From Dusk Till Dawn Recap S1E2: Blood Runs Thick

Before the liquor store fiasco, the Geckos stop for some tacos in Texas, but Seth doesn’t get Richie’s order right. Richie has some particular taste where tacos are concerned. Richie asks Seth what he did in prison, and when his answer isn’t that the got multiple degrees, Richie ribs him. Seth points out that the “protégé” would have gotten shived his first day, and that well, his people skills blow. He’s currently living in a shack in the woods. Richie says that he’s self sufficient, and that the world is coming apart. Seth sees kids playing, not exactly an apocalypse setting. Seth gets a closer look at Richie’s special knife that he won in a contest, that is the same knife handle Seth left at the liquor store. Richie changes the subject to Horchata and Seth really questions his newfound interest in Mexican food. Richie tells him that just because he lives in the woods, it doesn’t mean that he can’t plan a job, but Seth is looking to the future, the Gecko brothers are back in action.

The boys head to the Abilene Mutual bank, and prepare to die rich and fat, and in the arms of a beautiful woman.

The Fullers are driving across country, when on the radio they announce that the Geckos hit a bank this morning. Jacob (Robert Patrick) drives the RV, and his daughter Katie is forced to listen his caterwauling. She’s worried about the spontaneous road trip, and he has no plans to getting back anytime soon even if her senior year is about to start. A boy back home, Kyle keeps texting her, and she’s less than pleased to be on the trip. Her brother Scott stinks up the bathroom, and the two of them give rib at eachother. Neither know where they’re going, but Scott is less concerned, their mother passed a few months ago, and none of them have been the same since. Katie is more concerned about her father’s erratic behavior, but Scott knows that he just needs a break. They pass Benny’s liquor store, on fire, and head off quickly.

Freddie pulls Earl from the burning building, and calls in the suspect’s car. His car is disabled, and as he hits the roadblock, he knows that the car has already passed them. Freddie sends the cruisers to another location.

Richie thinks that the liquor store has to be one of their best exits ever, maybe even top five. Seth tells him that the liquor store was supposed to just be quick pit stop, but it went horribly array. Richie doesn’t like how Seth keeps referring to El Rey as a paradise, but Seth tells him that El Rey means the King, and that’s how he intends them to live. Richie isn’t sure they’ll make it there, giant hole in his hand and all. Richie thinks that they should lie low and let the heat die down, but Seth knows with Richie’s antics there’s no hope of that. Richie points out that every job has its necessary casualties, but Seth tells him that there was no need for any of the carnage at the bank or liquor store. He asks what happened to him in the bank. When he heard stories in prison about his brother he never believed them. He asks if he’s on drugs or something, but Richie tells him no. He asked why he stepped away from the vault. Richie wants his knife back, but Seth doesn’t have it anymore. He looks in the backseat. Seth wasn’t sure if Richie was going to rape the tellers. Richie tells him that something bad is coming, that he and the rest of the people are just sheep marching towards the slaughter. Seth pulls Richie out of it, and the bank teller make some noise from the trunk.

Kyle calls Katie. She’s worried. Her father told them that they were going on vacation, but she doesn’t think that’s true. He packed all of their belongings. Kyle quotes the Bible, and it just warms Katie’s heart. He tells her that he loves her, and she says the same, but she tells him she has to call him back. She interrupts her dad’s singing, asking where his wedding ring is. He pawned it to buy the mobile home. He tells her that her mother told him that if she died before him, to not sit around and mourn, so in a way it was her gift to them. Katie steps around how her mother died, but Robert is more than forthcoming. The breaks needed to be replaced, and he swerved to avoid a deer. She didn’t mean the actual mechanics of it, but why they were out. He stops the vehicle. He doesn’t want to talk about, the trip is happening, and they’re moving on. Katie goes to the back, more worried than ever. She tells Kyle to come get her now.

The paramedics look over Libby and Jessie. Freddie asks if the girls heard anything. Libby says that Seth kept talking to some guy named Carlos. She tells them that Richie drew on them with a marker. The drawing is similar to his crime scene eye ones, only these girls got to keep their eyes. Freddie’s boss tells him he did the best he could under the circumstances, but Freddie thinks that Richie may be the serial killer that they’re looking for. But it Freddie is off the case, due to protocol he’s done. Earl is gone, and Freddie is sent home to his family. Freddie notices that Earl has a knife handle in his pocket, and takes the piece of evidence.

Richie doesn’t think they’ll make it across the border. Seth doesn’t take hostages for a reason, it makes things messy. Richie insists that nothing happened with the teller, but Seth presses him. Something in that bank made him kill, and he’s been killing since. Richie hears whispering that urges him to kill the girl, and he jerks the car off the road. Richie gets out of the car, and sees a body below.

A girl brings coffee in for her co-workers, and passes out paychecks at the bank. Her vacation starts tomorrow, but she has to get through the day first. She notices her daughter’s phone in her pocket. She has things together at work, but not so much at home. She unlocks the doors, and the Gecko brothers are there. They take out the guard before he can react, and its about to be a long day for everyone. Seth takes out the cameras, and Richie takes out the surveillance drives. Whispers flutter in Richie’s head. Seth gets down to business, and moves to relieve the bank of some money and bonds. Seth gets all of the cell phones from the staff, and pours coffee over them. Seth sends Richie to go check the back doors, and he gets distracted by an unclaimed drink. Seth gives the tellers a low down on how to make everything swift and smooth, unfortunately the man they need is the one Richie knocked out. Richie comes back, sipping his Horchata, and as Seth gives him some instructions, he zones out to the voices in his head. He uses his knife handle, exposing the hidden blade, and goes to slit one of the teller throats, he says that one of the other tellers knows the combo. One does.

Richie goes down towards the body, but it disappears. Seth yells at him about the driving them off the road. Seth calls him a whack job, and Richie slugs him. He’s not crazy he tells Seth. He and Seth come to blows, and the boys fight dirty, taking turns choking each other. Richie finally walks away.

The Fullers make a stop for some grub, but Katie says that she isn’t hungry. She’s plotting to have Kyle come and get her. She tells him where she is. Scott and Jacob sit down for a meal, and Katie sneaks out of the RV. She heads out into the woods, to wait for Kyle.

Seth gives Carlos a call. I’m still distracted by a tough talking Fez. Seth thinks that something is wrong with his brother, but Carlos assures him that he’s fine, but furthermore that the brothers have to be a package deal. Seth points out that if he doesn’t get some assistance none of them will ever be able to enjoy the money. A car approaches Carlos, he flags it down, and the sun causes his skin to smoke. The truck stops, Carlos needs a ride, says he ran out of gas. The drive is Kyle, he’s willing to take him to where he’s picking up Katie, but no further. Carlos asks if he is a religious man, and Carlos reveals where is from there are many Gods, its what gives souls their flavors. Kyle laughs nervously at his description, until Carlos turns his demon eyes on him, and asks what flavor he is. N one is coming for poor Katie, as Carlos turns all serpent, and drinks Kyle dry. Turns out Kyle is cherry-lime flavored.

The girl tries to open the vault, but the code has been changed. She can’t open it. Richie takes his hand at it. She thinks it’s a waste of time, but Seth is confident of his skills. Richie hears cries asking for him to save her from the vault. He tells Seth he can’t work like this, and Richie thinks he’s cracking under pressure. Seth goes to use the drill, and tells Richie to bring the girl back to the others. He takes her to the bathroom, and as she begs for her life, he sees flashes of Santanico, urging him to cut her as she tries to cast doubt about his brother on him. Richie pulls out his blade, and Santanico asks him to set her free. The alarm goes off, breaking her spell on him. Seth sees the cut on the girl, and takes his knife. Richie didn’t bust the back door like he was supposed to. And he tells the teller to open it, she refuses, but he uses her fingerprint to open it anyways.

Richie stumbles out in the woods, and sees a fire, and the dead teller. Her eyes are missing. He walks over to the body, lifting it, offering it up like an offering. Seth finds him, with a dead dog in his arms. He tells Seth that she wanted him to. Seth lays out their next plan, they’ll ditch the car, the teller and fix him. Richie drops the dog and agrees.

Freddie goes over the bank crime scene footage. His wife tells him to stop sticking his nose in the case. She worries about him going back out, all gungho. 512 days is how many days he spent on the job with Earl. He spent more time than his family with him, and she asks about his own family. The baby cries, and then he notices in the video a cell phone not accounted for in evidence. The bunny on his daughter’s shirt gives him an idea about the cute little bunt case.

The bunny cell phone rings, and Seth and Richie hear it. Seth answers the phone. Freddie threatens them that if they touch Ms. Garza they’ll be in trouble, Richie smashes the phone, but not before they get the call traced. Freddie sets out, and his wife tells him to be careful.

Katie walks around the woods. Jacob and Scott have discovered she’s missing, and they’re looking for her. She sees Kyle’s truck coming towards her and hails it, but they catch up to her first. Scott is mad that Katie was going to leave him too. Jacob tells him that he appreciates Kyle coming to get her, but its unnecessary. Jacob threatens to call Kyle’s family, but death has mad him a bit of an ass. Kyle asks him what kind of a man abandons his congregation. None of the children knew he had left, they ask him why, and when he doesn’t answer Katie threatens to leave an d not come back if he doesn’t ask. Jacob tells them that a shepard cannot lead his flock if he has lost faith. Kyle grabs Katie and tries to take her away. Scott and Jacob try to stop him, and Kyle delivers blows to Jacob. Katie pulls him off Jacob, and tells Kyle to leave, she won’t go with him. He tells her she deserves them, and they go their separate ways. Kyle shifts back into Carlos, the real Kyle is a corpse in the truck bed.

Freddie makes it to the last known location of the cell phone. Maybe he shouldn’t have tipped his hand so soon. What no cell tracing using cell towers. Freddie finds an eye down where Richie has first seen the teller’s body. Richie made the eye using the blood of the dog.

Back at the bank, the Geckos throw the teller into the trunk, and take out the few Rangers already on the scene. The incoming Rangers prove to be little trouble for them as well, and the pair speed off.

Seth tries to talk to Richie again. They shake on dying in the arms of a beautiful woman, their bond semi-repaired, as Richie plummets into further darkness.


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