards them, he'll no doubt struggle with it upon realising it. Finally, I am most interested to see what is done with the character of Max. Now that she has been returned to her former place of work (and residence), it would be utterly atrocious if she is put back into the "victim whore" trope. Perhaps we may see her take over the brothel as a Madame in the upcoming season? I'd love to see her take part in the power plays so prevalent on the show and gain some of her own.

Black Sails airs on Saturdays on Starz at 9PM.


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