Haven S4E1 - "Fallout" Recap

Inside the barn, Duke watches as pieces of the barn fall apart. Audrey is nowhere to be seen, but he can hear her voice of previous things. Duke is sucked out of a vortex in the wall and finds himself inside a seal tank at the Boston aquarium. As the news broadcasts him, a woman who hears him say "Audrey Parker" grabs her things and heads out. In the hospital, Duke is cuffed to his bed and questioned by a detective. He finds that six months have passed since he entered the barn and he has been listed as dead. The detective thinks he is an identity theft and threatens to arrest him if he doesn't start giving some plausible answers.

The woman who was watching Duke's news story comes in, having pretended to be Duke's sister, "Audrey." She introduces herself as Jennifer Mason and tells Duke that she has been hearing voices for the past six months that mentioned names, including Audrey, Duke, and Nathan. Doctors told her she was schizophrenic and Duke tells her they were wrong. She seems to have been able to hear them since Audrey and Duke entered the barn. Duke tells her about the Troubles and though she is still skeptical, she decides to help him out.

After escaping with Jennifer's help, Duke calls Dave who tells him that the Troubles didn't go away and where to find Nathan. Duke and Jennifer find Nathan at a bike stop where he is allowing bikers to punch him for money. Meanwhile, Audrey is shown to be working in a bar, with a new hairstyle, under the alias Lexie DeWitt.

Nathan tells Duke that the Guard is after him. They believe that his shooting Howard disrupted the 27-year-cycle, and thus caused the Troubles to continue. Haven is experiencing freak weather and Dwight begins investigating, having taken on the job of police chief. He knows that Trouble(s) are responsible, but he claims that a gas leak is responsible to try to keep people calm.

Nathan, Duke, and Jennifer return to Haven and are quickly surrounded by members of the Guard. They have their guns drawn and order them out of their car. Vince, Dave, and Dwight arrive on the scene right after. Dwight removes his vest and the Guard leader Jordan is forced to lower her guns, as Dwight's Trouble is that he is a bullet magnet and any bullet fired will end up in him. Nathan tells them that Audrey is still alive and that he has returned to find her. He tells the group that if Audrey kills the person she loves the most (Nathan), then the Troubles will end permanently. The conversation is interrupted by a tornado appearing out of nowhere, destroying the steeple of the church before disappearing moments later. Jordan wants to take Nathan and Duke captive, but Dwight insists that he needs their help to deal with this Trouble. Nathan is initially reluctant but eventually agrees. Duke is horrified to learn that Nathan is serious about wanting to have Audrey kill him to stop the Troubles.

A man named William comes into the bar and begins chatting with Lexie. Their exchange is flirtacious but then a shifty-looking man enters the bar with a gun in his belt. When she approaches him to take his order, he pulls his gun out and orders her to sit down. Oddly enough, no one seems to see the gun even though he's not exactly being discrete. She asks him what he wants but then William sneaks up from behind and knocks the gun out of his hand with a pool stick. The man runs out and William puts the gun down the back of his jeans.

Nathan, Duke, and Jennifer accompany Dwight back to the police station. Dwight talks them through the recent happenings, from a windstorm, lightning, and now the tornado. Nathan realises that this is or at least is similar to Marion Caldwell's weather Trouble. They head to her place and when they head inside, it's freezing cold. Duke and Dwight have to leave, but Nathan says he'll stay since he'll last longer with his inability to feel the cold. Dwight tells him that he has five minutes to get back out or they'll be in to retrieve him.

Nathan finds Marion and informs her that she's been causing all kinds of problems around town with her Trouble. She was unaware of this, and admits to Nathan that her love, Conrad, recently died of a heart attack. Her grief triggered the return of her Trouble. Nathan talks her out of blaming herself and helps her to let go, though it takes a while. The cold brings Nathan to his knees and more chaotic weather is happening outside. When she realises what is happening, she reigns her Trouble back in. She and Nathan head back outside, where Vince and Dave escort her away to look after her. Dwight gives Nathan his badge back, telling him that he can better help the Troubles and find Audrey as a detective.

Duke returns to his place, where he sent Jennifer to be safe but is confused by the fact that the Grey Gull is open. Jennifer informs him that his brother is running the place and when Wade sees Duke, he embraces him, relieved and amazed to find him alive.

Back at the bar, William tells Lexis that the man was there because he was afraid that William would tell Lexie a secret about herself. He tells her her name isn't really Lexie, even though she thinks it is. He goes on to say that if he doesn't help her learn who she really is, a lot of people are going to die.

Haven airs on Fridays on Syfy at 10PM.


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