Hannibal S2E3 - "Hassun" Recap

Will envisions seeing himself in a chamber and the clock ticks down to his execution. The guard removes a mask from Will's face and Will flips the switch before watching himself fry. He is then woken and prepares for trial. We see Hannibal also dressing for the trial. The prosecutor discusses the Minnesota Shrike case and says that Will killed and ate Abigail, citing the ear. He talks about Will being the smartest one in the room (Hannibal rightfully smirks) and says that Will used his talents to create a profile for a murderer that acts his alibi.

Outside, Kade approaches Jack and tells him that he is not being impartial in regards to Will. She says that the evidence supports Will being a killer and that she understands his wanting to be a bad friend instead of someone who failed to see that killer was right in front of him. He is then brought in to testify. He speaks about how Will came to work for the FBI and that even though he didn't qualify to be an agent, he felt find about bringing him into the field under his supervision. The prosecution tries to say that Will enjoyed using the FBI but Jack says that Will hated working for them and admits that he was warned about the risks of pushing Will and he ignored the warning signs.

After this, Will and his lawyer sit in the courtroom. Will's lawyer tells him Jack helped their case and they need to create a desire to find him not guilty. The lawyer is handed an enveloped and upon opening it, red crumbs and a human ear falls out. He tells Will, "I think I opened your mail."

Hannibal serves Jack a brandy, and has one for himself, telling Jack he did a brave thing. Jack says he hasn't felt better in weeks, regardless of what consequences it may have. Hannibal asks if he intends to resign and Jack says that he has considered it but for now will simply let the chips fall where they may. Jack goes on to talk about his dying wife and how he is considering taking her to Italy where she can die more peacefully. Hannibal tells him that he is not the one who is sick and he doesn't need to go in the ground with her. He is telling Jack to not force an issue for the short-term emotional satisfaction he could have.

Beverly and Jimmy determine that the ear was severed within the last 48 hours and the envelope has no prints. Hannibal says that this must be a reminder from the real killer to show that Will is innocent and Jack notes that though Will had accused Hannibal of being the killer, he was at least partially right. Hannibal visits Will and they discuss the ear. Hannibal says that the ear is an opportunity - demonstrating that someone else wants to be seen for the crime and cares about what happens to Will.

Freddy Lounds (the awful gossipy reporter) is brought forward to testify. She says that she was very close with Abigail and claims that she had said Will wanted to kill and eat her. She says she doesn't blame herself, but blames Will instead. When the defence questions her, they simply ask how many times she has been sued for libel. She says six. He asks her how many times she settled. Again, she says six. That's all he has to ask.

Alana practices her testimony in front of Will's cage with his lawyer to prepare her for the questioning she will face. He brings up her personal relationship with Will and warns her that this will be brought up. She answers that she has no romantic feelings for Will, merely a professional curiosity. The lawyer likes this answer but warns her to not look like she's lying when she says it.

Will's ear is identified as having been cut with Will's knife, matching the cut on Abigail's. However that knife went missing after being turned in. Jack watches as the FBI raid a home in Maryland. When they enter, a fire starts after a booby trap is triggered. The home is of Sikes, the bailiff who stole the knife. When the fire stops, the FBI head in and find that Sikes' charred body impaled on antlers with his ear missing. Hannibal calls the scene an impressive piece of theatre. It matches the same crime that Will has been accused of. Jimmy says that they should have taken a stool sample to check if Will had actually been eating people.

Jack tells Kade that these murders serve as new evidence that must be presented to the judge. Kade is not supportive of this but Jack points out that there are details of the manner of killing that were never made public. The judge allows the evidence to be permitted but the trail will continue. Dr. Chilton testifies that Will appears to be an introvert who claims to possibly have Aspbergers and an empathy disorder. The word "claims" is used because Will has not permitted anyone to formally diagnose him. Chilton says that the murders were controlled and Will is putting on a facade to contradict this. He believes Will would kill again if given the opportunity. Meanwhile, Will imagines himself fishing.

Hannibal visits Will and gives him a file on Sikes, asking if that is his admirer. Will sees himself entering Sikes' place, shooting him once through the heart. Sikes dies believing they are friends before he is thrown onto the antler. The death is impersonal and the ear is cut off. This is a different killer because the mutilation occurred after death. Hannibal says that the crime offer reasonable doubt that could help him be set free. Hannibal says that this killer wrote him a poem and asks if he's going to let his love go to waste.

Alana meets with Will and his lawyer. She's confused that they've decided to change the course of their defence. They say that this new killer is a better approach and that it offers reasonable doubt. Alan would rather they stick with the unconsciousness plea. She is no longer being asked to take the stand. Instead, they call Hannibal. Hannibal says that he failed Will. The judge ends up striking the evidence about the bailiff's death after it is noted that a bullet to the heart is a different COD than mutilation. Later, the judge is found strung up dead with his head cut open, brain removed, and holding the scale of justice with his brain and heart on each side.

The team determines that the judge was killed in his chambers before being strung up. He was also shot in the chest like the bailiff. But the bullet was taken, possibly as a trophy. Jack says that this will cause the trail to start all over again and thinks that the killer wanted a mistrial to keep Will alive for the time being. Hannibal says he's not sure if it's the same killer. Kade tells Jack that the trial is becoming a circus and that he needs to cut Will loose if he wants to save himself.

Will hears a noise. His cell door opens and he walks over to it. He sees a large antlered animal, follows it and sees Hannibal standing next to an open door, gesturing to it. Alana visits Will and he admits he never had faith in legal justice. He talks about how he had a strange feeling that the killer had walked out of the courtroom with him. She asks him what the killer wants and Will says that the killer wants to know him.

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