Community S5E10 - "Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" Recap

Hickey gets an e-mail from his sister asking him what he will be bringing to his grandson's birthday party. He is grumpy about this because he has a strained relationship with the boy's son and has therefore not been invited to the party. He tells the group that the only thing his son Hank ever does is play Dungeons and Dragons. Annie suggests that they play the game in order to reconnect Hickey with his son. The Dean invites himself along to the game.

Abed assumes the role of Dungeon Master. The goal of the game is that they reach the top of a mountain and kill the Necromancer to free the realm from its evil magic. Hank is put off upon learning that his character is the son of Hickey's character. they're then forced to reassign characters, leading the Dean to now be Jeff's son. Hank becomes hostile in his moves, leading him and Hickey to argue. He tells Hick that he didn't invite him to his son's birthday party because he wanted to enjoy it. Jeff tries to mediate the situation but Abed announces that the events of the game have caused the group to be split in two. Hank tries to leave but Hickey challenges him, saying that if he kills the Necromancer, he will get to come to his grandson's birthday party. Hank agrees, saying that if he kills the Necromancer first, Hickey must not come to Christmas or Thanksgiving at Aunt Rachel's place.

The group is split with Hickey, Jeff, Annie, and Shirley in one group and Hank, Chang, Britta, and the Dean in the other. Hickey sets off (in the game), and the other follow after him. He is attacked by hobgoblins and tries to fend them by punching them in the heart. Shirley casts a protective spell but ends up dead after doing so. She lays a guilt trip on Hickey as she leave the apartment and game. Abed warns Hickey that he should be taking this game seriously, since his son does, before heading to the other room to continue on with the other group.

Hank tells the group that he knows they think he's the bad guy but that his father was never there growing up. The game continues on and eventually the groups are reunited. Dean tries to hug Jeff, using his character as an excuse to do so but it leads to him being killed, though he still insists on hugging Jeff, before falling down dead. A battle ensues between the two groups and several dice rolls later, everyone except Hickey and Hank are dead. The two refuse to quit playing, and Jeff tells the rest of the group as they exit the apartment that they can't stand to be in the same room, nor can they stand to be apart. By continuing the game, they're avoiding doing either.

The episode ends with Abed being the Dungeon Master to a game where several stuffed animals are playing. Annie interrupts to ask Abed if he is almost done, since she cannot sleep without her "stuffies." Abed rolls the dice once more and declares that a goblin murders all of them, then bids Annie goodnight.

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