Da Vinci's Demons S2E2 - "The Blood of Brothers" Recap

Lorenzo is still trying to kill Leonardo, who informs him about the blood transfusion. He then begins hollering, wanting to know where his brother is and Vanessa tells him that he died in battle. Lorenzo then asks to be taken home. Andrea tells him the streets are dangerous and the Pazzis are growing stronger, planning to invade the city. Da Vinci shows Lorenzo to the window so he can see the fighting happening down below. The city needs its leader.  Lorenzo is broken, grieving from the loss of his brother, saying all is lost. Vanessa then chooses this moment to reveal that she is pregnant with Guiliano's child. The news reinvigorates Lorenzo, who asks for a sword so he may return to the palace. Leonardo tells him he will need more than a sword.

Zoroaster and Lucrezia pop up to the surface. As it turns out, Lucrezia had passed him a hairpin via the kiss they shared before being thrown overboard, having remembered Leonardo saying that Zoroaster was a master at lock-picking.

Count Riario visits Nico, trying to coax him to his side through flattery and attempted manipulation regarding Leonardo's supposedly not valuing him. Nico asks why he is keeping him alive and Riario says it is because he likes him.

Clarice is visited by some men who want to take control of the Medici banks, believing Lorenzo to be dead. She orders them sent away. Leonardo gets to a high point with good acoustics and decides to have Lorenzo come up and speak to the people. He delivers a speech to rally them behind him and those that had previously been listened to the Pazzis instead let out the Medici rally cry. The Pazzis are forced to flee. Clarice, having heard the speech, opens the doors and orders the guards to go out and apprehend the Pazzi traitors.

Leonardo helps Lorenzo onto a horse and guides him back towards the palace while the Pazzis are brutally murdered. Lorenzo greets his wife by publicly commending her for her strength and bravery. She welcomes him home and Lorenzo rallies the people once more.

The Pope must re-evaluate his plans to seize Florence. He creates a new alliance and begins new plans to take over.

Lorenzo wants to get new weapons but Leonard says this will only temporarily hold off their enemies. He tells him about the Book of Leaves and how he believes obtaining it will put an end to the war. Lorenzo is annoyed by what he sees as Leonardo's abandoning the city but grants him permission to leave.

Clarice visits Franceso Pazzi, and tells him he will be killed the following morning, while all trace of Pazzi will be erased from history. She also tells her brother that he will be killed. He pleads for mercy, citing his profession as a cardinal, but she reminds him of his traitorous ways and the attempt made on their lives on a Sunday. He says he is her brother and she responds that she has no brother.

Zoroaster and Lucrezia steal some clothes and prepare for their journey back to Florence. Zoroaster makes it back to Leonardo's workshop and tells him about Nico's being Riario's captive. Leonardo is upset about both this and not having his ship, crew, or map to pursue the Book of Leaves. Zoroaster says he has someone who can help but tells Leonardo he must stay calm. It's then that he reveals Lucrezia being with him. Zoroaster and Andrea leave them alone. She provides the name of a man who can help him get a ship, crew, and a map. She wants nothing in return except for Risario dead. She admires Leonardo's tenacity in fighting to move past the restraints of his birthright. Leonardo returns a pendant that belonged to Lucrezia's father, saying that perhaps she could return it with his regards. She says that it's hers now and wants him to keep it. She will have to leave him in order to be free and they both shed tears at having to part.

The people of Florence gather to watch Francesco's execution. Both he and Clarice's brother are hanged and the people cheer. Zoroaster is not pleased with Lucrezia's idea, telling Leonardo is not to be trusted. Their relationship is still tense. Zoroaster says he will follow Leonardo to the end of the earth to get Nico back but after that, he'll be gone. He doesn't care about the Book of Leaves. They come to find the man Lucrezia advised and he was playing dead till Leonardo figures out he's faking since the death-stench was wrong. The new plan is to head to Pizza and steal one of their ships.

Vanessa visits Clarice, who tells her she will stay with them since Lorenzo has found hope in her offspring. Vanessa is not pleased, preferring the freedom from outside the palace walls, but she doesn't have much of a choice. Lorenzo practices his eulogy for his brother's funeral. Clarice comes in and comforts the grieving Lorenzo. Leonardo visits Vanessa to say goodbye before he departs on his journey. She says she wishes she could go with him but Leonardo says he wouldn't be able to keep her safe, let alone her child. Leonardo tells her the Medicis are wise will come to realise how lucky they are to have her with them. Leonardo's father comes in to tell Leonardo that Lorenzo wants to have a final word with him. Leonardo tells his father to take care of this bastard better than the last one (meaning himself).

Lorenzo asks Leonardo if he really believes the Book of Leaves with help and Leonardo says he believes it can save Florence. Lorenzo shows him a sword given to him by his grandfather. The sword is actually two swords in one. He was meant to share it with his brother but gives Leonardo the other sword, citing a script about blood flowing in veins. He asks Leonardo to return to Florence after his quest is completed, along with whatever wisdom the Book of Leaves contains. Leonardo notes that there are words inscribed on the blade. Lorenzo tells him it speaks of freedom and it is time for them to save Florence.

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